Boosting Repeat Purchases through WhatsApp Marketing

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For a business, repeat purchases are a sign of customer loyalty and also something which ensures success in future. For you, it might seem like a trivial thing on which you won’t give any second thought. But let us tell you why it's an important technique to boost your sales and how you can achieve it easily. 

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Importance of Repeat Purchases

In order to increase sales and expand business, it’s not always necessary to attract new customers. A business, may it be a physical store or an e-commerce store, can achieve success and promote their brand more easily by turning customers into loyal customers and nudging them to make purchases again. Sure, you can promote your brand via new customers but reaching out to repeat purchasers  saves your time and money. 

Repeat Purchases will surely generate profits but it will also promise back to back occurrence of making purchases. For example, if you focus on customer A and make them a repeat customer, there’s a 80% chance they will influence their friends or closed ones about your business and bring them to you as customers. 

Here are some advantages as to why Repeat Purchasers are beneficial for your business :

Brand Promotion 

Having repeat customers means they make repeat purchases because they like your products. It’s an easier way to promote your brand because your repeat customers post reviews on their social media as well as influence other people to try out your products. 


As a business you must need honest feedback to improve your customer’s experience. Feedbacks are essential for product launches as well as to improve your overall brand. Your repeat purchasers have been making purchases from you for a long time, hence they’ll know the changes you make in your products. Therefore, you can ask your repeat purchasers for honest and helpful feedback. 

Long-lasting Relationship

Repeat customers are always eager to buy your products because of the customer experience & you might provide, the quality of your products and because they were happy with your product. Therefore, it might build a long-lasting customer relationship since they will be comfortable making purchases from you in future. 

Cost Efficient

Running a social media campaign or doing advertisements isn’t cheap. It will cost your business a great amount of money and time. But if you focus on repeat purchasers, you’ll be saving time, making more sales as well as will save money on marketing. 

Ensuring Repeat Customers by sending bulk messages

To run a successful ad campaign, your business should require an ideal platform which allows you to communicate with your customers freely and where you can provide easy customer service. The platform which meets the required criteria is WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is a popular messenger app with over 200 billion monthly active users, it’s the best choice a business can make to choose it as a marketing tool. 

As we all know the official WhatsApp Business API is designed specially for growing businesses to promote their brand. Therefore, you can use it to your advantage and get started with WhatsApp Marketing for a Repeat Purchase Ad Campaign. 

Doing business on WhatsApp is easier as compared to other platforms. You can send automated bulk or single messages and can even set reminders. However, unlike the WhatsApp app, the official API is not free of charge but it’s cost effective. 

Still thinking over it? Allow us to suggest different ways to encourage customers to make repeat purchases via WhatsApp Marketing. 

Increasing Repeat Purchases via WhatsApp Marketing

For an e-commerce store, it’s essential to make sure you reach your target audience,  provide instant customer service and communicate quickly. Communicating via text messages creates familiarity, builds trust and personal. But make sure you don’t overdo and spam your subscribers by texting them, it’ll result in them unsubscribing and will create a bad brand image. 

To make your WhatsApp Chat Messages welcoming, add a personalised touch to them. To do that, you can add their first name in text or send them recommended products based on their recently viewed items on your e-commerce site. Taking this into account, here are some ways to nudge customers to make purchases and create more engagements. 

Loyalty Programs 

After sending a couple of notifications on WhatsApp, offer your customers a discount and entice them to join your brand membership after they have made their first purchase. Make sure your WhatsApp Chat Messages aren't too frequent. For example, you can let your customers know the benefits of your premium membership and offer a discount/voucher if they sign up. This will ensure their future purchases and will build a long lasting relationship. 


You can ask them for an honest feedback in exchange for a discount on their next order. It’s a win-win situation for both, you’ll get an honest review about your product and the customer will get a discount on their next purchase. 

Give Feedback and Get 20% OFF

Back In Stock

You can alert your customers that certain essential products are back in stock. For example, perfumes, soaps, detergents, etc. which are required from time to time, so shoppers can make repeat purchases of these certain products. 

Back in stock

Product Recommendations 

If a customer hasn’t made a purchase in a long time, you can send them some recommended products based on their purchase history and offer some discount or free delivery on their order. This will allow customers to revisit your ecommerce website and explore your products. 

Product Recommendations

Order Alert

After you send an Order Alert of a product delivered to your customers, you can either ask for feedback or promise them a discount on their next order with product recommendations. This will help maintain the purchase cycle and can result in a long lasting relationship. 

Ordered Delivered Message

Gift Cards/Coupons

You can offer Gift Cards or Coupons to your loyal customers to nudge them into making a purchase again. This will enhance customer’s experience with your brand and make them even more loyal. 

Gift Cards/Coupons


Q1. How do I increase my repeat purchase rate?
: 6 effective ways to increase your repeat purchase rate1. Segment your audience.2. Send re-engagement emails.3. Send personalized product recommendations.4. Show off your reviews.5. Send cart abandonment emails.6. Start a rewards program.7. Improve customer satisfaction through surveys

Q2. Does sending bulk messages guarantee repeat customers?
Sending bulk messages to customers is one of the most effective ways to get repeat customers. One of the biggest benefits of sending bulk messages to customers is that it allows you to save time by reaching out to them all at once. Instead of having to contact each customer individually, you can send a single message that will reach all of them at once.

Q3. What are the benefits of WhatsApp marketing?
The top benefits of WhatsApp marketing:

1. Reach and convenience.

2. A private and secure platform.

3. Build creative engagement.

4. Real-time customer service and support.

5. A highly engaging digital channel.

6. A personal and trusted channel.

7. Supports automation and FAQ.

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