Different Types of WhatsApp Upsell and Cross-sell Campaigns to Get More Sales

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Learn the different types of WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

WhatsApp has become a go-to channel for ecommerce businesses to run broadcasts and promotions on deals, discounts, offers, new launches and more. But did you know that WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell campaigns can also be just as successful in helping a business grow in terms of both the sales and the revenue they generate through the messaging platform? 

After having run thousands of different types of WhatsApp campaigns for ecommerce businesses, we have found smart ways to set up WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell. In this blog, we’re sharing our strategy with you. 

What is WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell? 

WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell refers to running campaigns that are targeted at introducing your existing customers to products that are a better variant to the ones they’re interested in or have purchased (upsell) or products that can compliment what they currently own/ have purchased from your business (cross-sell). 

For example, a WhatsApp upsell campaign to someone who has shown interest in a TV of 13 inches, would include introducing them to a TV of 30 inches instead owing to its powerful features and enhanced watching experience. Similarly, a WhatsApp cross-sell campaign to the same customer will include introducing them to a pair of speakers to create a home theater effect while watching movies. 

Does WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell really work? 

Upsell and cross-sell is a marketing and sales tactic that leverages personalization. As per statistics, more than 72% of online shoppers expect personalization from the brands they interact with or intend to buy from; which makes upsell and cross-sell an effective strategy. 

Studies have found that upselling and cross-selling, when done right, can help customers find more value from a brand they’re already interested in. This increases their likelihood of converting on the campaigns, leading to an increase in revenue by up to 43%. 

Owing to its conversational nature and intuitive interface, WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell campaigns tend to see a much higher conversion rate. 

Different ways to WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell to get more sales  

While there is no one set way of doing things on WhatsApp, here are some of the strategies you can implement using QuickReply.ai to enable WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell. 

1. WhatsApp upsell to cart abandoners 

As a starting point, take a look at your cart abandonment rate on average over a defined period of time. Identify the type of products that tend to get abandoned and the audience segment that seems to leave behind purchases without completing the same. Create clear segments for these customers, keeping the products they’re interested in, in mind. 

With the help of WhatsApp chatbots on QuickReply.ai, set up an upsell campaign that is targeted at introducing these cart abandoners to better versions/ variants of the products they have shown interest in. You can do this by leveraging the following workflow: 

  • Reach out with an abandoned cart reminder 
  • Seek feedback on the abandoned product 
  • Understand what the consumer is looking for 
  • Send product recommendations similar to the item abandoned, but with a better feature set 
  • Create a WhatsApp checkout link if consumer shows interest 
  • Take payments for orders on WhatsApp upsell campaigns 

Learn more about using WhatsApp for abandoned cart recovery here

2. WhatsApp cross-sell to cart abandoners that don’t come back 

Once you have run the above sequence, further identify the buyers who did not come back and make the purchase of the product. In this case, there’s a chance that they have lost interest in the item they added to cart or purchased it from another website that offered a competitive deal. 

To bring back these shoppers, you need to set up a WhatsApp cross-sell campaign. Here’s a workflow you can set up using the WhatsApp Business API with QuickReply.ai: 

  • Reach out to them with a final cart abandonment reminder 
  • Seek feedback on what the customer is looking for 
  • Identify their needs, purchase intent and purchase preferences 
  • Send product recommendations complimenting the item in their cart 
  • Create a WhatsApp checkout link if consumer shows interest 
  • Take payments on WhatsApp to close the sale faster 

PS. You can also set up browse-abandonment campaigns on similar lines as WhatsApp upsell campaign 1 and 2. 

3. Target your loyal customers with WhatsApp upsell 

Segment customers who have made more than two purchases from your online store. These are online shoppers that know the value your brand has to offer and trust you enough to make multiple purchases from your business. 

Set up a WhatsApp upsell campaign to these customers at set intervals to introduce them to products that are related to what they have purchased previously. Make sure the products you send across offer a higher value to them and are relevant to their buyer journey with your business. 

For example, if they have purchased personal care products from you for treating acne with a 30-day kit, reach out to them with an upsell of a 60-day acne treatment kit to last them longer. 

4. Reach out to existing customers with WhatsApp cross-sell 

Similar to the WhatsApp upsell above to loyal customers, you can actually also target them with product recommendations that complement their purchase. For example, if they have purchased an acne kit from you time and again, reach out to them with a WhatsApp cross-sell that introduces them to other best-sellers from your collection for the skin concern. 

If you offer services, you could also offer skincare consultations to these customers for a price on WhatsApp, taking orders on the go with the help of checkout links and WhatsApp payments. 

5. Send personalized product recommendations post-purchase 

You can make use of WhatsApp automations with QuickReply.ai to follow-up with customers after they have made a purchase. Based on the products they have purchased, you can send them product recommendations or suggestions from other collections and categories. 

The idea here being to use WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell to nudge online shoppers to discover more products on your online store. This may require you taking them away from the very specific products they have shown interest in, and using some data variables of those to introduce them to others that they may not have thought of yet. 

6. Offer product subscriptions on recurring purchases 

If you see buyers making a purchase time and again, ease the shopping cycle for them by offering subscriptions. Use WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell to promote your subscription model to this customer segment along with value propositions like a discount or free/ express shipping. 

This type of whatsapp upsell and cross-sell campaign can also help you secure recurring sales for your business, leading to sustainable revenue growth over a period of time. It also helps boost customer retention and loyalty. 

Learn more about using WhatsApp for repeat sales and customer winback campaigns here

7. Send out personalized discounts and offers 

Similar to product recommendations, you can also set up WhatsApp automations to send out personalized discounts and offers to specific segments of your customer base. The idea is to use WhatsApp broadcasts to reach out to them with offers they’re more likely to convert based on their previous interactions with the brand. 

For example, when they make a first purchase, you can set up a WhatsApp broadcast for upsell with a message that says, “Congrats on the first purchase! Here’s a 25% discount code for your next purchase: DISCOUNT25”. 

8. Create a conversational shopping journey

Another smart way to WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell, is to start a conversation with your subscribers and customers. This could start off with a quick quiz campaign, feedback or a survey, that is targeted at understanding them better, leading up to you making product recommendations based on their replies, responses, interactions and selections set up using interactive messages on WhatsApp Business. 

To be able to do this, you will require using an advanced WhatsApp Business API solution like QuickReply.ai. With its advanced WhatsApp chatbot workflows and AI-powered algorithm, it is able to create human-like conversations with consumers on the messaging platform, leading to higher opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to them. 

Ready to set up your WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell campaigns? 

Upsell and cross-sell marketing campaigns have time and again been proven to be an effective tactic to grow businesses. While most ecommerce businesses have the campaigns set up on channels like email, SMS, advertisements and other channels, setting them up on WhatsApp does not come naturally to most. 

But to make things simpler and possible, QuickReply.ai has created smart WhatsApp upsell and cross-sell campaign workflows with the help of automations and WhatsApp chatbots. 

Want to explore how we do it? 

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