Ready-to-Use Cart Abandonment Notification Templates for Shopify

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You can use these cart abandonment notification templates to bring back lost customers on Shopify with WhatsApp marketing app.

On average almost 7 out of 10, that is 69% of products that reach the shopping cart get abandoned by customers.

This is one of the biggest roadblocks for any eCommerce ventures and ultimately your business is expected to battle it and win back sales. Tackling this very common obstacle will be a necessary move, if you are to stand out among competitors.

Using WhatsApp, businesses have a chance of winning back almost 30% of these lost sales from abandoned carts.

WhatsApp abandoned cart notifications are proven to be effective due to the easy and conversational nature of WhatsApp.

To make it quicker for you to get started with, we have some tried and tested abandoned cart recovery notification templates ready.  

PS. Remember to add a media file like an image or GIF to your WhatsApp message to make it more interactive!

Abandoned Cart Recovery Notification Templates for Shopify Stores

Offering Assistance

Sometimes customers need to clarify doubts and might need assistance before completing a purchase so it’s your job to address their queries and offer assistance in order to recover sales. Try these templates to see what works for you.


Template 1: “Hi there! We see that you have left your cart unattended. If you have any queries related to the purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Template 2: “Good Morning {NAME}. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are facing issues completing your purchase. Thank you.”

Template 3: “{NAME}, we think you have left something in your shopping cart. Contact us if you are facing any difficulty.”

Template 4: “Hello Customer! The purchase of {PRODUCT} was not completed. Reach out to us for assistance.”

Template 5: “Hi {NAME}. Having issues completing your order? Don’t worry. We are here to help!”

Template 6: “Dear customer. You seem to be facing some trouble completing your purchase. If so, reply to us with your queries and our service agent will contact you shortly.”

Template 7: “Dear {NAME}! Your purchase of {PRODUCT NAME} was left halfway through. If you have any query related to the product please feel free to ask.”

Template 8: “You have an incomplete purchase in your cart. For any information or clarification related to the product, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.”

Template 9: “Hello {NAME}. We think you are facing difficulty completing the purchase from your cart. If so, reply to us and we’ll be happy to offer assistance.”

Template 10: “Hello! The products in your cart are waiting for you. If you are unable to complete your purchase for any reason, we will be happy to help you.

Template 11: “Still not sure if {PRODUCT NAME} is the right fit for you? Reach out to us and we will be glad to help.”

Template 12: “Hi {NAME}. We think you are having doubts about {PRODUCT}. Ask us if you need any assistance related to the product.”

Template 13: “Hi {NAME}! Your product is ready and waiting in your cart. Need help? Feel free to reply to us.”

Template 14: “HELLO! Your Product needs your attention right away. Complete your buy now! For any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Template 15: “Greetings dear shopper. You seem to have some issues completing your buy. Don’t worry. We are here to help you complete your purchase smoothly.”

The Friendly Reminder

Your customer’s interests and fancies can be changed by a million things but this shouldn’t impact your sales. A well-crafted and personalized abandoned cart reminder might do the trick.

don't forgot gif

Template 1: “Hey {NAME}! We think you have left something in your shopping cart. Get to it right away!”

Template 2: “Hello there. Don’t forget, your product awaits you in your shopping cart. Have a good day.”

Template 3: “Hi {NAME}! You might have forgotten about the product you left in the cart. Don’t worry! We are here to remind you to complete your order!”

Template 4: “You have left your shopping cart unattended. Glad to look out for you until you complete the purchase.”

Template 5: “Hey! There’s something you left behind in your cart! Shop now!”

Template 6: “Remember how badly you wanted to buy {Product Name}! Get back to your shopping cart to complete the purchase.”

Template 7: “Hello customer! Your product is waiting for your return. Get back to it right away!”

Template 8: “Hello {NAME}. There seems to be something in your shopping cart that needs your immediate attention. Hurry and complete your order.”

Template 9: “There’s something you love waiting for you in your cart. Complete the purchase of {PRODUCT} right away!”

Template 10: “Hey {NAME}! Here is your friendly reminder to complete your order from the cart before you forget!”

Template 11: “Good afternoon {NAME}. Just a reminder. You left {PRODUCT} in your shopping cart.”

Template 12: “Hey {NAME}. Reminder to check back on the products in your cart! Enjoy your shopping.”

Template 13: “Hey there {NAME}! In case you forgot, your shopping cart contains {PRODUCT}. Complete your purchase now.”

Template 14: “The product you wanted to buy is waiting for you in your cart. Thank us later for reminding!”

Template 15: “Heyy! We wanted to remind you about the incomplete purchases waiting for you in your cart. Have a good day!”

Creating a Sense of Urgency

Not always will your stock remain available, and not always will your special offers last. Sometimes reminding your customers about this will be enough to nudge them towards purchasing.

cho chop meme

Template 1: “Hello {NAME}! The product in your cart is currently in 13 other shopping carts. Get to it before we sell out.”

Template 2: “Don’t wait any longer! The product in your cart is selling like Hotcakes! Complete your purchase right away!”

Template 3: “Hey! There are 20 other customers planning to buy {PRODUCT NAME}. Finish up your purchase before it goes out of stock!”

Template 4: “Hello {NAME}. The offer period for the product in your cart ends at midnight. Wrap up your order now before the discount ends.”

Template 5: “Hi {NAME}. We think the {PRODUCT} in your cart is cool. And you know what? 40 others think the same way. Buy now before it’s too late.”

Template 6: “Hey there! Hurry up and complete your purchase before someone else grabs the deal!”

Template 7: “Hurry {NAME}! Don’t lose what’s in your cart because we are selling out like anything! Complete purchase right away!”

Template 8: “We expect to sell out {PRODUCT NAME} by midnight! Hurry up and complete the purchase before someone else steals your darling.”

Template 9: “Hi {NAME}. The deal on the product you wanted to buy ends tomorrow. Get back to your cart ASAP!”

Template 10: “Hey {NAME}! The product in your cart is way more popular than you might want it to be! Buy now before it goes out of stock!”

Template 11: “Hey champ! Don’t be late to this party! Complete the purchase of {PRODUCT} in your cart before some other eager shopper snatches it away!”

Template 12: “Hello {NAME}! The product in your cart is way more sensational than we expected. Buy now before we run out of stock.”

Template 13: “Hello {NAME}. We wanted to inform you that there are only 3 of the products in your cart left in stock. Hurry!”

Template 14: “We want to inform you that there is only limited stock available of the products in your cart. Complete your purchase right now.”

Template 15: “Hi {NAME}! The product that you left behind in the cart is almost out of stock. Hurry up!”

Make an Irresistible Deal

Customers that are on the verge of making a buy but are conflicted need a little incentive to go ahead and make a deal. This is way more effective than other strategies and will work wonders in bringing down your cart abandonment rate.

cant refuse meme

Template 1: “Here is something just for you! Buy products in your cart right away with zero Shipping charges!”

Template 2: “Hi {NAME}! Your products are waiting for you in the cart! Get them now for 25% Off!”

Template 3: “Get back to your cart right away for a 30% discount on those products! What are you waiting for?”

Template 4: “Hello! It's the holiday season and we have something special just for you. Complete purchase of the products in your cart with a 30% discount.”

Template 5: “Hi {NAME}. You left behind {PRODUCT} in your shopping cart. Buy now using CODE to get it for a discount of 25%”

Template 6: “Great news! Complete the purchase from your shopping cart and get a free gift! Offer Valid for 24 Hours.”

Template 7: “We have a great offer for you! Buy {PRODUCT} in your cart to get one more for free! Offer valid till midnight.”

Template 8: “Hey {NAME}! We see you have not decided whether to go ahead with the purchase. Here is something that will help you. Get 30% Off on the products in your cart. Discount valid till midnight.”

Template 9: “We have something special for you. Get back to your cart and complete your purchase right now for a discount of 35%!”

Template 10: “Hello customer. You have a product left unattended in your shopping cart. Complete the buy now for a free coupon worth Rs.200!”

Template 11: “Love what you have in your cart? Just go ahead and buy right away for an instant 10% discount!”

Template 12: “There’s something awesome waiting for you in your cart! Get 25% Off when you complete your purchase.

Template 13: “Hey {NAME}. Buy the products in your cart within the next 2 days to get it for a discount of 25%!”

Template 14: “You haven’t yet completed the purchase for {PRODUCT} from your shopping cart. Buy right now for free shipping along with a cash-back up to Rs.300!”

Template 15: “Here is something to help you to make up your mind. 20% Off on all products currently in your cart! Buy now!”

Provide Social Proof

It is natural for customers to have second thoughts or doubts related to a purchase. This is where you need to provide them with good social proof that will help them decide. People trust others like them and social proof about products is a great way to recover abandoned carts.

doen meme

Template 1: “Hello {NAME}. The product in your cart has been bought by 78 other customers and they all loved it!”

Template 2: “The {PRODUCT} in your cart is trending among 20-30 year olds. We believe this will be a good fit for you. Complete your purchase now.”

Template 3: “Hi {NAME}! The product in your cart was loved by 56 others like you. What are you waiting for? Purchase it right away.”

Template 4: “Hi there! Popular sport icons like {CELEBRITY NAME} can testify for the quality of {PRODUCT}! Complete the purchase from your cart without second thoughts!”

Template 5: “{CELEBRITY NAME} loved our {PRODUCT} so much! We believe you will too! Go to your cart and complete the order right away!”

Template 6: “The product in your cart already boasts having 240 happy and satisfied customers. And you will definitely be the next! Hurry up and complete order!”

Template 7: “Hey {NAME}. The product in your cart is unbelievably popular among a lot of people. You can definitely trust your choice and complete the purchase here.”

Template 8: “Hello {NAME}! {PRODUCT} you are about to buy is already a phenomenon among the fashion conscious. Buy now and join the fold!”

Template 9: “Hi there! Majority of people who have brought {PRODUCT}, that’s in your cart, has given it a 5 star rating!  Go for it without fear!”

Template 10: “Due to its exceptional handiness, {PRODUCT} is well loved by students. Complete your purchase from the cart right away!”

Template 11: “Dear customer. The product you have left behind in your cart has been bought by 109 other customers and they all testify for its quality! Buy now!”

Template 12: “The product in your cart is as popular as French fries! Get yourself a sizzling hot deal without delay!”

Template 13: “12 others with similar tastes have bought this product last month and they are having a great time with it! Hurry up and wrap up your order!”

Template 14: “The product in your cart is selling out rapidly! This means your choice is excellent and others think so too! Hurry up and steal the deal!”

Template 15: “You have left a product in your cart that has been loved by 39 other past customers. Don’t hesitate, go for it!”

Automate your Cart Recovery Reminders With!

Use to automate your brand’s cart recovery notifications on WhatsApp. The above templates can be put into good use with a powerful notification engine that makes use of the WhatsApp Official API strategically.


Q1. Is it possible to view abandoned carts on Shopify?

Ans: Simply navigate to Orders and then click Abandoned Checkouts from your Shopify admin page to view abandoned carts. Shopify allows you to send a personalized email to a specific customer about their abandoned cart.

Q2. What is an acceptable abandoned cart rate?

Ans: The overall average cart abandonment rate is 69.57 percent. If you Google "shopping cart abandonment rate," you'll find data from a variety of studies. I've observed rates as low as 56% and as high as 81%.

Q3. How much time does Shopify keep products in the cart?

Ans: When an item is added to the cart but before the customer begins the checkout process, the item is not deleted from inventory. Cookies are used by Shopify to let clients keep things in their shopping carts for 14 days.

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