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Many e-commerce stores think successfully nudging customers to make purchases is a finish line, however it’s not. Majority of businesses forgot to use post purchase marketing strategy and focus only on carrying out successful sales conversations. 

Order alerts are another great way which adds value to the customers. You can send customers alerts at every stage of their order to keep them excited as well as for them to trust your business. 

Customer’s Emotions & Your Part in it -

  • Excitement about their recent purchase

Every customer is excited about their recent purchase as well as concerned if they have made the right choice or not. To clear the doubt, you can offer best deals to them, so shoppers would make purchases from your brand rather than your competitors. 

  • Trust

If a new shopper purchases from you, there’s no doubt they will be a little hesitant before purchasing and won’t fully trust your brand unless their order is delivered on time and in good condition. Here’s where you should send them post purchase alerts. Give them an order confirmation notification, alert them when their order is shipped and provide a tracking ID so that they can track their order anytime. 

  • Anticipation of receiving their order

Even after sending them their order status details, make sure to keep them engaged by sending out timely alerts about their order. After their order is delivered, ask them for honest feedback to improve their experience. 

Allow us to recommend some excellent ways to keep your customers engaged and improve your brand reputation after post purchase. 

Using the Right Platform 

A business can easily maintain a good relationship with their customers by a post purchase campaign. But to carry out a successful post purchase campaign, one must select an ideal platform. You can send them emails, but the majority of people do not check their emails and sometimes the emails can go to their spam folder. Therefore, you need a platform which is popular and your customers can easily receive notifications and alerts. 

That’s where WhatsApp comes in. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over billions of monthly active users. It allows its users to send unlimited messages and share various multimedia. With the Official WhatsApp API, you can reach a wide audience and execute a successful post purchase campaign. 

Enhancing Post Purchase Experience with WhatsApp Marketing

Wondering what type of order alerts can you send your customers on WhatsApp? Here are some suggestions and examples you can use -

Order in Process

Most of the time, due to an issue with the internet or website or online payments, orders are not processed instantly. So to ensure customers regarding their order, that it’s still not confirmed and is under process. 

Order in Process

Order Confirmation 

You should always send an Order Confirmation notification to your customer to let them know there weren’t any complications during the buying process and you have received & confirmed their order. 

Send an instant Order Confirmation notification with You can add details like Tracking Number, Product photo, Billing details, etc. in your WhatsApp Message Template to ensure your customers with their order. 

Order Confirmation

Make sure you use the proper CTA line. Even if you haven’t included a tracking address, you can insert a link where they can view their Order Status in your e-commerce website. 

Order Shipped 

The next notification you can send to your customers would be of their Order getting packed and had already been shipped. You can include a “Thank you for your purchase” message to give a finishing touch to your template message alongside tracking details of their Order. For the CTA line, you can insert a link directing them to a courier service website or your own e-commerce website where they can enter tracking details and know the status of their order. 

Order Shipped

In Transit

You can send automated reminders to your customers when their order is in transit. Attach tracking number and link so that they can easily search for their order status rather than spamming you with queries. 

In Transit

Out For Delivery

Out For Delivery”, these words are enough to make any customer excited. The order they have been waiting for is finally going to reach them. You can use this notification to showcase different products of your store and nudge customers to explore them. 

Out For Delivery

Order Delivered

Notify your customers that their order has been successfully delivered. You can receive a confirmation from them by asking if they received the order at the right place or not. Apart from this, you can take advantage here and ask for honest feedback to improve their experience and can offer some discount on their next order. 

Order Delivered

Order Cancelled

Some customers might change their decision and cancel their order. To ensure their money will be refunded, you can send them Order Cancellation notification and provide them assistance regarding the same. 

Order Cancelled

Bonus Tips to improve your Post Purchase Campaign

  • Refund/Return Policy

Ensure that your customers know about your refund/return policy to keep the transparency between the two of you. This will allow customers to trust your brand and will help build a long lasting relationship. 

Refund/Return Policy
  • Product Guide

In case a product requires specific actions, send your customers WhatsApp Chat Messages with clear images guiding them how to use the products and giving them proper instructions. You can insert a link which will direct them to an informative video of the product. 

  • Customer Care

Show your customers that you value them and are available to solve their post purchase queries. You can provide them assistance in case they have any issue with delivery or the product they purchased. 

  • Incentives for loyalty

You can offer discounts, coupons or even gift cards for customers who buy regularly from you. As a ‘Thank you for your purchase’ incentive, you can nudge your customers to make purchases again. 

  • Recommendations

Send them post purchase recommendations of similar products or recommendations based on their wishlist. Present them an opportunity to explore by sending enticing WhatsApp Chat Messages. 


Q1. What is meant by customer experience?
Customer experience (CX) is the sum total of customers' perceptions and feelings resulting from interactions with a brand's products and services.

Q2. What is a good customer experience?
Great customer service entails not only adhering to best practices such as respecting customers' time, maintaining a pleasant demeanor, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources, but also going above and beyond to exceed — rather than simply meet — expectations.

Q3. How do regular order alerts improve customer experience?
Regular order alerts are a great way to improve customer experience.The first reason is that it keeps customers informed about their orders.This allows them to plan their day and make sure that they can be at home when their package arrives.It also helps them avoid the frustration of missing an important delivery because they weren't home when it arrived.

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