How to Connect Whatsapp Business With Facebook to Drive Sales and Conversions

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The old order of marketing has been replaced!

Today most businesses have come to accept the fact that they need to diversify and approach more strategically towards their customers to grow in a competitive climate. The need to move away from traditional marketing platforms has never been more important. Social media and messenger apps have come to take that role of being the most accessible and effective marketing platforms that there is.

E-commerce businesses, be it large or small have for quite some time, been favoring Facebook for being the go-to platform for effective marketing.

This is mainly because of how Facebook has the scope and potential to allow businesses to reach out to digital audiences both on a local and global scale.

Almost 70% of the global users check out the Facebook page of businesses on an average of one time a week. Now that is some statistics that should get the marketer in you pretty excited about Facebook.

The Facebook page that you set up for your store will act as a key part of your marketing by being a secondary store, opening up new marketing opportunities on such a popular and accessible social media platform.

Engaging customers effectively is directly linked to acquiring better sales figures. Facebook becomes even more handy here, allowing you to create brand awareness and popularize and effectively attract new customers.

Especially with its new capability to connect to WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app that is out there, with over 2 billion global users. And combining these two great platforms open up some great potential improving your conversion rates and sales figures.

Adding your WhatsApp Business number will ensure that the potential customers that reach your Facebook store-front by chance or choice, are encouraged to interact with your business in one way or another, giving you an opportunity to establish a connection with them and drive more sales.
How to Add WhatsApp Business number to Your Facebook Page

Since WhatsApp became a part of Facebook in 2014, there have been quite a lot of ways the two separate platforms got conveniently interlinked. And one such feature that came out of it is the opportunity to add WhatsApp Business number on the company’s Facebook page. With this communication with businesses has become more convenient and simplified for the customer.

The WhatsApp Business app and the official WhatsApp Business API today, play a major role in E-commerce as conversational approaches to marketing started showing more positive responses and results from the consumers.

With the WhatsApp Business API, rapidly expanding, up-and-coming businesses are able to find instant solutions to marketing very efficiently.

Linking your WhatsApp Business with your Facebook page also opens up various other doors of opportunities to sell better. You will be able to promote products, run ad campaigns, create new leads and expand your customer base using your WhatsApp Business number for marketing alongside your Facebook page.

So let’s get straight to it.

Steps to Connect WhatsApp Business to Your Facebook Page

Step 1

To link your WhatsApp number to Facebook, go to your Facebook Business page. You should login as the page’s admin, and then go to the ‘Manage Page’ tab which is situated on the left side, and then click on ‘Settings’. You will find ‘Page Settings’ on the left column, under which you will find ‘WhatsApp’. Click on it.

Whatsapp Setting

Step 2

Now you will have to type in your WhatsApp Business phone number along with your country code. And then click continue.

In the following screenshot, the number was already added - so you may see a message to add new number if you haven’t already:

edit number

If you are creating your business profile on Facebook for the first time, your first step will be a pop-up message asking you whether you would like to connect your Facebook page and WhatsApp.

If this is the case, you can choose to add your WhatsApp number directly on to your Facebook Business profile or you can follow the above steps; Step 1 & 2, and add your phone number that way.

Step 3

Now you will receive a WhatsApp message on your given number, containing a code. Enter this code and click confirm to connect your Facebook page.

Step 4

So now you have successfully connected your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook page. You now have the option to set up WhatsApp as your Facebook page’s button. To do this, click on the Set WhatsApp button on the pop up window.

By doing this, the WhatsApp button will be added below your Facebook cover image of your page. If you wish to do this some other time all you have to do is click on ‘Not Now’ in the pop-up window.

Any other Page button that you might have set up there previously will get automatically replaced when you set WhatsApp as your page button. By connecting your WhatsApp number with your Facebook page, you will have the following options:

- Use WhatsApp as Action Button - The user will be able to send out messages to your WhatsApp Business number directly if you enable this option. This is incredibly effective as it facilitates customers in reaching out to you directly from the Facebook page.

- Show WhatsApp Number on Pages - By enabling this particular option, your WhatsApp number will be displayed in the About section of your Facebook page. This will let customers find and reach you easily via the WhatsApp contact number. This is particularly important in that you should be easily accessible to your customers if they want to contact for service or support, or maybe with a potential purchase intent in mind.

whatsapp account setting page

Your WhatsApp page button will look like this, for the customers and other visitors that reach your Facebook page. They can directly start a chat with your business if they click on the button.

personalised ayurvedic product

And you’re all set to integrate your Facebook and WhatsApp marketing strategies!

Why Connect Your WhatsApp Number with Facebook?

As a business your primary goal would be to connect with customers beyond just the few chance purchases that they make from you. Because with a good customer relation you will have more prospects of improving your businesses sales.

- Adding WhatsApp Number to your Facebook page will help establish a faster and meaningful connection with your customers. The ones that follow you on Facebook will be able to access your contact info just by clicking on the WhatsApp page button, and you will also be able to gather their contact info in turn.

- You can now establish connections to send across your promotional messages, deals and much more with WhatsApp broadcasts. You will be able to keep the customers engaged in a more one-on-one way via WhatsApp, and interactions on this level increases the chance of them buying from your store.

Explore the different ways in which you can use WhatsApp marketing with here.

Start with WhatsApp Business API Right Away!

WhatsApp and Facebook, beyond their incredible social purposes globally, have for some time been central to most marketers, be it for the small scale businesses or the mid-level growing companies. These two platforms have been appreciated for their features and tools they provide the users with.

So the combination of these two powerful marketing platforms has become a decisive turn of events in the eCommerce field. The range of features and benefits these two channels together provides, has opened up new ways to connect with your customers.


Q1. How do I link sales on WhatsApp?

Ans: The steps for making a short link in WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Business Tools > Short Links after launching the app. To view the link, select "short link." To copy the link and add it to a message, a social media post, or another website, tap the link icon.

Q2. How do Facebook and WhatsApp collaborate?

Ans: In order to get services like infrastructure, technology, and systems that help us deliver and improve WhatsApp as well as to keep WhatsApp and the other Facebook Companies safe and secure, WhatsApp collaborates with and shares information with the other Facebook Companies.

Q3. How can I incorporate a link into WhatsApp Business?

Ans: When you register for an account on the WhatsApp Business app, a short URL for your company is produced instantly. Open the WhatsApp Business app > More options > Business tools to get to this quick link. To view the automatically generated link, tap the Short link.

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