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WhatsApp Templates For
New Year

What is New Year?

New Year is celebrated all around the world on 1 January, as the new day of new year. However, New Year varies in dates and months according to different religions and their traditional calendars. 

The day is celebrated by throwing parties, having a get together, setting new year resolutions, lighting fireworks, etc. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for New Year?

WhatsApp is continuously growing and getting popular day by day with over 200 billion active users globally. The app is beneficial for growing businesses as it provides various features at a very low cost. The app allows users and businesses to interact efficiently and lets them share multimedia like photos, videos, documents and voice messages. Apart from easy features, WhatsApp also offers secure one-to-one communication and works smoothly. 

Enhance your customers experience with our pre-made WhatsApp Chat Templates. Businesses can hold a giveaway or contest as a part of the New Year celebration, which will not only attract an audience but will also promote their brand. 

Brands can launch a new collection of products as a fresh start and begin the New Year with exclusive discounts for their customers. Alert customers about a New Year Sale welcoming the new beginning and starting their day with a mind-blowing sale.

New Year Selected Item Sale

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New Year Flat Discount

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New Year Percentage Discount

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New Year Free Shipping

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New Year Limited Time Offer

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New Year Clearance Sale

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New Year Sales Announcements

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