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What is a PayDay?

Payday also known as Pa Check Day is a specific day in a month where all employees receive their paychecks. Many e-commerce stores hold a Sale on this day and offer various deals, coupons, etc to their customers. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for PayDay?

All businesses big or small aim to engage and provide customer support instantly, hence WhatsApp is the best option for them as a marketing tool. It’s a popular messenger app globally, having over 200 billion active users monthly. The app allows users to send various multimedia and unlimited texts to a user. WhatsApp API is an official platform for businesses providing additional features and allowing users to set up automated responses. 

As an e-commerce store, you can benefit by having a PayDay Sale. Many customers look forward to PayDay Sales, discounts and offers. Everybody loves discounts and coupons, therefore PayDay is a perfect day to announce various deals and offers because customers' bank accounts are flooded with money. 

A store can create PayDay hype alerting their customers by using pre-made WhatsApp Chat Templates a few days prior to PayDay. A brand can launch new products with discounts exclusively available on PayDay encouraging customers to make purchases. 

Payday Selected Item Sale

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Payday Limited Time Offer

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Payday Sale Announcement

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Payday Percentage Discount

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