15 Best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify Stores

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WhatsApp as a marketing and sales channel is clearly here to stay. But using the WhatsApp Business API to set up automations and tap into the power of all its commerce features, needs you to have the best WhatsApp app for Shopify in tow. 

In this post, we’re going to look over the best WhatsApp for Shopify stores and how you should choose one. 

List of the best WhatsApp apps for Shopify stores 

If you start looking for WhatsApp apps on the Shopify app store, you may come across several options. Here are some that we have shortlisted so you can get started with WhatsApp marketing sooner: 

1. QuickReply.ai 

One of the best WhatsApp apps for Shopify that is trusted by brands across industries, is QuickReply.ai. The WhatsApp app is built exclusively for eCommerce businesses, making all its features razor-focused on enabling online stores use WhatsApp to boost customer engagement, retention and the overall sales. 

The WhatsApp marketing app uses the official WhatsApp Business API alongside powerful marketing automation to offer the following benefits: 

  • Personalized WhatsApp broadcast campaigns¬†
  • 40+ customizable eCommerce WhatsApp chatbots - welcome, Browsing, Discount Shipping Charges, Order Tracking, Order Cancellation, COD availability, Repeat Order, Payment Options, Contact, Transfer
  • Send WhatsApp broadcast to over 100,000+ users¬†
  • Track WhatsApp analytics for campaign performance¬†
  • Advanced WhatsApp campaigns - multi-step abandoned cart reminders, event-based follow-ups, upsell and cross-sell campaigns, convert COD to prepaid orders¬†
  • Seamless Shopify WhatsApp integration¬†

2. Interakt 


Another WhatsApp app for Shopify stores that helps them use the messaging platform for communicating with customers, is Interakt. The app auto-syncs with your Shopify store, letting you display products and information on the WhatsApp catalog. It comes with automation capabilities using the WhatsApp Business API as well, letting businesses optimize their broadcast and customer support campaigns. 

3. Pushdaddy 



A WhatsApp app for Shopify, Pushdaddy offers features that help online businesses switch between WhatsApp chat and live chat easily. The app enables you to create automated marketing campaigns for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, tracking updates. It also lets you run the same campaigns across email and Facebook Messenger to create holistic campaigns. 

4. Delight Chat 



A popular Shopify WhatsApp app, Delight Chat was initially built to serve as a CRM for businesses managing customer support on the messaging platform. Today, it uses the WhatsApp Business API to also offer marketing automations for customer engagement across the buyer lifecycle. This includes engagement, retention/ win-back, and cart recovery campaigns. 

5. Zoko 


A Shopify app that uses the WhatsApp API to help online businesses set up automated campaigns on the messaging platform, Zoko also comes with the ability to use ChatGPT to create messages. It has a deep integration with Shopify that enables you to sync products to the WhatsApp catalog for creating campaigns - cart abandonment, product review and rating requests, order confirmation and more.  

6. Gupshup 

A WhatsApp app for Shopify that offers a chat and share widget for the messaging platform. The Shopify app lets you automate WhatsApp messages for abandoned cart reminders and order updates, using the WhatsApp Business API. It also gives you access to custom WhatsApp templates and a shared inbox to manage conversations. 

7. CartHike 

A fairly new WhatsApp app for Shopify stores, CartHike also uses the WhatsApp Business API to automate campaigns. These campaigns include abandoned cart reminders, shipping alerts, COD verification and the ability to request product reviews by integrating with other Shopify apps. 

8. Dondy 

Dondy is a WhatsApp app for Shopify that enables you to set up a WhatsApp chat button on your online store to engage website visitors. The app is commonly used for offering customer support to customers and setting up promotional campaigns to highlight new discounts, deals and offers. It also comes with a few WhatsApp automation campaigns like abandoned cart recovery. 

9. Avada 

Built by a popular Shopify partner, the Avada WhatsApp app is mostly built to cater to customer support and service requirements of an online store. It gives businesses the ability to create an extensive FAQ base and a help center, making it readily available on the messaging platform for a quick turnaround time on requests. 

10. Softpulse 

Softpulse has also built a WhatsApp app for Shopify stores that offers a single widget with multiple features. It offers a WhatsApp chat, FAQs, order tracking, contact us and more. It can help automate abandoned cart recovery messages, order confirmation, order fulfillment and review request messages. They additionally offer a mobile app for manual abandoned cart recovery and other WhatsApp messages. 

11. LimeChat 

LimeChat is a multi-channel marketing solution that additionally offers the ability to create WhatsApp campaigns using the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp app is known to help set up a website chat widget and send WhatsApp broadcast campaigns for promotional purposes. 

12. BiteSpeed 

BiteSpeed is another all-in-one WhatsApp app for Shopify stores. It comes with features like WhatsApp chat widget and popup to help build a subscriber list, and set up automations for promotions, upselling/ cross-selling, sending product recommendations and more. The app also integrates with other Shopify apps like Loox, Yotpo, Stamped and more for customer feedback collection. 

13. WATI 

Another WhatsApp app built for Shopify stores is Wati.io. The app uses the WhatsApp Business API to help automate campaigns like abandoned cart reminders, order and delivery updates and support requests. It also additionally gives you the ability to localize these campaigns with multiple language support. 

14. Revie 

A Shopify WhatsApp app built exclusively for helping online stores request product reviews on purchases made, Revie uses the WhatsApp Business API to help set up automations. The WhatsApp app is powered by AI to help analyze customer feedback to gather insights on their sentiment and feelings around the purchases made from the store. 

15. Wigzo 

If you’re still looking for a WhatsApp app for your Shopify store, Wigzo is another option. Although the app is built for multi-channel marketing automation, WhatsApp is one of the channels it enables. The app too makes use of the WhatsApp Business API to help set up automations. 

How to choose the best WhatsApp app for Shopify? 

Apart from the Shopify WhatsApp apps we have listed above, there are many other options available to online businesses. While some offer completely free plans as well, we do recommend looking into the following aspects when choosing the best WhatsApp for your Shopify store: 

  • Integration with the WhatsApp Business API¬†
  • Deep integration with the Shopify CMS¬†
  • Marketing automations available¬†
  • Availability of pre-approved WhatsApp templates¬†
  • Pricing and hidden charges¬†
  • Customer support and success teams¬†
  • Personalization capabilities across campaigns¬†
  • Customer segmentation capabilities¬†
  • Ability to track WhatsApp campaign performance¬†
  • Ability to use WhatsApp commerce features¬†

Looking for the best WhatsApp app for your Shopify store? 

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