Click to Whatsapp Ad Examples and What You Can Learn From Them

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Are you tired of using the same old advertising techniques that don’t seem to deliver results? 

Click-to WhatsApp ads are here to revolutionize the way brands connect with their target audience. With a drastic increase in engagement and conversions, it’s becoming a go-to tool for many businesses. 

We have covered all about the right ways of optimizing Click-to-Whatsapp ads in our previous blog. And this blog will walk you through some of the most amazing examples of click-to WhatsApp ads to help you understand how top brands are using it to their advantage. So, let’s get started! 

12 Click to WhatsApp ad examples and what you can learn from them

Click to WhatsApp ads are fairly new in the eCommerce industry and brands often don’t have the right examples to look up to. So we decided to list out a few from ad campaigns that we have been targeted with: 

1. Cheers Resto Bar: compelling carousel combined with free delivery 

Cheers Resto Bar excels in serving multi-cuisine food with sparkling drinks and cocktails. We love how the ad used the fact that sometimes customers hesitate to order food online because of extra delivery charges.  So it promotes free delivery with a carousel of delicious food items. 

On top of that, they make ordering food convenient with direct placement using WhatsApp. This avoids the extra hassle of ordering food. You should definitely implement the ad strategy of combining graphics and prioritizing customer convenience to increase orders. 

2. PNG Jewellers: promoting a unique product collection 

PNG Jewellers provides a vast jewelry collection ranging from everyday jewelry to your most awaited moments. Coming to the ad copy, traditional jewelry with a modern twist? Now that’s a copy that will intrigue customers. 

One of the major reasons we love this ad is because it focuses on promoting a specific collection.  You can give customers a taste of what's in the collection, then include a button that leads them straight to WhatsApp. From there, they can get more details about the bestsellers in the collection, how to book, and how delivery works.

Promoting a unique collection is an incredible way to pique customers' interest without offering hefty discounts. Moreover, it’s important to make customers excited to know more about your products if you are dealing with sophisticated items like jewelry. 

3. Jio Mart: providing hefty discount on essentials 

Jio Mart is an Indian e-Commerce platform primarily focused on delivering groceries and other essential items at competitive prices. We love how in this ad Jio Mart provides a hassle-free shopping experience through WhatsApp. On top of that, it provides 60% off on essentials. 

Imagine being able to order all your daily needs from the comfort of your home, without having to step out, and at an unbeatable price. Convenience combined with affordability is what makes the overall ad stand out. Also, look at how they used a compelling graphic to promote products at the time of IPL fever. 

3. Click Orchids: using images, videos, and discounts for promotion 

Click Orchids is a retail e-Commerce brand establishing its name as a leading orchid grower in India. We love how they use both pictures and videos to entice customers. As a new customer, you will be pampered with a whopping 15% off on your first purchase. But that’s not all as the loyal ones will enjoy free shipping and incredible offers on spending certain amounts. 

The key here is to lure in new customers with exclusive discounts while still retaining existing ones with exciting offers. What makes the brand stand out is its vast and beautiful product collection. Once users click on the learn more button, they get the option to explore the product catalog on WhatsApp itself! 

4. Coats Bath Fittings and Accessories: striving on experience

Coats Bath Fittings and Accessories is a company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of bathroom fixtures and fittings. Unlike other Click to WhatsApp ad examples we covered, this ad talks about the vast experience and quality of products it provides. 

Look at how the brand talks about the fact that it has been operating since 1974 and is equipped with a team of experienced engineers and professionals. This ad will likely work as people love prioritizing quality when it comes to products that are purchased once and for a long time. Moreover, the compelling graphic containing the brand color immediately catches attention. 

5. Jasper’s Travel: using WhatsApp conversation format 

Jasper’s Travel is a travel and tourism company offering a wide range of services such as transportation, accommodation, and activity bookings. The ad covers the two most important decisions one takes while planning a vacation—booking reasonably priced flights and hotels. 

Next comes the WhatsApp conversation screenshot showing how you only need to mention the location for a customized package. Imagine being able to receive a customized travel plan straight into your WhatsApp inbox.  That’s the way to a hassle-free vacation. 

Your key takeaway here is that if your CTA leads your audience to WhatsApp, then try using WhatsApp conversation formats in your ads. Be creative and target the most common problem dealt with by your audience. In this case, the hassle of booking accommodation, flights, and travel activities. 

6. Cloud City Sporting Goods: covering FAQs in the ads 

Cloud City Sporting Goods sells sporting goods catering to enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Just like our previous example of ads that click to WhatsApp, this one also includes a WhatsApp screenshot. It shows customers how convenient it is to explore product options and place an order. 

The ad also mentions common customer queries you can get answered like color options, purchasing procedure, etc., in just a click. We love how the CTA is not emphasizing selling but getting questions answered. 

Now, the key here is to identify the frequently asked questions. Once you do, use them in your ads, to show your customers that you understand and cater to their specific needs. 

7. Herbs India: using compelling graphics and enticing offer 

Herbs India is the ultimate location for those who crave the authentic flavors of traditional Indian sweets. As you can see, the ad here features stunning product photography making it impossible to resist these treats. 

The ad also offers a discount that makes it even more tempting to try them out. And the quick link to WhatsApp gives customers the convenience to explore the vast options. Now imagine coming across this ad during the festival scene. It has all the required elements to lure in customers. 

8. Cutibless- Cosmetology Clinic: a seamless booking experience

Cutibless is a hair restoration and cosmetic surgery center providing a wide range of services in treating hair and skin-related issues. We love how this WhatsApp ad example not only highlights the many benefits of the treatment but also appeals to those who suffer from declining levels of confidence due to their skin.

But what's truly impressive is the inclusion of a WhatsApp button, ensuring that potential customers can get quick and personalized responses to all their queries. 

Gone are the days when booking an appointment required navigating through a complicated website and filling out endless forms. Therefore, work on providing a seamless booking experience to your customers. 

9. Pizza House: exclusive discount and free delivery 

Pizza House sells mouth-watering pizzas with a wide range of toppings and crusts to choose from. As you can look here, the ad works great at creating a sense of urgency. You will enjoy 15% off and free delivery only if you place your order on WhatsApp now. Not to mention, the image that instantly leads to an irresistible pizza craving. 

So, if you want customers to use WhatsApp instead of your app or website to place orders then give them an offer they can’t resist. In this case, it was a discount combined with free delivery, which is something no one misses out on! 

10. Fab Gadgets: exclusive discounts on WhatsApp bookings

Fab Gadgets deals with electronic gadgets and accessories that are both functional and fashionable. In this ad, we can notice the urgency created through the “limited time offer. Shop today.” 

Notice how they have used a compelling graphic with a 30% off discount. However, they are offering up to 50% off if reached out through WhatsApp. This is a great tactic to show customers how they can avail of exclusive discounts using WhatsApp. Use it and see your WhatsApp list increase.

11. Hipz Fashion: displaying product catalogs 

Hipz Fashion is a dynamic and trendy fashion eCommerce store that offers a large range of clothing and accessories. As summers are near, this ad targets the right area of getting a unique summer look with their lineup. 

We love how they have used a compelling image to show a trendy summer look. Once you click on the WhatsApp button, you will come across multiple options. These options include seeing their clothing catalog, accessory catalog, website, or talking to a specialist.

If you are a fashion e-Commerce store then you must use Click To WhatsApp ads for sending your catalogs directly to your customer’s WhatsApp inbox. Moreover, it will help you send out discounts offers and sale notifications easily. 


Now we have taken inspiration from some of the best click to WhatsApp ad examples. But simply setting up ads that click to WhatsApp isn’t enough. If your ads perform well, you need to timely respond to the customers reaching out to you. 

This is where setting up automation with the help of WhatsApp API Solution providers like QuickReply comes into play. It tackles all your customer support needs while you focus on growing your business. So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo today

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