How Health and Wellness Brands Can Use Click to WhatsApp Ads (Ctwa) to Get More Sales

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Click to WhatsApp ads have been the talk of the town and for a good reason. Owing to their interactiveness and their ability to enable two-way conversations in an otherwise one-way, promotional ad format, they have proven to drive better engagement - and hence, more conversions and sales. 

And the same holds true for health and wellness brands that want to reduce the sales cycle. 

In this post, we’re going to look into the different ways in which Shopify health and wellness brands can use click to WhatsApp ads. 

Recap: What are click to WhatsApp ads? 

Also known as CTWA ads, these are an advertising format that lead a buyer to dropping a message or initiating a conversation with a business on WhatsApp, instead of taking them to the brand site. The goal here is to be able to get their WhatsApp opt-in almost immediately and establish a channel to communicate with them easily to encourage sales. 

How can health and wellness brands use CTWA ads? 

While there are several ways to use click to WhatsApp ads, let’s look into some we have tried and seen effective: 

1. To promote new products 

New health and wellness products in the market are always met with skepticism. Using click to WhatsApp ads, brands can invite in conversations from their target audience, nudging them to explore the products using features like FAQs or two-way chatbot automation. 

For example, your CTWA ad could say - Launching new protein shakes - recommended by nutritionists worldwide! Message us now to learn more and get a discount of 15%. 

2. To run surveys 

Health and wellness brands need to stay attuned to their audience needs and preferences. It is the one industry that often sees the most number of fads and lifestyle trends that immediately impact market demand. But getting to know customers is easier said than done and that’s where CTWA ads come in handy. 

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - Your health is important to us! We are launching a new range of products in our store and would love to get your opinion. Message us to share what your health goals are and get 20% off! 

3. Offer shopping assistance 

Finding the right health and wellness products is not easy. Consumers go through days of research just shortlisting what they think is good for them, and often end up making the wrong purchase still. This is where offering shopping assistance in your click to WhatsApp ad copy can make all the difference. 

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - Choosing the right health products can be tricky. But we want to help! Simply answer a few questions and get personalized health product recommendations for your regime. 

Alternatively, you can also collaborate with nutritionists to offer consultations for free or at discounted prices! 

4. Run WhatsApp-exclusive discounts 

Want to win a subscriber and a sale? Use click to WhatsApp ads to offer exclusive discounts on your health and wellness products to those who message. You can also use WhatsApp checkout links to them to make the purchase on the messaging platform. 

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - We’re running an exclusive discount on our supplements on WhatsApp. Message us to get a 25% off on our best-selling supplements! 

5. Promote trial packs 

Another way to use click to WhatsApp ads is to introduce your target audience to the new health and wellness products. Since most consumers like to stick to their usuals, we recommend using CTWA ads to run promotions on the trial packs. 

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - We just launched an all-new flavor of protein powder. Message us to get a trial pack delivered to your doorstep! 

6. Take preorders 

WhatsApp makes taking pre-orders a breeze and with click to WhatsApp ads, you can drive more of these purchases. Use CTWA ads to reach out to engage buyers, creating an excitement around a new launch or an upcoming one, and offering to place their orders early with a special discount. 

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - We’re launching a new, improved version of our Vitamin C supplements. Message us to place an early order at 15% off! 

7. Showcase product benefits/ value proposition 

Have you been using carousels in your ad campaigns to share product information like benefits, how to use or their value proposition? Turn your call to action to ‚Äėmessage us on WhatsApp‚Äô right away! This encourages the audience to not just swipe through the carousel, but also drop you a message to learn more in detail - without having to visit the site; a win-win for them!¬†

For example, your CTWA ad copy can say - There are so many more benefits to having collagen on a daily basis! Message us now to learn more about collagen and get a 15% off on your discount. 

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Pro tips on running click to WhatsApp ads for your health and wellness brand 

Click to WhatsApp ads are similar to the regular advertising campaigns. If you are not following some best practices, the expenses can quickly get out of hand. Here’s what we recommend: 

  • Define your target audience - Don‚Äôt go too broad or too narrow with your target audience. We recommend targeting a close match to your ideal customer persona or using custom audiences to target lookalike audiences.¬†
  • Experiment with formats - Ensure you experiment with images, videos and carousels in your CTWA ads based on the objective of the campaign. Creatives are still important!¬†
  • Focus on your ad copy - Remember, the messaging that goes along with your ad campaign, can make or break whether someone clicks on the ‚Äėmessage us‚Äô button to land on WhatsApp.¬†
  • Set up a greeting message - Don‚Äôt rely on the consumer to strike a conversation; ensure that they receive a greeting message almost as soon as they click through an ad to land on WhatsApp.¬†
  • Run ads in non-peak hours - CTWA ads are still competing with the volumes on social media. So to ensure your buyers have the time to ‚Äėmessage‚Äô, run these ads in non-peak hours for maximum engagement.¬†
  • Run retargeting ads in peak hours - Follow up the consumers who engaged with your ad campaigns with retargeting ads being run in peak hours. This is a great way for you to stay on top of their minds.¬†

Ready to double your Shopify health and wellness store sales? 

Meta has made it easier for businesses to get started with click to WhatsApp ads. But we know that it takes more than just changing the business objective or call to action button to ‚Äėmessage us‚Äô.¬†

You still need to focus on audience targeting and how you create a customer journey for an online shopper that chooses to click through your ad campaign. 

Now that’s where we come in. 

With, we help you make the most of the WhatsApp Business API to set up high converting ad campaigns. From giving you the ability to smoothly transition online shoppers from social media to the messaging platform, to instantly striking a conversation with them using an automated greeting message, our WhatsApp marketing solution takes care of it. 

In addition to enhancing how CTWA ads work, we also help you create an advertising strategy that is focused on personalization to keep your ad spends in control. With active segmentation of customers, we equip you with data to create contextual follow-ups and retargeting/ remarketing campaigns to bring back buyers who abandon purchases. 

Want to learn more about using click to WhatsApp ads for your health and wellness brand? 

Book a demo today. 

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