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WhatsApp Templates For
Parent's Day

What is Parents’ Day?

Parent’s Day is celebrated globally with dates varying in different regions. It gives an opportunity to thank parents or parent figures and appreciate them. It was declared as an official day by the United Nations. It was established to recognize, uplift and support the role of parents. 

People celebrate it by spending some quality time with their parents or doing something special for them. Apart from this, people give heart-warming gifts to their parents as a token of appreciation and love. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Parent’s Day?

WhatsApp is an internationally available popular messaging app with billions of users. As an e-commerce store owner, it’ll let you gain huge benefits by reaching a massive audience smoothly. WhatsApp is considered useful for business because of its one-to-one communication. You can create your business profile and send welcome messages to your subscribers using pre-trained chatbots. 

Send Parent’s Day themed WhatsApp Chat Templates to your subscribers to remind them of this special day & make them buu special gifts to their parents. Give your customers a freebie with every order or a customised complimentary letter addressed to their parents or loved ones. 

With the help of QuickReply.ai, grab your subscriber’s attention with mind-blowing Parent’s Day Sale and offers. Recover Abandoned Cart by reminding them to complete their order with our pre-made WhatsApp Chat Templates. 

Parent's Day New Arrivals

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Parent's Day Specially Curated

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Parent's Day Limited Time Offer

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Parent's Day Flat Discount

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Parent's Day Clearance Sale

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Parent's Day Free Shipping

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Parent's Day Percentage Discount

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Parent's Day Sales Announcement

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