Guide to Choosing a WhatsApp Display Name for Your Business Account

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Choosing the right WhatsApp display name for your business account is crucial for making a strong impression and building brand recognition. This article explores the importance of WhatsApp business names and provides practical tips for selecting a compelling display name that resonates with your audience.

When you get a message on WhatsApp, what's the first thing that you see in the chat window? You first see who has sent you the message. And if it's a promotional message from an unknown sender, you probably don't even read it. 

The same goes for your brand. If you message them just as a regular WhatsApp user, they're gonna report you as spam. Therefore, it's essential that you set up a business name on WhatsApp that your customers are familiar with while also following the WhatsApp guidelines for a business name. 

In this guide, we'll help you choose an ideal business name for your WhatsApp business account. We'll also share what are some WhatsApp display name guidelines you need to follow to ensure that your verification request gets approved. 

Let's jump right in! 

What Is a Whatsapp Business Display Name? 

When you open a chat with a business on WhatsApp, you'll see their name on the contact view screen. This name is called WhatsApp Business display name. Having a display name allows customers to identify you without the need to save your contact in their device. 

But how your business name is displayed depends on the status of your account. It varies for default WhatsApp business accounts and WhatsApp business API solutions. 

If you have a default WhatsApp business account, your display name will only be shown on the contact information screen only. And there will be no verification badge next to your profile. 

However, if you have an official WhatsApp business account, your business name will be displayed on each screen (chat list, chat window, contact information, and even notifications). You'll also have a green tick next to your business name. 

That said, let's look at some reasons why you need to set a business name on WhatsApp. 

Why Do Businesses Need an Official Display Name? 

As we mentioned earlier, people don't engage with WhatsApp accounts that send spam promotional messages. And your messages will appear exactly like that if your customers don't know it's you who's sending the message. 

But when you have a verified display name on WhatsApp, your customers will know that you're a legitimate source to get information about discounts and sales. 

1. Business Credibility 

Not everyone can have a verified tick next to their name on the business. Customers know that only a legitimate business can have a green tick next to their WhatsApp display name. This gives your brand more credibility. And they trust every piece of information coming from you. 

2. Customer Ease of Mind 

When engaging with a verified account, the trust factor is sky-high. This eases the customers' minds while sharing personal information. This will open new doors for you. You'll be able to boost your conversion by selling directly via WhatsApp. 

3. WhatsApp API Business Verification 

Now, you might have to increase your WhatsApp API messaging limits in the future or need a business verification (which, by the way, helps significantly in increasing conversions). And pass the verification process, you'll need a suitable business name. 


And just because it's important to have a display name, it cannot be anything. It must align with guidelines set by the WhatsApp business API platform too. Let's see some WhatsApp display name guidelines that you must follow. 

Whatsapp Display Name Guidelines 

The display name you set for your business on the WhatsApp Business API platform gets reviewed by the WhatsApp team. And there have been a lot of instances when WhatsApp rejected the proposed display names. 

Here are some WhatsApp display name guidelines that'll help you avoid rejection: 

1. Comply With WhatsApp Policies 

Your proposed display name must comply with WhatsApp business and commerce policies. For example, it should not infringe or violate the trademark of any third party. 

Let's say you sell whisky glasses. The acceptable display name for your WhatsApp business account would be "Imagine Whiskey Glasses," not "Imagine Whiskey." 

If you have multiple divisions of your business selling different things or providing different services, you can set up different accounts for each of them as long as those accounts are also complying with WhatsApp's policies. 

2. Display Name Must Represent Your Brand Identity 

Your WhatsApp business display name must represent your brand name, service, product, or department. Even if the account is in the testing phase, you still have to maintain brand identity and reflect the stage in the display name (for example, Imagine Whiskey Glasses Test). 

If you're using a generic term, say "Whiskey," in your display name, WhatsApp will reject it in the review process. WhatsApp doesn't allow geographic location, a slogan, or even a long description as a display name. 

Moreover, if the business is affiliated with a government, you'll need to get specific approval from the WhatsApp business team. 

3. Consistency With External Branding 

Your display name should be the same everywhere, be it your marketing material, company website, or any other source. 

For example, if you've used "Imagine World Whiskey Glasses" as your website title, your display name should be exactly that. Any abbreviation like "IW Whiskey Glasses" or "IW Glasses" will not be accepted by the WhatsApp review team. 

4. Capitalization and Grammar 

All the letters of your WhatsApp display name should not be capitalized. The capitalization should also be grammatically correct. 

The display name "IMAGINE WORLD WHISKEY GLASSES" will get rejected by WhatsApp, but "Imaging World Whiskey Glasses" will be accepted. 

If you're using permitted words that are not related to your business, they must also be capitalized. 

5. Be Mindful About Spacing in the Display Name 

The spacing you use in the display name should match what you use everywhere. If you're using "ImagineWorld Whiskey Glasses" on your website, then you can't use "Imagine World Whiskey Glasses" as your display name. 

You must also ensure that you're not using additional punctuation, symbols, characters, or emoticons. So, "Imagine-World Whiskey GlassesŠĶÄŠīĻ" will straightaway get rejected.¬†

6. Avoid Using Extra Words 

Just like spaces, you can't use extra words, either. But there are some exceptions. If the account is meant for some specific region, you can put the country or area name. You can also specify the department that the account handles (customer support, sales, etc.) 

For example, "Imagine World Whiskey Glasses India" or "Imagine World Whiskey Glasses Customer Support" is acceptable but "Imagine World Whiskey Glasses Official Account" isn't.

7. Character Limit and URL 

The minimum character count of your display name should be at least three. So, if a business name is "IQ Classes," the display name "IQ Classes" will be accepted. But it can't be just "IQ" because it doesn't fulfill the minimum character count criteria. 

Moreover, display names in the URL format are not approved by WhatsApp. Therefore, "" will be rejected. 

How to Change the Business Name on WhatsApp? 

Once your WhatsApp Business is authorized, you can modify the display name ten times in 30 days, after which you'll have to contact WhatsApp support to change it again. 

If you have an official (verified with a green tick) WhatsApp business account, you need to contact WhatsApp direct support and provide them with the following details to change your WhatsApp display name: 

  • Question Topic: Request an Official Business Account¬†
  • Request Type: Update OBA Display Name

However, if you don't have an official business account, first, ensure that you've done the following prerequisites: 

  1. Sign up for Meta Business Manager
  2. Create a WhatsApp business account with the help of a business solution provider like 
  3. Link your account with your phone number 

Following are the steps to change the WhatsApp display name for a regular business account: 

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager and select your business 
  2. Click the hamburger icon and select business manager 
  3. Choose the account you want to change the display name of and select a phone number from the left-side menu 
  4. Hover over your current display name, and click the pencil icon to edit it 
  5. Fill in the new display name and hit enter 

That's it! 

If your new display name follows all the guidelines and policies, it'll be approved within 2-3 hours. If, however, the display name is not approved, you'll be notified on your phone number. 

7 WhatsApp Business Display Name Examples 

Here are some brands that follow all WhatsApp display guidelines and have been successfully using them to get a better hold of their customers. We have included examples from different industries to help you get an idea of how business names are chosen for WhatsApp. 

1. Flipkart 

Flipkart is an India-based eCommerce store for all types of products, from electronics to furniture. It's one of the leading choices of online shoppers in India. Their name was quite simple and unique, so they didn't have to make any changes to get the approval. 


2. Myntra 

Myntra is a fashion eCommerce store that sells the original product of different brands. They have a list of small to luxury companies under their platform. Notice how they didn't add any additional words in their display name. It's because they don't have extra words on their store website. Had they used the name "Myntra Online Shopping," WhatsApp would've rejected it. 


3. Zomato 

Zomato is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. Customers use this platform to search and discover restaurants and read-write user-generated reviews to make better food choices.  

Zomato's case is similar to the two mentioned above. They have not used additional spaces, words, characters, or any symbols. Their display name is consistent with their external branding, which got it approved. 


4. MakeMyTrip 

MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel company that provides a variety of online booking services for travelers. 

Now, in their case, they might have thought of using "Make My Trip," but the request would've been rejected by WhatsApp. It's because all their external branding and website have the name "MakeMyTrip." Even if they change the capitalization, it'll be rejected. 


5. CRED 

CRED is a members-only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time. 


Now, you might be thinking that we said in the guidelines section that you shouldn't capitalize all the letters of your WhatsApp business display name, but CRED uses it. They can only use it because they have always mentioned their name as "CRED," be it on their website or any external source. 


6. Domino's Pizza India 

Domino's needs no introduction here. But still, for even one of you who doesn't know about it, it's a leading restaurant chain that has outlets across the globe and is known for its pizzas and timely delivery. 

Though you cannot use geographic location in your display name. But because this Domino's WhatsApp account is only meant for customers in India, therefore, they have used it, and it was approved. 


7. Apollo 24/7 

Apollo 24|7 is a leading online doctor and medicine ordering app that brings you medicine delivery, doctor consultations, and lab tests on one single platform. 

If you look at their display name, it has "247," which doesn't make sense if we see it from a literal perspective. Using "24/7" would've been a better option. But because WhatsApp doesn't allow the use of additional symbols, they have to stick with "Apollo 247."


What's Your WhatsApp Display Name Going to Be? 

When you follow the above-mentioned WhatsApp business display name guidelines, it not only ensures that you get verified but also makes your name recallable. You make a place in customers' minds. 

If you want to set up a business profile that gets verified, you can reach out to We provide an end-to-end WhatsApp business solution for eCommerce brands which helps them generate more sales and revenue. 

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