Ecommerce Whatsapp Marketing Examples And What You Can Learn

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This comprehensive guide showcases various real-life examples of how businesses have effectively utilized WhatsApp marketing. From welcome messages and seasonal promotions to cart abandonment recovery and customer support, these eCommerce WhatsApp Marketing Examples illustrate the versatility and effectiveness of WhatsApp as a marketing tool for eCommerce businesses.

The number of businesses using the WhatsApp Business API for marketing, sales, and support purposes is increasing rapidly with every passing day. WhatsApp boasts of over 70% of active users every day. And over 50 million businesses are already making the most of this large user pool.

From broadcast messages, abandoned cart recovery messages to automated notifications and customer support, WhatsApp has grown to become the one-stop communication tool for most brands today.

This is primarily because WhatsApp generates three times more traffic than SMS and open rates are as high as 99% compared to the average open rate of 21.33% in emails.

Although it is picking up rapidly, there is still skepticism around who should be using it and how. To help you understand this new marketing strategy better, we have collated some of the best examples in this blog.  

Examples Of Brands Using Ecommerce Whatsapp Marketing And What They Got Right

1.  Shiprocket - Welcome Message

A simple welcome message can go a long way in terms of building long-lasting customer-brand relationships. This is usually your first actual interaction with your customer and so, you need to be able to use a communication channel that they’re bound to check daily.

Here’s how Shiprocket uses WhatsApp marketing to achieve this:

Shiprocket Message

What we like -

- OTP sent out on WhatsApp instead of regular text message
- A brief welcome message letting the user know what to expect from the brand

2. Lifestyle Stores - Seasonal Promotions

You can send out promotional WhatsApp messages to keep your customers in the loop about the various seasonal offers you’re running at your store. This can be sent out as a WhatsApp Broadcast message to reach all or segmented customer lists based on the ongoing promotion.

The goal is to entice them into purchasing from your store.

LifeStyle Store adds a personal touch even in their promotional campaigns by addressing the customer by their first name.

Lifestyle Stores

What we like -

- Addressing the customer by name
- Use of visuals that are in bright colors
- A clear CTA to prompt the user to explore the ongoing sale
- An option to opt-out in case the customer is no longer interested so it doesn’t act as spam

3. Tata CLiQ - Cart Abandonment

E-commerce businesses lose around $18 billion each year due to cart abandonment.

What if we tell you WhatsApp marketing can help you recover these lost sales?

Whatsapp abandoned cart recovery messages can be a gentle nudge or even an actual conversation understanding why the customer abandoned their cart and what can you do to enhance their shopping journey.

Tata CLiQ executes this beautifully by also adding an incentive to convince the user to complete their purchase at all costs.

Tata CLiQ

What we like -

- Address the customer by name
- Crisp and witty copy to persuade the user to recover their abandoned cart
- Use of special discount to convince the user to complete their purchase
- Direct link to checkout and place the order

4. Rage Coffee - Order Status

Great customer service is detrimental to retaining your existing customers. Your retention rate is far more important than your conversion rate.

Leverage WhatsApp marketing to achieve this. Make use of alert messages to show how exceptional and transparent your service is. Send automated transactional updates and keep your customers informed about the status of their orders and eliminate any post-purchase anxiety.

Rage Coffee executes this by sending out timely updates to the customer. Additionally, adding a personal touch to it by addressing the customer by their first name and the use of emojis, makes this effort all the more fruitful!

 Rage Coffee

What we like -

- Addressing the customer by name
- Promoting a sense of belongingness by welcoming them to the ‘fam’
- Use of emojis to keep the copy light yet engaging
- Breakdown of message content to help the user read easily
- Dedicated link to let the customer track their order seamlessly

5. Westside - Personalized Offers

Drafting and providing deals that are only accessible by members is an age-old trick to gathering a loyal customer base. Sending alerts to members about exclusive deals is also a great way to get more people to add up to your sales revenue.

Westside provides personalized offers based on the customer’s birthday month.

Westside - Personalized Offers

What we like -

- Use of visuals that match their brand aesthetic
- Personalized experience and messages to members of their loyalty program
- Use of dedicated buttons as CTA

6. IndiGo - Necessary Information Messages

Depending on the nature of your online business, you will have to send across important information to your consumers based on their orders. This plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience of purchasing from your brand.

For instance, IndiGo is an Indian airline brand. And so, the company will have to send out important details like the soft copy of the ticket, web check-in information, and much more. Here’s how IndiGo leverages the power of WhatsApp marketing to execute this -

IndiGo - Necessary Information Messages

What we like -

- Address the user by name
- PDF file attachment of the user’s ticket
- All necessary flight-related information is in bold
- Links to all necessary and useful resources
- Prompt the user to subscribe to other in-flight services offered by the airlines

7. Flipkart - Drive Engagement With Ongoing Offers

Make the most of the opportunity to present your customers with a personalized experience on the ongoing offers in your store. This is your opportunity to upsell, cross-sell and re-sell.

Here’s how the eCommerce giant, Flipkart does it -

Flipkart - Drive Engagement With Ongoing Offers

What we like -

- Continued communication
- Interactive messages based on responses
- Clear call-to-actions on each message

8. Earth Rhythm - Prompt Prepaid Payment

While Cash on Delivery (COD) is a great way to attract more customers, more often than not, COD orders are responsible for draining a lot of resources in most companies. Restricted cash flow and high rates of fraud/theft are some of the many ways COD can clog a business.  So, it does more harm than good in the long run.

Did you know that 3 out of 5 stores experience high RTO and NDR rates on cash on delivery orders?

However, by using strategic WhatsApp marketing, you can stop paying reverse logistics on fake orders and inaccurate addresses by converting these COD orders into prepaid ones. Persuade customers to do so through WhatsApp messages to save you from the hassle!

Earth Rhythm is an Indian Skincare brand that executes this brilliantly. They have also added an irresistible incentive in their COD to prepaid WhatsApp messages to maximize their efforts.

Earth Rhythm - Prompt Prepaid Payment

What we like -

- Address the user by name
- Provide an incentive to prompt the user to make a prepaid payment
- Direct link to complete the payment

9. Young Monk - Feedback Request

Every eCommerce store needs social proof.

Customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials help improve your online business in more ways than one. Yes, they help you generate the necessary social proof. But they also provide you with an opportunity to initiate a conversation with your customers and build a bond. It gives you an insight into the customer experience and lets you better your products and/or services as well.

Young Monk is a hostel & cafe located in Himachal Pradesh, India. They take most of their room booking online. In the example shown below, notice how they use WhatsApp marketing to gather adequate social proof to boost their ratings.

Young Monk - Feedback Request

What we like -

- Address the customer by name
- Usage of gratitude to let them know you’re extremely appreciative of their purchases. This helps strengthen the customer-brand relationship.
- Added link as a clear CTA 

10. GoDaddy - Customer Support

Your customers are bound to have questions and queries while making purchases. You do not want to miss out on a probable sales opportunity because you weren’t there to help them out.

Here’s an example from GoDaddy’s WhatsApp customer support -

GoDaddy - Customer Support

What we like -

- Instant redirect to an actual executive when the bot couldn’t comprehend the customer’s concern
- Showing gratitude to let the user know they’re are valuable to the company

Get Started with eCommerce WhatsApp Marketing

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Q1. What role does WhatsApp marketing play in eCommerce?

Ans: WhatsApp marketing effectively keeps in touch with customers, and the fact that text messages have a 98% open rate makes this even better. Furthermore, using a chat app like WhatsApp to communicate with your customers increases their trust in you.

Q2. What is a WhatsApp eCommerce store?

Ans: WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging platform, added a new shopping button to 'WhatsApp Business' in 2019 that allows users to browse through a business catalog. This feature allows users to see a storefront icon right next to the business's name in the app.

Q3. What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business?

Ans: WhatsApp Business is a great way to communicate with your customers and prospects.

It gives you the ability to reach out to them directly, without having to rely on emails or phone calls.

You can also use WhatsApp Business to send your customers and prospects automated updates about your products or services, which they may find useful.

Moreover, WhatsApp Business gives you the option of sending bulk messages to a large number of people at once, saving you time when it comes to communicating with them.

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