How To Personalize Post Purchase Customer Journey on WhatsApp

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In the previous articles, we addressed two crucial phases of a customer’s purchase journey; the pre-purchase and during-purchase phases of their journey. Now we will look into the third and equally crucial phase of a purchase journey that ought to be personalized and enhanced using WhatsApp. The goal of personalizing the post-purchase journey is to engage and retain the customer and build a loyal relationship with them.

This article will discuss numerous strategies that businesses may use to tailor the post-purchase WhatsApp eCommerce customer journey. 

Let’s get to it.

How to Use WhatsApp to Personalize Post Purchase Journeys on WhatsApp

1. Upsell Products

Upselling is where you persuade customers to upgrade their purchase by going for a more expensive or premium version of the product. WhatsApp can be a great medium to upsell products to customers who are at the post-purchase stage of their journey. 

Businesses can use WhatsApp to promote an upgraded form of a product or a better version of it to customers who have purchased the basic model. These promotions can bring in more revenue if customers would want extra features or advantages. Take a look at this example-

“Hey [NAME]! The newest version of [PRODUCT] just dropped in store! Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade?!”

2. Cross Sell Products

Reach out to customers who have previously made a purchase with messages recommending similar or complementary products to what they have bought. Use WhatsApp to cross-sell products based on each customer’s past purchases, by using this info to craft appealing and relevant product recommendations. 

For instance, businesses can recommend accessories like a case, screen protector, or headphones to a customer who has purchased a smartphone. Here is a template for utilizing cross-selling opportunities.

“Hey [NAME]. Don’t you think a pretty case can complete your new Smartphone? Check out our collection of phone cases, and see what suits your style!”

3. Ask for Customer Feedback

A crucial step in the post-purchase customer journey is the request for feedback. Brands can utilize WhatsApp to ask for feedback from customers about their overall shopping experience, product quality, fit, shipping efficiency etc. 

Businesses can learn more about customer satisfaction and pinpoint areas for improvement by asking for feedback.

“Hello [NAME]! How well are you enjoying your product?! Drop us your valuable feedback and help us provide you with excellence!”

4. Request Product Reviews

Ratings and reviews of products are important to businesses because they affect the purchasing choices of other potential customers. Brands can send out a WhatsApp message asking for customer feedback specifically on their products. 

Asking for reviews and ratings, for instance, when a customer receives a product, allows you to share positive reviews for future promotions. This also conveys to the customers at the post-purchase stage that their experience with the products matters to you.

“Hey there! We hope you loved our product. We would love to hear what you have to say about the product. Share a review so that we can improve and enhance all future products!”

5. Ask for Suggestions

Reviews and feedback are great but you need more info to strategically improve the customer experience that your brand can provide. Ask customers what more they would like to see in your store. This means you are not just requesting feedback on the current product but looking out for ways in which your store can expand and diversify its collection. 

WhatsApp can be used to accept these suggestions so that your brand can meet customer expectations.

“Hey [NAME]. Hope you are enjoying your last purchase. We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our store. Give us your suggestions on how we can provide you with the most satisfactory experience.”

6. Send Personalized Content

Sending product recommendations is great, and can really help utilize more sales opportunities in the post-purchase phase. But besides that, you also need to have other strategies as well to ensure that the customers remain engaged. 

One way to do this is to send relevant personalized content through WhatsApp. For instance, if a customer had bought a sweater from you, you can send them content like lookbooks or videos on styling them with different clothing. This is how you can do so-

“Hey [NAME]! Loving that sweater you just bought? Here is a video on making the most out of it with different style combinations! Time to up your sweater game!”

7. Ask Them to Connect on Social Media

Social media interaction with customers is a great approach to developing bonds with them and keeping them interested after their initial purchase. Urging customers through WhatsApp messages to join you on social media has a lot of benefits. 

This will bolster your social media marketing possibilities and will help you craft more impactful engagement strategies across platforms. But keep in mind that you provide them with a good enough reason to connect with you on socials.

“Hey [NAME]! Wanna know what’s newly brewing in our store? Connect with us on Twitter to stay updated on all of our latest deals and offers!”

8. Urge them to Share Purchases

As mentioned in the previous point, social media can be a great means for improving the online presence of your WhatsApp Business. Furthermore, you can ask buyers to share their recent purchases on social media, letting your business reach more audiences and bring in more possibilities. 

You can even reward this, significantly improving the post-purchase experience with incentives for promoting your products.

“Hey [NAME]. We believe that you are enjoying our product. If so, share your purchase on your Instagram stories, using [HASHTAG], to get a 10% Off coupon for your next purchase!”

9. Ask Them to Invite Friends

No customer acquisition work with the same effect as a referral program can work. Referral programs are a great way to build a sense of community among your customers and having people they like approaching your brand will also make them more loyal to you. 

Send out WhatsApp messages to your post-purchase stage buyers, asking them to invite friends to try out your products.

“Hello there! We hope you loved the product that you just bought. If so, share the goodness and invite your friends to try out our diverse collection!”

10. Invite Them to Your Loyalty Program

A fantastic approach to encourage customers to keep doing business with your business is through loyalty programme. You can use WhatsApp to ask customers to join your loyalty programme after they've completed a purchase. Make sure to outline the program's advantages and how it can help them save money or receive other rewards.

“Hey there [NAME]! Loving our product? Join our loyalty program for even better exclusive products, offers, free shipping, fast delivery and many more exceptional benefits!”

Use WhatsApp Business API To Personalize Post-Purchase Customer Journey!

Building a solid customer relationship and promoting loyalty requires effective personalized strategies for post-purchase customer experience. The strategies mentioned above can all be vital, but to do this at scale and with complete efficiency, you require automation. 

For this, the best way to go is to leverage the features and benefits of WhatsApp Business API for Shopify. And hence, you need a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like

With this article, we have reached the end of the customer journey over different stages of the purchase. We have looked at various ways in which the customer journey can be enhanced with personalization at all stages of the customer’s purchase journey.

But it is also important that you continually improve your campaigns applied across all the stages of the purchase journey by monitoring and measuring how each type of message is performing.

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