Best Zoko Alternative | QuickReply.ai vs Zoko for WhatsApp Marketing

May 14, 2023

Why is QuickReply.ai the best WhatsApp Business API service provider alternative to Zoko 

WhatsApp has grown tremendously in the past couple of years; from a once-messaging app, it is slowly transforming into a powerful marketing tool.

With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses and organizations are able to improve their customer engagement and retention on a scale not seen before!

However, you will need a WhatsApp Business API solution provider to leverage all the wondrous possibilities of this powerful API.

In this article, we’re taking a detailed look at QuickReply.ai as an alternative to Zoko as a WhatsApp Business API solution provider for eCommerce businesses.

Quickreply.ai vs Zoko.io: Why QuickReply is the best alternative to Zoko

In the following sections, we're doing a deep-dive into the features and the benefits of using the two WhatsApp Business API service providers, in comparison to each other.

Provides advanced personalization and customer segmentation based on behavioral profiling

71% of consumers expect personalization, and 76% of them get frustrated when they don’t find it. Non-personalized communications pose a business risk in a low-loyalty environment.

Personalization is a necessity today – not just a nice-to-have feature. The days of the one-size-fits-all approach are over. Consumers have different needs, wants, and expectations at different times during their journey with your brand.

QuickReply.ai is designed for companies who want to create high-quality personalized conversations with their customers at scale.

QuickReply.ai’s personalization capabilities include the following:

  • Personalize every individual buyer’s engagement as per their own persona
  • Create customer segments based on behavioral profiling and send personalized messages relevant to different segments
  • Send personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages to up to 100k contacts per day
  • Keep customers engaged with personalized order updates
  • Track campaigns and personalize messages to optimize for more conversions

QuickReply.ai has built-in opt-in tools

Bulk messaging is a very common practice in the business world, but it is one that has become increasingly difficult due to WhatsApp's anti-spam policies. This is where QuickReply.ai proves to be one of the best Zoko.io alternatives.

Unlike Zoko, QuickReply.ai has built-in opt-in tools that ensure your contact list remains clean and privacy compliant while you send personalized replies to your contacts at scale.

Opt-in tools are one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign which ensure that your messages are not perceived as spam by consumers.

The first time a user interacts with your QuickReply WhatsApp chatbot, they will be asked if they would like to receive future communications from you. If they say yes, their details will be stored in your QuickReply dashboard and used for future communications.

With QuickReply.ai, you can:

  • Set up customer opt-in features
  • Send them automated welcome messages
  • Manage your WhatsApp list

Helps in drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are a marketing strategy that uses customer segmentation, actions, and focused communication to guide prospects through the sales process on your Shopify store. It uses a set of pre-written messages to nurture prospect and customer relationships.

For example, to convert COD orders to prepaid, you can use automated WhatsApp messages to secure your sales before the items get shipped out. Sending out these payment reminders manually for each customer would be messy and possibly impossible if your sales volume is high. That’s where QuickReply.ai can help you.

The app lets you create and automate WhatsApp marketing drip campaigns to turn cash on delivery orders into prepaid. In comparison with Zoko, QuickReply.ai has better capabilities to send timely follow-ups for drip campaigns. It uses behavioral and transactional data to execute these campaigns.

Zoko offers very limited automation and only uses transactional data. This means that sending action-triggered yet personalized WhatsApp messages on Zoko is not possible. This includes transactional updates, review and feedback requests, and much more that your brand will miss out on when using Zoko.

QuickReply.ai is cost-effective in comparison to Zoko

As a Shopify merchant, you know the importance of consistently increasing your contact lists to combat the growing competition in the eCommerce sphere.

WhatsApp Business API providers are a great solution for businesses quickly and effectively respond to customer messages. However, you also need to ensure the tools that your business chooses to use are cost-effective. Otherwise, it may burn more money for your business in the longer run. This is another key factor that makes QuickReply.ai a better alternative to Zoko.

Here’s a look at the different plans with their pricing offered by QuickReply.ai and Zoko:

While, at the first glance, one might assume that the pricing options offered by Zoko are considerably better than those of QuickReply.ai, you need to thoroughly understand the underlying and additional costs that come with the Zoko plans.

A WhatsApp marketing platform built for eCommerce

To grow your Shopify business, you will need software and tools that are built specifically to help grow your business - your eCommerce business. General tools that cater to a wide variety of clients will not know the requirements and nuances of running your online store.

That’s how QuickReply.ai fits in perfectly to turn conversations into more sales on your Shopify store through WhatsApp marketing.
Unlike Zoko, it enables businesses to send personalized, automated, and interactive messages to customers on WhatsApp, which can be used for everything from order confirmation to customer service.

Some of the eCommerce compatibility features on QuickReply.ai include:

  • Recover abandoned carts with WhatsApp drip campaigns
  • Convert COD orders to prepaid on WhatsApp to reduce RTO, decrease NDR, and secure more sales
  • Keep your customers in the loop with timely Order alerts/notifications
  • Win-back customers to increase repeat visitors and sales with dedicated message flows
  • Pre-trained AI assistants for eCommerce
  • Helpful pre-trained bots that can enhance the shopping journey, including - Welcome Bot, Product Browsing Bot, Discount Bot, Shipping Charges Bot, Order, Tracking Bot, Order Cancellation Bot, COD availability Bot, Repeat Order Bot, Payment Options Bot

Which WhatsApp Business API provider should you choose?

The real challenge in creating a WhatsApp bot will be to meet the needs and preferences of your audience while creating experiences that can satisfy the diverse ways they view your business.

The content will have to be custom tailored for the channel and crafted with care so it doesn't seem like it's just something that was pasted into a chatbot. All these efforts will bear fruit if your customers feel that you're there for them at all times and that you're making their lives easier. They'll feel more valued as customers, which will, in turn, lead to better relationships and a boost in sales.

All in all, QuickReply.ai is the best alternative to Zoko for your Shopify store because its feature sets are built keeping the eCommerce requirements in mind. This makes it more suited for your needs and to help you achieve your business goals.

If you’re already using Zoko and looking for a better alternative, we, at QuickReply.ai, can help you set up and migrate without disrupting your business activities.

Get started with QuickReply.ai by simply contacting us and we’ll do the rest for you.

Additional information about the WhatsApp Business API service providers

What is QuickReply.ai?

QuickReply.ai is one of the best WhatsApp Marketing apps for Shopify. It is an end-to-end WhatsApp business solution for eCommerce brands to take care of marketing, customer support, and more with smart automation and two-way communication. Through this, the app enables Shopify stores to seamlessly increase customer engagement and boost retention.

Some features of QuickReply.ai include:

  • QuickReply.ai helps promote sales, discounts, and deals through personalized messages
  • The app has automated abandoned cart recovery capabilities
  • Helps convert cash on delivery orders to prepaid by sending incentives via WhatsApp
  • It allows multiple team members to chat with customers over a single WhatsApp number
  • It sends real-time order updates to customers
  • 40+ pre-built ecommerce chatbots for a seamless customer journey

From maintaining customer relationships to generating leads to boosting engagement, QuickReply.ai is one of the best Zoko alternatives designed to be the tool to grow your Shopify business effortlessly.

What is Zoko?

Zoko is a WhatsApp marketing solution that helps brands and businesses connect with their audience. It helps businesses grow by offering a lot of useful features like the ability to have multiple agents on one number, take customer orders from within WhatsApp, and easily send broadcast messages. It also provides detailed analytics about the performance so that brands know what works best and what doesn't work at all.

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