The Importance of a Customer Account Page for a Shopify Store (Guest Post)

October 14, 2021

Customers expect fast and speedy experiences on eCommerce stores. They get easily put off by sites that load slowly, have complicated navigation, or make it difficult for them to find information.

Statistics show that 82% of customers prefer to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences on the site. One of the best and first things to do to provide personalized experience on your Shopify store is to have a customer account page feature.

As eCommerce store owners and marketers, we often tend to focus on the product pages, and home page, ignoring one of the most important pages -- the customer account page -- which gets the highest number of visits by customers.

Let’s understand in-depth why the Shopify customer account page is so important.

What Is A Customer Account Page?

A customer account page is a dedicated page where customers can find all their information - orders, delivery addresses, payment methods and card details, recently viewed products, wishlists, exchange & refund details, etc. This page can simplify customers’ actions on your site. More importantly, a customer account page can also help you boost sales.

The mention of the customer account page might instantly make you think of Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, and many more eCommerce sites that have excellent customer account pages.

Here’s a peek into Amazon’s customer account page.

customer account page

How Does The Shopify Customer Account Page Boost Sales?

Well created customer account pages on Shopify can be immensely powerful -- they can help boost sales in many ways.

Let’s imagine a situation to understand how a customer account page can help increase sales for Shopify stores. Say for example, a customer who had purchased an item from your site a couple of weeks back, comes back to your site to buy something more.

After adding a few things to their cart, they are ready to check out. But they have to repeat the entire check out process again - fill personal details, add the delivery address, payment methods, etc. Feeling frustrated, the customer leaves the site without buying.

Don’t believe this happens? Well, 47% of buyers don’t complete the buying process if it takes too long.

This can be avoided if your Shopify store has a customer account page.

How? Customers have to simply log in to their customer account page, add items to their cart and complete the checkout process in a few clicks.

And this is just one example of how having a customer account page increases sales opportunities. Let’s look at more features of a customer account page that help boost sales.

Shopify Customer Account Page Features That Help Boost Sales

The below six customer account page features can help increase sales on your Shopify store.

Past Orders - For Quick Access To Information

The most important feature of the customer account page is ‘Order history’. This section provides a record of all the past purchases made by the customer. Here, customers can track their orders placed, shipping status, exchange updates, raise issues, and track returned orders. This section also helps customers place repeat orders easily, increasing sales opportunities for Shopify stores.

Reorder - Makes Repeat Purchases Faster And Easier

To boost your sales, you should make it easy for shoppers to make purchases. Now, there are some items - such as food & drinks, health products, self-care, cosmetics, etc. - that customers buy repeatedly.

This is where the Reorder feature can help. It can make customers’ repeat orders easy. All they have to do is click on the ‘Reorder’ button. Moreover, based on the data collected from this section, you can send replenishment reminders to customers, improving sales on your site.

You can easily set up the Reorder feature on your Shopify store by installing this Flits add-on paid feature.

Wishlist - Allows Customers To Buy Products In The Future

59% of shoppers simply browse sites even if they’re not ready to buy anything. Having a Wishlist section can be an excellent way to bring these 59% of shoppers back to your site the next time around -- to make purchases.

Those casually browsing your site can add items they’re interested in, in the wishlist. Here, they can even add stocked-out products, upcoming items, etc. Later, they’ll visit this section when they’re ready to make the purchase. Or, when there’s a discount offer on the product.

What is more, you can bring customers back to your store by sending them personalized offers and reminders for the products they added in the wishlist. In short, increase the retention and engagement rate of your site, which in turn will lead to conversions.

Rewards Program - Builds Loyalty

A Study by Google reveals that 53% of customers want the rewards program to be integrated with the checkout process on eCommerce sites. That’s how important the ‘Rewards’ feature is to customers. That makes it imperative for you to have it on your customer account page.

Rewards programs allow shoppers to enjoy more benefits such as credits to shop more, discounts, special offers, etc. They can redeem these points to buy more products. Moreover, the fact that they can earn points every time they shop will entice them to buy more from your store.

The Flits customer account app can help you easily set up a rewards program. Not just set up, you can make it a part of your customer account page. This paid add-on feature by Flits can also provide insights on customers’ shopping behavior.

Social Login - Makes Login Easy

When shoppers buy from your store for the first time, a lengthy registration process can be somewhat a put-off. Isn’t it? Nobody likes to or has the time to fill long forms.

You can make it easier for shoppers to register and log in -- allow social login on your Shopify store. It will reduce the number of steps that the shopper has to go through. By choosing options such as ‘login through Facebook’ they can have their details automatically filled into your system and register with just a few clicks.

Besides, you can be sure about the authenticity of the information shared by the shopper. Did you know shoppers tend to share false or incomplete information 40% of the time while registering on a new site?

From here on, every time the customer comes to your site, they can login with just one click. Quick login, faster purchases equals better customer experience.

Browsing History - Encourages Customers To Buy More

Sections such as ‘Browsing history’ or ‘Recently viewed products’ help increase engagement with your shoppers. They spend more time on your site when they go back to products in these sections.

These sections are a goldmine of insights into the shoppers’ interest and shopping behavior. By using this data, you can bring back shoppers to your site through retargeting, targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, etc.

Use Flits to set up the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section within your customer account page. This paid add-on feature helps boost sales.

Ready To Set Up A Personalized Customer Account Page On Your Shopify Store?

When you have great products, the benefits of setting up an efficient customer account page with a set of key features in it, can have enormous benefits. Here’s how to do it…

Shopify offers a generic customer account page. This page holds information about customers’ orders and saved addresses. This basic customer account page is not customized to reflect the brand identity. Moreover, it does not have special features that help give a more personalized experience to customers.

Make your customer account pages on Shopify powerful with Flits.

With Flits, you can enhance the customer account page as well as offer a more personalized experience.

First, customize your customer account page. Match the look and feel of the customer account page with the rest of your Shopify store. It’s important that this page reflects your brand personality.

Next, include add-on features. Wishlist, Rewards, Recently Viewed Products, Social login, etc. Use data collected from these sections to offer personalized offers, and product recommendations and align your marketing efforts with your customers’ interests.

Further, enhance customer experience with more add-on features. Sections such as Recently viewed products and Rewards encourage shoppers to spend more time on your Shopify store and nudge them to make purchases.

Final words

Looks like you’re now ready to set up your Shopify customer account page. Flits is one of the most preferred customer account page apps. You’ll come across a lot of sites that use Flits for add-on features.


Q1. What advantage does a customer account provide?

Ans: Customers will also see their address automatically fill in at checkout when they have customer accounts, which will speed up and simplify the ordering process. Customer accounts can significantly improve your consumers' buying experiences from a customer service standpoint.

Q2. Should I enable Shopify customer accounts?

Ans: Shopify maintains password-protected data about a customer's identity, order history, and current order status when you enable customer accounts. During checkout, the stored information will be used to pre-fill your clients' details, such as their addresses.

Q3. How does the guest checkout process work?

Ans: One-page Checkout is available. Guest checkout should ideally only take up one page. It could fit all necessary details like contact information, a billing address, a delivery address, and payment information. This expedites the purchasing process, especially for those shopping on mobile devices.

Get started with a personalized customer account page with Flits today!

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