Pay Day as Sale Booster

June 27, 2022

It’s hard to resist when you see enticing offers & discounts, especially on your salary day, when your bank account is flooded with cash. 

Take advantage of this day and give a boost to your sales. Multiple E-Commerce websites and shops organise PAY DAY SALE mostly at the end of every month. The sale, discounts, coupons and much more are available for only a limited period of time, generally for 2-3 days. This gives your business at least 3 more days (1 day prior to PayDay, the PayDay itself and 1 day after PayDay) to reach out to a wide customer base.

According to statistics, WhatsApp helps businesses just like yours, to increase their conversions by upto 40% by reaching out to customers with the latest offers and customised messages. 

Who should plan the PayDay Campaign?

Any brand, irrespective of their products can plan a PayDay Campaign. As an E-commerce store/shop you can target your audience mostly at the end of month, by making common & essential products available at great discounts. 

For example, if you are a Clothing store, you can offer huge discounts on normal T-shirts or Pants. Likewise, if you are a store who sells Gardening Tools & Products, you can offer cross sell between a Flower Pot & Exotic Plant Seeds. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offers can be displayed on Wafers, Cold Drinks or on nutrition food like Whey Protein, Protein Bars, etc. 

How to plan a PayDay Campaign?

It’s an advantage for a business when they know at what time customers are likely to make purchases. Since most people get their salary at the end of the month, it’s natural for them to get tempted by offers and discounts and make multiple purchases. 

Therefore, if you are planning to launch new products, you can do it at the end of month or at the start of month. Since customers are more likely to buy on PayDay, you can present them fresh new products and offer discounts for early birds. 

As an E-commerce store, you can send out WhatsApp Chat Messages one or two days prior to the PayDay alerting them about your PayDay Sale. On the PayDay itself, you can notify your subscribers saying “PayDay Sale is Live” which will grab their attention. A day or two after PayDay, you can try sending Abandoned Cart Reminders or send them WhatsApp Chat Messages alerting them about a Limited Time Offer. 

For example, sending them messages with a FOMO content saying “Last Chance to Grab Glasses for only INR 200” or “Last Day of Sale - Grab your essentials now!”  You can showcase Premium Products on PayDay or after PayDay for a limited time to create a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect and tempt customers to make purchases.

On your E-commerce Websites, you can list certain products and let customers know at what discounted rate the products will be available on PayDay. You can display it 2-3 days before PayDay to create hype about the Sale and to make customers look forward to your Sale & Offers by adding their favourite products to the wishlist.  

Allow us to guide you to boost your sales and reach your target customers by using WhatsApp Marketing for PayDay. 

 Reaching New Customers 

For new customers, you can provide the users with extra discounts or offers, specially designed for their first purchase on your e-commerce website for shopping.

flat 70% OFF

limited time offer

For example, offer an extra discount compared to the discount you normally offer. Giving them a Limited Time Offer with discount/ freebie will create a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and nudge them to make their first purchase. 

Reaching Customers Who Have Ordered Only OnceReaching Customers who have ordered only once

You can try nudging your customers to make purchases again by offering irresistible offers or deals. If required, you can even ask for an honest feedback in exchange for a discount to know why they haven’t purchased from you again. 

450 price
free shipping

You can provide them Free Shipping above a certain purchase amount or without it. Giving them a Cross Sell paired with express delivery will definitely catch their attention and nudge them to make a purchase again. 

Reaching Loyal/Regular Customers

Regular customers or customers who have made more than 2-3 orders can receive normal discounts & coupons. You can send out timely alerts and bulk messages.

upto 40% OFF

You can use attractive WhatsApp Template Messages to notify your customers about your PayDay Sale or Discounts. 

Send your customers attractive messages with different variations

If you are planning to hold a Sale or offer discounts, deals, etc. every month, you might want to have more variations in your WhatsApp Chat Messages so that your alerts and notifications don't seem plain, simple and repeating. We can try adding different and alluring content in every WhatsApp Chat Message Template with a clear and eye-catching image. Messages can be varied by using creative & catchy slogans paired with varied call-to-action buttons. 

Rather than simply calling it PayDay, we can go by Salary Day, Wage Day or Invest in Yourself Day, promoting self-love as well as nudging customers to make purchases for themselves. 

party payday sale
buy 1 get 1 free
clearance sale

Upgrade your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign for PayDay!

WhatsApp is a perfect marketing tool for growing business which is available globally in over 180 countries. 

Get your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign started today with us along with the Official WhatsApp API. 

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Q1. What is a Pay Day sale?
A Pay Day sale is a type of sale that's very popular in the eCommerce industry. It's generally a two-day event that occurs around the time of payday for workers, and it's designed to take advantage of this fact by offering big discounts on merchandise.

Q2. How to design a Pay Day Campaign?
As an eCommerce owner, you would want to sell as many of your products as possible on payday. You need to do is create a list of all the products that you want to sell on payday. You can find this out by looking at your analytics reports or by asking your customers what they would like to buy during payday.

Q3. How to boost your PayDay sale?
Some effective tips to boost PayDay sales are:1. Offer a discount or coupon code for the users.2. Create an event or competition on social media.3. Share your PayDay deals on social media.4. Use social media influencers to promote your PayDay sale.

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