7 Best Chatbots For Shopify To Automate Your Customer Interactions

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Are you thinking about adding chatbots to your Shopify? If so, then look no further because we will discuss the best chatbots for Shopify that will enhance your customer’s experience and assist them in their shopping process.

Why we need chatbots for Shopify?

Chatbots are one of the most efficient tools for increasing conversion rates for Shopify. Therefore, customers do not need to waste their precious time in connecting to the call centres when they can just ping the chatbot. Chatbots are designed to automate processes that previously a human agent would handle. Hence, it is helping businesses save a lot of money using Chatbots while simultaneously boosting sales and conversion rates. However, chatbots are becoming more intelligent with the development of AI, ML, and NLP. So, it’s becoming a trend for businesses to implement Chatbot on their websites.

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The 5 Best AI Chatbots for Shopify

Below is the curated list of 5 best chatbots for Shopify , which boost your sales and conversion:

1. Gobot Chatbot

Gobot is fully integrated with your Shopify store. It also helps shoppers find the perfect match for their product preference. You can populate your bot’s product carousel with all of your store’s products with the click of a button! It is that easy.

Gobot chatbots are helping consumers find the best deals, make purchases, make style choices, and find products that meet their unique tastes and needs. Now, that is something most e-commerce stores don’t currently offer.

2. QuickReply.ai

QuickReply.ai is a ready-to-use conversational commerce solution for online stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Within minutes of plugging in, QuickReply syncs information about the store’s products, inventory, coupons, customers, and orders. Firstly, It comes pre-trained with 40+ common ecommerce use-cases such as abandoned carts, order status, refunds, replacements, etc. Secondly, QuickReply can attend to more than 70% customer queries over multiple channels (Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) - All Automated. Most importantly, the rest 30% are transferred to one-inbox (for all channels) where human agents also get all the required information about the customer. Hence they can see their orders within the same panel. They do not have to open multiple tabs to seek information to help the customer. This helps them to reply to their customers quickly.

The app provides a hybrid chat platform with artificial intelligence and human assistance. It has deeper API integrations, a payment-in-chat option, a menu-in-chat option, and is suitable for SMEs. QuickReply.ai also offers an easy to use drag and drop feature and free trial version.

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3. Upsell Chatbot

Upsell Chatbot is an app that can help to increase the profit margin for merchants and make online shopping more interesting for the customers. Merchants are setting the Max Discounts on the individual products for increasing their sales and attract customers. By using the Upsell Chatbot App they can get more profit by providing a bargaining option with customers to get discounts up to the max discounts.

Customers are always interested in discounts and offers. Now they can get discounts by a chat with the bot so it is much more interactive for them as well. The bot can offer discounts to the customer up to the max discount set by the merchants.

4. Messenger Chatbot

The app helps you add Facebook customer chat plug-in to your Shopify store for free!

You can also use the app to create your personalized Facebook Messenger chatbot. It allows you to reply to customers automatically, deliver exclusive product promotions, and sell products via the Facebook Messenger app.

5. Intercom

The Intercom platform allows retailers and businesses to communicate with target customers through the app. It also enables online retailers to communicate with customers through their website, through social media, or via email. It is a great option for companies looking to support customers through messaging.

The application is easy to set-up and is very user-friendly. It is an expensive product but very beneficial for a B2B SaaS company. It is a neat and clean customer management system that helps the business owners to interact with the website visitors, automatically clear customer queries with answers, and even offer new product information.

Intercom allows retailers and businesses to instantly engage quality leads with targeted messages and personalized reply templates. It also offers real-time analytics to monitor customer traffic.

6. Engati

Engati is a chatbot platform that helps design, manage, integrate, train, analyze, and publish your personalized chatbot in a matter of a few minutes. It presently supports all the major messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber, Skype,  and webchat. It primarily focuses on customer engagement.

One can use Engati to customize their chatbots with no programming required. The platform supports multilingual chatbot. It also supports over twenty languages, human takeover, and LiveChat. Other features include multi-platform support, 3rd party integrations, voice chatbot, chatbot templates, and FAQ builder. You can use the free trial version to get a taste of what the chatbot platform is about.

7. Customer Service Facebook Messenger Bot

It is the first AI-powered after-sale Chatbot on Messenger. Customers can simply get all the information they need about their orders through the most comfortable platform for them, quickly and easily!

The app works with over 600 vendors across the globe. It ensures perfect order tracking(Integrates to FedEx, USPS, Aftership, Tracking More & 17Track). Once an order has arrived, Sally will ensure closure with feedback and reviews. It will then offer your customers personal deals with respect to your configuration!

Amazon Like Chatbot for Shopify

Quickreply.ai is one of the most preferred among chatbots in the current market scenario. These chatbots assist your customers across the web, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. So, choose the chatbot based on your Shopify needs and provide your customers with a smooth and interactive shopping experience.

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