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A name plays a major role in the success of a thing, whether you are naming your newborn baby or a chatbot for your e-commerce store. The name has to be relevant to the subject and the purpose of its activities and its should also align with your Shopify Branding.

There are many factors to consider when someone wants to introduce a chatbot to his/her online customers.

The kind of store, the products you sell, and the target demographic is a few of the factors that play a major role in determining the name of your very own bot.

How to Choose the Right Name For Your Shopify Chatbot?

1. What is Your Industry?

Whether you are birthing a real baby or launching a chatbot on your site, you must choose the right name. If you were to name your daughter Bill, would it work? Absolutely not!

So, you are trying to come up with a catchy name for your chatbot and as well for branding your Shopify store. Ask yourself a few questions. What kind of functions does your chatbot perform? Is it supportive, informative, transactional or does it provide recommendations? Keeping the function in mind, you may choose the name of a human, robot, or give a clever twist to it.

  • A human name, like Cindy or Evelyn. These types of bot names are often a good choice for enterprises. They could be used as chatbots for banking, taxes, medical, or law. They offer a bit more formality and don’t distract from the purpose.
  • A robot name, like iBolt or Alpha. Such names like these make it clear that the user is chatting with a bot rather than a human. Hence it helps avoid any confusion. You might consider a robot name if you’re in the tech industry.
  • A descriptive name, like “Calorie-TrackBot”, helps users develop healthy eating habits. A chatbot name such as “Book Club Bot” for one that offers book recommendations. The advantage of such a naming style is that the user already understands the purpose of the bot before engaging in an interaction with it. Although these names aren’t always quite as personable or approachable, the clarity they offer serves the purpose, and serves it well!
  • A clever name, like Penny for a personal-finance advice chatbot, or Pam for a bot that provides prayer and meditation tips. Such a type of chatbot name is best for enterprises in industries such as travel, fitness, food, or beauty. It reflects a more casual, fun, and witty style. A clever name will also ensure that your chatbot stands out, and is likely to endear users to your brand and topic rather easily.
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2. What is Your Bot's Personality?

Chatbots are highly customizable, but then you can only have a few options when it comes to giving it the right name. As humans, we tend to give inanimate objects names. We base these names on certain characteristics that we see in them. Since website visitors and customers will find a personality in your chatbot anyway, it is better you give it a good descriptive name.

Giving your chatbot a character will make it more pleasant for customers and visitors to speak to. The lack of personality will make your bot boring and less engaging. If you have already assigned the bot a role and have developed its tone and speech, you will be familiar with the way your bot interacts. So, if your bot is assisting visitors at a shopping site, then a shopping assistant like Cynthia would be a good name.

Say, you have a spectacle and eye lens store on Shopify, then you could very well name your chatbot IRIS. So, are you getting the hang of naming your chatbot based on what you sell? another fun way in branding your Shopify store.

3. What Does Your Chatbot Do?

Another effective way to name your bot is by assigning its name based on the service it offers. So, what does your bot actually do? What is its purpose? What does it help its users do?

For example:

TranslateBot could be a good name for a chatbot that automatically translates the content you send to it. On the other hand, Fitness Guru is a suitable name for a bot that keeps you motivated at staying fit. It would work for official websites of gymnasiums, trust me?

4. Avoid Brand Names

Avoid getting too specific with your choice of bot names else it will hurt your Shopify store branding. Here's what you should never do. Never give your bot the name of a brand. So, if you have a denim online store named John England, please refrain from giving your bot a name like JohnEngland Bot. It clearly lacks inspiration. Moreover, it is clearly out of the question if you try to use the name of a brand you do not own unless you want to get sued.

Example (of what not to do): BotteryBarn for a bot that assists you in finding home furniture. It is a play on a reputed furnishing brand called Pottery Barn.

5. Avoid Being Too Descriptive

Now, I know it may seem like I am contradicting my previous to the last point, but this is important. Nothing seems more boring to a visitor than a super-descriptive chatbot name. It is useful to use what your chatbot does as a starting point. However, just don't make that the chatbot name, c'mon!

Example (of what not to do): Shopping assistant bot, a bot that assists customers while shopping. The only thing you might get from your visitors is a big yawn.

6. Be funny

Generating traffic and expanding the reach of your shopping site depends on whether you can get the pulse of the customer or not. Practically everyone has a hard time every once in a while. Some kids might have fared poorly in a test, or a woman might have had a hard day at work. In such a scenario, adding a bit of humor to their day during the time they visit your site will create a lasting impact on your shopping site traffic. It is because everyone likes to feel good, and what is even better is feeling great while shopping.</p>

At Quickreply.ai, we believe that the aim is to have fun with naming our chatbots (unless your bot is something super serious like a lawyer site, medical or tax-related). Most of your users will have their very first chatbot experience with your online store.. Hence, we make their experience enjoyable and helps you branding your Shopify store.

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Q1. Is Shopify compatible with chatbots?
: Shopify chatbots are a novel way to provide customers with personalized, real-time solutions. They can automate returns, report on order status, and increase sales by quickly checking inventory.

Q2. How can a chatbot be added to Shopify?
A chatbot can be added to Shopify by using a third-party service. There are many different options, and they all offer different features. Most allow you to create a custom user experience that can be integrated into your website.

Q3. What to call your Shopify chatbot and how to do it right?
Choosing a name for your Shopify chatbot can be a daunting task. It's important to choose a name that will be easy to remember and make sense to your customers. Here are some tips for picking the perfect name for your Shopify chatbot: Start with a list of words that describe your business or brand. This can help you brainstorm names that fit with what you're trying to convey. Don't use numbers or punctuation in your name, unless it's part of the actual name (like "Shopify").Make sure that your name is easily pronounceable by humans and by computers.

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