Must Have WhatsApp Business API Integrations to Double Your Sales

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List of must-have WhatsApp Business API solution provider integrations you need.

WhatsApp is a promising channel to use for marketing, sales and support. But when it comes to delivering a consistent and seamless experience to your customers, you cannot use the messaging platform in siloes. This is where you need to explore WhatsApp Business API integrations that can help you connect the dots across the buyer journey! 

We have been working with eCommerce brands and their teams to uncover new opportunities the WhatsApp Business API can offer. From simply running WhatsApp broadcasts to promote deals and discounts, we have successfully discovered new ways and means to use the messaging platform across the customer lifecycle - and that requires integrating with the other tools, Shopify apps and platforms that the business is using. 

In this article, we’re listing out some of the must-have WhatsApp Business API integrations that can help you double your Shopify sales. 

WhatsApp Business API integrations you need to grow your eCommerce business 

Before we begin, please note that this list is not definitive. As we continue to explore more integrations, we will add them to this list alongside what purpose they serve, and how they can benefit your business. 

1. WhatsApp Business API solution provider 

First things first, the WhatsApp Business API by itself requires a steep technical learning curve and most eCommerce businesses don’t have a dedicated team of developers to work on it for every automation they need to set up. 

This is where using a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like comes into play. The Shopify app leverages the power of the WABA API alongside its own AI-powered marketing automation engine to help businesses create custom workflows for marketing, sales and support. 

  • Set up WhatsApp Business automations within 5 days¬†
  • Use pre-built eCommerce automation workflows for marketing, sales and support
  • Customize WhatsApp automation workflows easily to match business goals and objectives¬†
  • WhatsApp message personalization at scale¬†
  • Limit of 100k messages per day¬†
  • Shared inbox to manage all customer conversations¬†
  • Powerful WhatsApp analytics¬†

2. Review request and submission apps 

WhatsApp also makes for a great channel to request reviews from customers once a purchase has been made and fulfilled. Owing to its two-way communication, we’ve seen a 13% increase in product reviews and testimonials from customers. 

A good WhatsApp Business API solution provider will easily integrate with popular Shopify product review apps like Loox, and others to automate workflows that let customers easily submit text, image and video reviews of their purchases. 

3. Logistics service provider 

We highly recommend using WhatsApp across the customer lifecycle with your brand and hence the post-purchase journey needs to be paid equal attention. This is where your order alerts and shipping notifications come into play. And to be able to send those, you need the WhatsApp Business API solution provider to integrate with your logistics service provider. 

This helps you easily address WISMO (where is my order) queries on WhatsApp using automations, and also set up proactive alerts to keep customers informed on their order status. 

We also recommend this integration because it helps in times of NDR and RTO that may cause additional logistics costs, leading to lower revenues for businesses. 

4. CRM integration 

While solutions like do come with their own Shared Inbox functionality to manage customer data on WhatsApp, we do recommend integrating it with a CRM if you are running marketing campaigns across channels or are using an omnichannel retailing strategy. 

This helps you gather customer data from WhatsApp as well in addition to the others to form a comprehensive picture about your existing customers, prospects and leads coming from marketing and advertising campaigns. It also helps you streamline and strategically plan how you want to reach out or follow up with each across the channels. 

This integration is also important if your eCommerce business focuses on taking custom orders from the leads generated via campaigns. It ensures they are followed up by the right team members to close the sale through timely conversations. 

5. eCommerce analytics 

If you have been focusing on making data driven decisions for marketing, advertising and business, you need to be able to take WhatsApp into account as well. With the rise of WhatsApp commerce, it is important to evaluate how your target audience and existing customers are engaging with your brand on the messaging platform. 

This means looking into the number of store visits triggered from WhatsApp, the add to carts, orders received, average order value, sales and the revenue generated. 

While you will have these numbers displayed on your WhatsApp Business API solution analytics dashboard, this integration can help make it simpler for you to tally with other channels and know where to double down on efforts and budgets. 

6. ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration 

Another recommended integration for fast growing or enterprise brands is that with an ERP - a software that helps brands manage their day to day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance and supply chain operations. 

This integration is important as you start to use WhatsApp for more than just running broadcasts to promote your deals and discounts. For instance, if you’re running click to WhatsApp ads, generating leads on WhatsApp or enabling checkout on the messaging platform, you will need to adhere to certain compliances. While most are taken care of by the WhatsApp Business API provider, an ERP can further help ensure everything is in place. 

Do you really need WhatsApp Business API integrations? 

Well, if you ask us, WhatsApp Business API solution providers equip you with everything you need to drive traffic to the messaging platform (through CTWA ads), follow up with their interest and intent, manage conversations and also take orders. 

But at the same time, it is also important to understand that WhatsApp is not the ‚Äėonly‚Äô channel that an eCommerce business needs to be on.¬†

Brands still need to be where their customers are and no amount of data is enough in this new cookieless world.

This is where integrating your WhatsApp Business API solution provider with other solutions can come in handy to ensure data flows seamlessly across all the growth functions of the company. 

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