9 Killer Shopify Apps To Boost Your Sales

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When it comes to building websites congruent with eCommerce settings, the number of options to boost Shopify sales can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that sometimes you are tempted to avail a suitable service right from the first website that you see. Well! That’s however not the right decision to make.

In today’s advanced world where a big part of the population has access to and relies on the internet for day-to-day tasks, setting up the right e-commerce store isn't just beneficial for your business but, needful, too. Shopify is one of the easiest, cheapest and most convenient platform to start an ecommerce business. It is secure and reliable and offers great app integrations. If you are just starting out, Shopify is the best way to go.

The Shopify App Store provides you with more than a thousand apps to increase sales and boost conversions.

Here is a list of the Nine best apps to immediately boost Shopify sales, so that you can select the right one for yourself:

1. Omnisend

If you want your brand to do more to create a seamless experience, Omnisend is a great way to go. It provides a powerful all-in-one omnichannel suite with marketing automation and multichannel automated workflow. With its email campaign creation, you can customise each and every aspect of your campaigns, even without much technical knowledge. Omnisend provides a much better alternative than simplified email newsletters. It integrates multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google ads, Push notifications and more and combines the workflow with smart segmentation for precise targeting. This will help you ensure that the message reaching anyone and everyone is still relevant to them.

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2. QuickReply.Ai

QuickReply.ai combines the power of Artificial Intelligence in the form of chatbots working similar to human intelligence to enhance your sales process and boost your numbers. Using this app will enable you to automate your interactions with the customers over Web, Messenger and even WhatsApp. With this feature, QuickReply.ai provides a number of benefits like keeping the website open twenty four hours (even when your agents are sleeping), not having to answer the same questions again and again, easily understandable insights, identifying better leads in the traffic and the ability to see who is online to keep check on hot leads. QuickReply.ai also provides detailed reports after apt analysis and optimisation and helps you to realise what converts your visitors to leads.

Plus, it comes with ready AI-training for 40+ e commerce use cases and the setup happens in just minutes.

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3. Optimonk

OptiMonk is one of the best apps for Lead Generation. It was first popular for its exit-intent popups. But it has upgraded a lot since then and now offers many different types of popups and retargeting options. OptiMonk provides templates for four different types of on page messages including popups, nano-bars, sidebars and full screen messages. You can use this app for capturing the leaving visitors on your store. This app also integrates with Facebook messenger. This integration provides an entirely new channel to promote your business and boost your sales. you can engage your visitors with the help of discount offers, capture emails, and more such interactive elements.

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4. Oberlo

This app helps you get rid of your packaging and shipping concerns. Oberlo provides multiple features with which you can import products easily from the Oberlo marketplace, publish the products in your store, fulfil orders automatically to ship your products to the customers, arrange inventory, update prices automatically, and track stock levels and product prices. You can easily edit your products by changing images, titles and descriptions. Oberlo also lets you track your shipments with integrated order tracking. It helps you change order suppliers based on the best price and enables you to switch easily between them. Oberlo is basically a complete solution to all your delivering needs.

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5. CM Commerce

CM Commerce is one of the best options for sending automated cart abandonment emails, newsletters, follow-up emails and receipts. It also helps manage reviews and testimonials, and is best known for the Conversio widget. The widget provides easy, on site options for reviews with a number of widget designs to choose from. It also sends the reviews directly to your mail and ensures that you don’t miss any. Problems like having trouble getting the customers to re-order or make their first purchase can be solved with CM Commerce.It is a great choice for maintaining better relationships with your customers.

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6. Social Proof Pop Up or SalesPop

SalesPop is an amazing app that helps build social proof for your brand. This app is available in Shopify app store by CartKit. When someone is browsing your products then this pop acts as catalyst for them in making buying decisions by showing a pop up in the left bottom corner which says “ABC bought XYZ product from EFG country ( 2 hours before). What you think, is it gonna boost your sales? Definitely. Go check out yourself.

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7. Beeketing’s Better Coupon Box

Beeketing;'s Better coupon box is one of the easiest to use and most popular apps amongst Shopify users. By using this app, you can offer a discount coupon to your customers in case they subscribe to your email newsletter. When used correctly, this very interesting feature can make the customers follow the business’s social media accounts through discount coupons. This will result in an increase in the number and type of your followers, which in turn will help you reach even more people.


8. Plugin SEO

The number of people you reach online depends highly on the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your articles, descriptions and other places on your website. It helps you get on the map, be higher in the search results and reach more and more people. But you don’t have to worry about coming up with optimised content all the time, Plugin SEO does the work for you. The app checks all of it and tells you about its performance with search engines. It helps you with keeping the page titles, meta descriptions, headings, speed, post structure, and content freshness in check. You can benefit considerably with its advanced editing features and also be alerted whenever issues are found.

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9. Yotpo

Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform, with which you can generate and leverage more reviews, photos, and Q and As. This will help you build trust, increase conversion and increase traffic on your online store. Yotpo provides a number of features like collecting reviews from your customers, boosting conversion rate with customer content, displaying ratings in search engines, automating the social sharing process and getting feedback from the customers to improve your business. These features will help you stay in touch with your existing customers and also increase brand awareness to bring new customers.

This list is extensively going to help you boost Shopify sales. Go and start implementing these apps/tools and take your sales in rocket mode.


Q1. Which Shopify apps are most effective at boosting sales?

Ans: The top Shopify applications for raising order values are:

Re-Convert Cross-Sell & Upsell.

You can create one-click upsells and other offers with Re-Convert that show up on the checkout and thank-you pages.

Frequently Bought Together.

Vitals All-in-One Marketing.




Q2. How to Improve the Product Pages on Shopify?

Ans: Product pages are where the magic happens in eCommerce.

Here are the ways to improve the product pages on Shopify.

Create a layout for your product page.

Put the product images in the foreground.

Display precise shipment details.

Include more information.

Include a strong call to action(CTA).‍

Q3. How can I boost my Shopify sales in 2022?

Ans: On your homepage, include a "Shop Now" button.

Your website should have a welcome popup.

Start a cross-selling email or popup.

Your popups should have an SMS field.

Install reminders for abandoned carts.

Create a dynamic free shipping bar.

Make a popup with an exit purpose.

Add product reviews from customers.

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