Top 5 Zoko Alternatives For WhatsApp Marketing (Cheaper, Better)

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Top 5 Zoko Alternatives


Looking for Zoko alternatives that understand the nuances of running a D2C brand and the ability to offer frequent customizations based on different use cases? This blog will help e-commerce stores choose an advanced and economical WhatsApp marketing tool better than Zoko.

Understanding Zoko

Zoko is a WhatsApp marketing solution that helps brands and businesses connect with their audience. It allows companies to grow by offering features like multiple agents on one number, taking customer orders from WhatsApp, and sending broadcast messages. It also provides detailed analytics about the performance so that brands know what works best and what doesn't work at all.

Zoko Dashboard UI


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Interactive chat capabilities
  • Simplified ticket handling


  • No 2-way campaigns due to the absence of a chatbot builder
  • High cost due to additional expenses
  • Inability to create product-specific abandoned cart journeys
  • No opt-in mechanisms
  • No dedicated point of contact
  • No dynamic coupons
  • A limited number of customer nurturing sequences

Top Zoko Alternatives

While Zoko boasts of a few solid features and is ideal for brands who have just started pouring money into their marketing team, it's not a tool that offers a holistic marketing, support, and sales automation experience. Growing D2C brands require extensive customization - from chatbot builder to product-specific abandoned cart journeys, etc, which Zoko fails to provide. Let's check out the top five Zoko alternatives in the market. The #1 Zoko Alternative

At, we proudly rank ourselves as the top choice, thanks to our focused approach. Unlike other brands that cater to a broad spectrum, zeroes in on D2C brands, addressing their significant challenges. We transform one-time visitors into loyal customers through personalized, impactful interactions tailored to each buyer's habits based on behavioral profiling.

QuickReply Dashboard UI

Here's why is more powerful than Zoko:

1 - Two-way Campaigns: WhatsApp is not a one-way communication platform like SMS, where you shoot messages without any response from the other side. It's a conversational platform, and two-way campaigns facilitate just that. For example, a customer comes on WhatsApp from your website's product page and has a query. Using's smart chatbot builder, you can build a workflow that helps with their basic queries. In case of something complex, the chat gets transferred to an agent with enough context for what the lead is looking for. Zoko, on the other hand, offers a basic keyword-based chatbot, which is not ideal for brands looking for complex workflows.

Two-way Campaigns

2 - Unlimited Nurturing Sequence: Even though Zoko allows you to send abandoned cart recovery messages to customers, it has a limit of sending up to three messages. With, you do not need to restrict yourself and send as many cart recovery messages as possible. Imagine you are a brand dealing with bridal wear. Set up a nurturing sequence that's more than just three messages since it takes a long time before the buyer decides to purchase. The important point to note here is that some brands are happy with just one cart recovery message, while some want to send more than 3, so it depends on experimenting with what works best for your brand. 

Unlimited Nurturing Sequence

3 - Chatbot builder - has pre-built chatbots for almost every eCommerce industry and can be used by anyone looking for an easy way to build an interactive online shopping experience for their customers. This capability lets you provide instant 24x7 customer support and bag more sales. Also, you can build a custom bot from scratch in minutes without sitting down with the account manager. For example, if a customer asks on WhatsApp to cancel the order, a Zoko chatbot will reply with something basic like "Thank you for your query. We will get back to you." But with, you can build an entire flow based on different use cases. In this case, not only will QuickReply's smart chatbot ask the customer about the issue and its reason, but it can also offer a discount if the issue is price. This level of customization is only possible with

Custom Chatbot builder

4 - Advanced Customer Segmentation: Avoid sending spammy messages and get higher ROI from your broadcast messages by segmenting your customers into different groups. For example, you can segment your customers into frequent purchasers, seasonal buyers, first-time visitors, etc. segments customers based on purchasing behavior, browsing history, and engagement levels. This results in highly targeted messaging, ensuring that each customer receives content that's not only relevant but also timely and engaging. You can save money using skip rules and get a better return on ad spending (ROAS).

Advanced Customer Segmentation

5 - Partial Payment for COD to Prepaid: Since brands with high Average Order Value (AOV) require their customers to pay a partial payment amount upfront before dispatching the Cash on Delivery (COD) products, facilitates brands to send a partial payment link to convert their COD orders to prepaid. This helps brands reduce RTO, NDR rates, and fake orders, which can cost brands a considerable sum in the long run.

Partial Payment for COD to Prepaid

6 - WhatsApp templates: Most D2C brands without a dedicated marketing team need help formatting their WhatsApp campaign message, known as templates. offers an extensive library of pre-approved, editable WhatsApp templates that range from welcome messages to festive greetings and cover all conceivable customer touchpoints. This feature saves time and effort compared to Zoko, where creating each template is manual.

Whatsapp Templates

7 - Price: No matter the stage they are in, most D2C brands are frugal with their budget or at least want to spend it on tools that have high ROI. Here, takes the cake. While, at first glance, one might assume that the pricing options offered by Zoko are better than those of, you need to understand the underlying and additional costs that come with the Zoko plans. All key features come with an additional cost, from creating additional segments to workflows to Shopify plugins.

Zoko Dubius Pricing

8 - Built-in Opt-in tools: Bulk messaging is a widespread practice in business, but it has become increasingly difficult due to WhatsApp's anti-spam policies. This is where proves to be one of the best alternatives.

Whatsapp Popup

Unlike Zoko, has built-in opt-in tools that ensure your contact list remains clean and privacy-compliant while you send personalized replies to your contacts at scale.

The first time users interact with your QuickReply WhatsApp chatbot, they will be asked if they would like to receive future communications from you. If they say yes, their details will be stored in your QuickReply dashboard and used for future communications.

With, you can:

  • Set up customer opt-in features
  • Send them automated welcome messages
  • Manage your WhatsApp list

9 - Dynamic Coupons: Why send similar coupons to everyone? Send dynamic coupons to leads in different stages of their buying journey. Suppose a lead has browsed your website multiple times and added products to your cart but has yet to make the purchase, so you can give them free shipping or a 10% off coupon to close the sale. At the same time, there might be someone who is a frequent purchaser, so you can give them a lower discount since they are already your buyers and are likely to close sooner. When these dynamic coupon codes are sent to the customer, and they click on it, the code auto applies on the checkout page, making the entire process frictionless for higher conversion rates.

Dynamic Coupons

10 - Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface of stands out, particularly for marketers who may not be technologically savvy. The platform's design simplifies the management of complex campaigns, whether broadcasting messages, orchestrating drip campaigns, or developing AI chatbots. This user-friendly approach allows marketing teams to concentrate more on creative strategies than navigating a complex system.


Another Zoko alternative is Wati, a WhatsApp Business API solution provider that facilitates customer engagement, sales, and marketing conversations on WhatsApp. It's designed to help businesses automate conversations and manage customer interactions effectively.

Wati Dashboard UI


  • Broad functionality catering to various business types.
  • Automation capabilities with chatbots.
  • User-friendly interface for managing customer conversations.


  • Limited personalization for D2C brands.
  • Support is available only through email and chatbots.
  • Pricing can be a barrier for small businesses needing advanced features.


Interakt is tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises and is one of the most budget-friendly options among the official WhatsApp Business solution providers.

Interakt Dashboard UI


  • Affordable pricing
  • Automated WhatsApp messages for efficiency.
  • Team inboxes for collaborative customer support.


  • WhatsApp Chatbot is missing. A major drawback since most WhatsApp API platforms, like, offer WhatsApp Chatbot integration.
  • Initial setup and user segmentation can be challenging.

Ai Sensy

AiSensy is a no-code WhatsApp Marketing platform based on the official WhatsApp Business API, allowing you to channel the power of WhatsApp to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.

AI Sensy Dashboard UI


  • Lead generation and smart retargeting capabilities.
  • Integrates payments for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Good customer support


  • Delays in template approvals.
  • Lack of Shopify marketplace integrations.
  • UI is more developer-friendly than marketer-friendly


Gallabox helps businesses increase their lead generation and sales numbers using WhatsApp. With their services, you can set up chatbots to handle inquiries and have a team inbox so multiple staff members can jump in on customer conversations.

Gallabox Dashboard UI


  • Shared inboxes for team collaboration.
  • Automated chatbots for efficiency.
  • CRM integration for a unified customer view.


  • The setup process can be complex for new users.
  • The chat analytics are basic and could do with a deeper dive into metrics to understand customer interactions.
  • The product catalog feature is missing, hindering your brand's ability to showcase your products directly in the chat.

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