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WhatsApp Templates For
Cat Day

What is Cat’s day?

Started by International Funds Animal welfare, International Cat Day is celebrated every year on August 8. This day is observed to promote the needs & wants of cats and to encourage cat owners to develop bond with their cats. 

Furthermore, the day is celebrated by raising awareness for cats and finding different ways to protect them. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Cat’s Day?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide in over 100 countries. With having active users in every region, WhatsApp keeps growing day-by-day. For startups, growing businesses as well as for various e-commerce stores, WhatsApp is an ideal choice to promote brands and increase their sales. Not only does it have one-to-one communication, but it also has easy to use and simple features. 

Stores can try offering food products at discounted rates, give coupons or gift cards to increase more sales on account of Cat’s Day. Keep your customers up-to date with your brand by sending them timely alerts about purchase orders, discounts, sales announcements or price drop.

With our readymade WhatsApp Chat Templates, show customer support by engaging in a two way conversation with them and clearing their queries. QuickReply.ai uses the official WhatsApp Business API to automate your services. 

Cat Day Sales Announcement

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Cat Day Limited Time Offer

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Cat Day Clearance Sale

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Cat Day Percentage Discount

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Cat Day Abandoned Cart

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