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WhatsApp Templates For
Durga Puja

What is Durga Pooja?

Durga Pooja is an annual festival originating from India. It is also called ‘Durgotsava’ or ‘Sharadotsav’. It pays homage to Hindu goddess Durga and is also celebrated because of her victory over Mahishasur. 

Durga Pooja is celebrated widely in various states of India. Over a five day period, streets are filled with lights and strings of flowers and festive songs are played on loudspeakers. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Durga Pooja?

WhatsApp’s popularity has skyrocketed after introducing many easy to use features. The latest data shows WhatsApp has over 2 billion users. WhatsApp is a social media app which allows instant one-to-one communication using the internet. About 100 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp in a day, therefore it’s advantageous for growing businesses and brands. 

Grow and reach your target audience by using QuickReply.ai to promote your brand and send festive themed WhatsApp Chat Templates to your subscribers. Send them recurring bulk messages or broadcast alerts and push for more sales by engaging efficiently. 

A business can hold a Limited Time Offer on festive products or giveaway freebies like Diya to their customers with every order. Recover Abandoned carts by reminding them and nudging them to complete their purchase within a time limit in exchange of festive discount

Durga Puja Selected Item Sale

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Durga Puja Specially Curated Products

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Durga Puja Limited Time Offer

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Durga Puja Flat Discount

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