How To Use WhatsApp Group Links With Your Customers

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More than five million businesses are using WhatsApp Business platform. They use WhatsApp for different purposes—sales, support, promotions, etc. That’s because the platform’s one-on-one nature helps brands build stronger relations with customers. There are many ways for businesses to use WhatsApp. One of them is WhatsApp groups. And this blog we will be talking about how to best use WhatsApp Group links with your customers?

Brands can leverage their relationship with customers through WhatsApp groups—bring together their most loyal customers through their group.

To learn how to go about your business WhatsApp group, let’s begin from the basics—what is a WhatsApp group.

What is a WhatsApp group?

A WhatsApp group created by a business is a group where they can invite customers to join the group. Customers can chat with each other, discuss queries, ask questions, etc. This group works like a chat room where all members can chat, share files, etc. 

Businesses can use this WhatsApp group to share promotional messages, marketing, to offer customer support, and more. Businesses can invite as many customers to join the group. The chats and files are visible to all the members.  But to invite people to join your group, you will require a WhatsApp group link. So, let’s understand what it is.

What is a WhatsApp group link?

A WhatsApp group link can be shared with customers that you want to invite to join your brand WhatsApp group. Customers have to click on the link to join the group. Businesses can send this link to anyone - contacts and non-contacts. The link is an easy way to add new members to the group. 

And that's not all; the WhatsApp link has many more benefits. So let's explore the other advantages of having a business WhatsApp group link.

Benefits of using WhatsApp group links

We’ve covered the basics—what is a WhatsApp group and a link. Now, let’s move further and explore the benefits of using the link. And there are many.

It makes inviting customers easy

With a WhatsApp group link, it’s easy to invite customers to join the group. All you have to do is share the link. Then, the customers must click on the link to join the group. This method makes the process quicker, easier, and convenient for customers. 

Now compare this method to other tedious methods such as filling joining forms, sending emails, or manually requesting customers to join—they’re time-consuming and may not get the best results.

You can create WhatsApp communities for customers 

Today’s customers want to be a part of communities—they want to engage and interact with the brand and other like-minded customers. That’s where a WhatsApp group link can help—to build a community for your customers.

Studies show brands with communities see a 1352+% return on their investment within a couple of years. If used strategically, WhatsApp groups can help generate significant value for your business. It’s an excellent way to use WhatsApp for customer retention, too. 

You can initiate 1:1 conversations 

WhatsApp group links can be shared with customers and non-customers. For example, you can request your customers to share your group link with their friends and family members. That way, you can increase your member list by reaching out to a broader audience.

Once new members join, you could initiate 1:1 conversations with them over WhatsApp, and interact with them in the group as well. 1:1 engagements are useful when you want to run personalized campaigns and build stronger relationships with customers.

You can send members WhatsApp broadcasts

WhatsApp broadcasts are bulk messages you can send to your group members via the WhatsApp Broadcast API. For example, promotional and marketing messages, special announcements, etc. When customers join your WhatsApp business group, you must request them to save your number, so your messages reach them. If customers don’t save your number, your number might get marked as spam.

Reset the WhatsApp group link

Most new or first-time users of WhatsApp business groups worry about security. But the WhatsApp group feature has addressed this concern—only group admins can reset business WhatsApp group links.

Moreover, they can reset the group link whenever they want. For example, if the link gets sent to the wrong people, they can reset it so that only relevant members stay in the group.

Now that we know about the many benefits of the WhatsApp group link let's learn how to create a link.

How to create a WhatsApp group link?

Creating a WhatsApp group link is an easy process. Follow the below steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and click on New Group to create a new group.

2. Next, select and add contacts to the group.

3. Add the name of the group. This name will be visible to all your group members.

4. Once the group naming is done, click on the name.

5. Now, go to ‘More options’ or ‘Group info.’

6. Click on ‘Invite via link.’

7. Lastly, choose how you want to send the link: WhatsApp, copy the link, and share via another app or QR code.

There! Now you know how to make a WhatsApp group link. Your business WhatsApp group link is ready to be shared with whomever you want. You can share your WhatsApp group link in many ways. Let's explore them.

How to share your WhatsApp group link?

Just because it’s a WhatsApp link, it doesn’t mean you can share it only via WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp group link can be shared through different channels. There are three main ways to share the WhatsApp link—via WhatsApp, copy link, and share link. These three ways can be further used in many ways.

QR code

In the QR code method, customers have to scan the QR code. This will take them to the link to join the group. The QR code can be shared with customers in many ways: via email, on social media, on a product package, on a poster, etc. 

For example, you can have your QR code on all your product packages. Customers who buy your products or see your products in stores but don't buy, can scan your QR code and join your group.

You can also share the link with customers if you meet them at a physical store, at events, meetings, etc. 

Another way to use your WhatsApp group QR code is to bring in gamification, contests, and other such interactive activities. For example, ask customers to scan the QR code, join your group, and win surprise prizes for doing so.

Share the link via different channels

Another way to share your business WhatsApp group link is to share the link via different channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, etc. 

For example , You could send the link to your customers individually. If your group is open to all, you could request your customers to forward the link to their friends and family to join the group. This is the most straightforward way to share your WhatsApp group link.

Share the link in your social media campaigns

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a broad audience. With most people spending hours at length on social media channels, it provides many opportunities to reach the maximum number of people.

For example, try these ideas:

  • Make your WhatsApp group link a part of your different social media campaigns
  • Run special campaigns to invite your social media followers to join your WhatsApp group
  • Mention the link in your About section
  • Use social media messaging channels to send individual invites to your followers. For example, you can do so via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Send WhatsApp broadcast to your entire list

Another way to share your WhatsApp group link is to send the list to your entire list via WhatsApp broadcast. With the WhatsApp business platform, you can broadcast a message to a large number of people.  

However, your number could be marked as spam when you send a WhatsApp broadcast to people who still need to save your number. That is why requesting those on your list to save your number first is important. Then, send the broadcast messages.

Offer incentives to join your WhatsApp group

Customers love to receive incentives such as discounts, free shipping, etc., from their favorite brands. And you can use this strategy to encourage customers to join your WhatsApp group.

Here are some ideas:

  • Combine your WhatsApp group strategy with your other promotional campaigns
  • Run a special campaign to invite customers to join your group; in return, give them discounts
  • When customers shop from your site, offer them a discount on the purchase if they join your group

Pro tip for sharing the link: Any WhatsApp user with your link can join your group. Hence, share the link with only those you want in your group who are trusted.

Ready to maximize returns from your WhatsApp strategy?

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But first, you’ll have to create your WhatsApp group and get the link. And creating your business WhatsApp group is easy, and so is sharing the link. And to help you with all your WhatsApp marketing requirements, you can use — the best WhatsApp marketing app that helps you with automation and more.

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