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If you are a D2C brand, you understand how demanding today's consumers are and how difficult it is to maintain a good NPS. If they have a query about your product, they need immediate answers— failure to do so results in lost sales opportunities.

Starter Plan: Taking the First Step

Let's take a scenario. You've just launched your online store, selling funky socks. Your marketing efforts start paying off, and customer inquiries flood in on WhatsApp. With QuickReply.ai's Starter plan, every message gets a friendly, automated "Thank you for reaching out!" response before your agent takes over. It's simple but essential for making those first impressions count. This is ideal for brands who just want to mark their presence on WhatsApp and don’t require advanced chatbot flows.

Order Tracking queries

Standard Plan Chatbot: Streamlining Customer Interactions

Now, imagine your sock business is booming. You get specific questions like "Do you have cat-themed socks?" or "How do I track my order?" This is where the Standard plan comes in. With keyword-based chatbots, you can set up responses to frequently asked questions. If a customer types "track my order," the chatbot can instantly guide them to order tracking information.

Customer Interaction on QuickReply Chatbot

But here's the catch—if a customer asks, "Where are my cozy cat socks?" and doesn't use the keyword "track," the chatbot might respond generically. This is a step up because you're automating responses and freeing up time, but there's room for even more personalization and efficiency.

You also get ten pre-trained bots, such as the Welcome Bot, Product Browsing Bot, Order Tracking Bot, etc., that fetch real-time data from Shopify and can handle more complex queries beyond keywords.

Pretrained QuickReply.ai Web Bots

This plan is suitable for brands who want to have advanced chatbots but don’t require third-party integrations or custom chatbot flows.

Plus Plan Chatbot: Personalization At Its Best

Now, let's understand chatbot capabilities in the Plus plan. Imagine your store has grown. You've got hundreds and thousands of customers asking questions, browsing, and wanting recommendations. This is where the Plus chatbot becomes essential. This plan allows you to build custom chatbot flows based on your requirements.

Third-Party Integrations and Natural Language Processing:

Let's assume you head a D2C brand that champions eco-friendly activewear, where your inventory ranges from recycled yoga pants to moisture-wicking shirts. This is the perfect playground for QuickReply.ai's chatbot, empowered by NLP and third-party integrations, to excel.

  • Personalized Shopping Assistant

Take Ankit, for instance, who is gearing up for a backpacking trip and searching for sustainable gear. When Ankit queries your chatbot about eco-friendly activewear for their adventure, the bot, understanding the nuance thanks to NLP, sifts through your Shopify inventory. Not only that, but it also curates a selection of biodegradable jackets and recycled pullovers tailored to Ankit's needs.

  • Timely Updates and Tailored Recommendations

Then there's Rohit, a loyal shopper eager for your summer collection. When Rohit inquires about availability, the chatbot confirms the stock in real time. It aligns its suggestions with Rohit's past preferences for lightweight, pastel-colored fabrics, enhancing Rohit's shopping experience with personalized picks.

Dynamic Product Catalogs:

When it comes to online shopping, more isn't always better. Too many choices can paralyze the customers, a phenomenon known as the paradox of choice.

Imagine Komal, a potential customer, lands on your D2C skincare website. She's been struggling with oily skin and is overwhelmed by the myriad of options available online. Komal initiates a chat with your bot, hoping to find products suited for her skin type.

Dynamic Product Catalog

Instead of listing every skincare product available, the chatbot presents a curated selection for oily skin types. This could include a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer, a gel-based cleanser, and a mattifying sunscreen. The chatbot can even suggest a skincare routine, guiding Komal through a morning and evening regimen tailored to her skin's needs.

In-Chat Payments and Promotions:

Consider offering your customers a discount they can apply directly within WhatsApp using the QuickReply buttons. For example, "Tap here for 10% off your cozy socks order with UPI payment." It's convenient and encourages customers to complete their purchases

Chat Payments and Promotions

Informational Journeys:

How do you build trust with your customers? By educating them and offering a helping hand. Suppose a user was exploring a health and wellness product and wanted to enquire more about the product, so he clicked on the WhatsApp widget available on your website.

Now the chatbot knows that the user has come from this particular page, and thus, you can curate a journey for them.

Informational buyer journey on WhatsApp

Your chatbot can share the journey of how the product was made, the ingredients used, how to use the guide, and so on, making them feel good about their purchase.

User Profiling Based Responses:

Let's take the example of a health and wellness brand. A customer known to have diabetes reaches out with a question on WhatsApp. Thanks to integration with your CRM or another data source, QuickReply.ai instantly recognizes their condition. The chatbot then tailors its responses, showcasing products specifically beneficial for diabetes management. It's a nuanced way of addressing customer needs, making each interaction thoughtfully personalized.

User profiling based responses

Source Attribution:

Understanding your customers' journey is crucial. With QuickReply.ai, you can pinpoint exactly where your users come from—be it a click-to-WhatsApp ad, a widget on your website, or even a direct order. This insight allows you to tailor conversations right from the start, ensuring every interaction is as relevant and engaging as possible.

Source attribution

Store Locator:

Convenience is key in customer service. QuickReply.ai takes this up a notch by enabling a chatbot feature that asks customers for their location directly through WhatsApp. Whether they share a physical location or simply type in a pincode, the chatbot can instantly suggest nearby stores. This not only personalizes the shopping experience but also bridges the online-to-offline gap, guiding customers from a digital page to a physical store with ease.

Store Locator using chatbots

With this plan, you can automate every key customer touchpoint with the help of QuickReply.ai’s pioneering chatbot technology and build as many chatbot flows you want.

Wrapping It Up

This brings us to a wrap. With QuickReply.ai's chatbots, you can greet customers, automate common queries, or provide a highly personalized shopping experience—it all depends on your current business needs and the plan you choose. Ready to up your WhatsApp game?

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