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WhatsApp for order alerts and notifications

Send out timely order status alerts to keep your customers engaged and excited about their purchases with QuickReply.ai

Deliver a great post-purchase experience with proactive communication.

93% of the shoppers want to be actively informed during the delivery process.

The one way to do so effectively is to send order alerts on WhatsApp at every stage of delivery processing.

Using WhatsApp to send order alerts at every stage in the delivery cycle

With QuickReply.ai, your online store can set up automated order notifications on WhatsApp using the official WhatsApp Business API.

Order processing

Many times, an online payment mode may not process the order instantly.
Make sure you’re reassuring the buyer by letting them know the order is being ‘processed’ and is still not confirmed.
Clearing out ambiguity can help improve the customer experience you offer.
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Order confirmation

Once the payment is processed, make sure you don’t keep the customer in the dark.
Send out an order confirmation message on WhatsApp instantly with QuickReply.ai
You can also use this message to:
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Confirm delivery address
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Confirm customer contact details
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Order packed and shipped

Engage your customers early on with WhatsApp notifications on orders.
Use QuickReply.ai to send out an automated notification when the order is packed and ready to be shipped.
Let the excitement begin!

Ready to leverage WhatsApp for order status alerts and notifications?

Set up WhatsApp notifications with QuickReply.ai.
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Order in transit

Send out automated alerts on WhatsApp for order in transit.
Ensure you include a tracking link to make it easier for customers to stay up-to-date on order status, reducing your WISMO calls and emails.
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Order out For delivery

Tap into the consumer excitement of receiving the order from your store.
Send out order out for delivery alerts on WhatsApp with QuickReply.ai, and also use the opportunity to nudge them to explore more products!
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Order Delivered

Your customer may not have received the order directly. It may have been accepted by a family member, house help or submitted at the gate.
Notify them of the order delivery on WhatsApp instantly.
You want to be doubly sure they have received the order.
Delivery Complete Message

Post-delivery order feedback

Your work doesn’t end at order delivery. Use this as an opportunity to seek feedback on your delivery partners as well as the overall shopping experience with your brand.
Set up a WhatsApp automation with QuickReply.ai to request customer feedback post-delivery.

Order cancellation

Some orders may get cancelled because a payment did not get processed, the product went out of stock or simply because the consumer does not want to make the purchase anymore.
Either way, ensure you send out an order cancellation notification on WhatsApp along with a reason.
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Why use QuickReply.ai for WhatsApp order notifications?

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Official WhatsApp Business API
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Reduce WISMO calls and emails
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Scale personalized customer communication
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40+ AI WhatsApp chatbots for eCommerce
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One inbox for all customer support conversations
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Customer support and success
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Boost In customer Engagement
Increase In abandoned cart recovery

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