Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Broadcast Marketing

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With an open rate of 98 percent, WhatsApp remains the most popular marketing channel. This is one of the main reasons WhatsApp marketing has picked up pace. WhatsApp marketing enables businesses to keep their customers updated when they expect instant updates, even on the go.

With billions of people using WhatsApp daily, businesses should consider using it as a marketing tool to reach out to their customers directly. If you haven't tried WhatsApp marketing before or aren't sure where to start, we've compiled a list of questions based on our findings. We'll discuss all the questions briefly in this blog. We’re certain these questions will help you get started with WhatsApp marketing and guide you at each step.

As technology advances, so will the number of queries about WhatsApp marketing. We'll continue to update our WhatsApp marketing FAQs as needed. Simply bookmark this page, so you don't miss out on future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | WhatsApp Broadcast message marketing

Whatsapp Broadcasting

1. What Is A Broadcast On Whatsapp?

WhatsApp's broadcast feature allows you to send messages and media to multiple contacts at once. Although this appears to be a group communication, the message will only be seen by the person it was sent to. The best part about broadcast is that members of the broadcast list cannot see or track one another.

For instance, If you have your customers' contact information, you can create a WhatsApp broadcast to let them know about important updates. This message will be sent to each customer individually, without knowing who else has been added to the broadcast list.

2. What Is a Difference Between a Broadcast And a Group In WhatsApp?

The terms WhatsApp Broadcast and WhatsApp Group may appear to be interchangeable; however, they are not. Both, broadcast and a group, allows you to send messages to many people at once. While broadcast keeps the information about other users secure and private, the messages sent in a group, on the other hand, can be seen by anyone, along with their contact information and profile picture.

For example, If you create a WhatsApp group and a WhatsApp broadcast to share important information, all members can view the message sent in the group and reply to it collectively in the channel, each being readable to the other. However, the information sent in the broadcast will be sent privately to each member and the conversation thereafter remains between you and that one customer.

3. How Do Broadcast Lists Work On Whatsapp?

Broadcast lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can send broadcast messages to without selecting them each time.

Follow the below steps to make a WhatsApp broadcast list:

- On your phone, open WhatsApp
- Then, in the right corner, click on More options
- Now select New broadcast from the drop-down menu
- You can add contacts by searching for them or selecting them from a list
- Finally, tap the checkbox

A new broadcast list will be created after this. The Broadcast message you send will be received by everyone on the list who has your phone number saved in their address book. The message will be delivered to the recipients as a standard message. When they respond, it will display in your chats as a normal message. Their response will not be forwarded to any of the other people on the broadcast list.

Note - Anyone who has your number saved to their contact list will only receive your broadcast message.

Normal WhatsApp Broadcast limits the number of recipients you can add to the list. However, using WhatsApp Business API, you can personalize your broadcast messages and send them to a thousand of your customers at once., a WhatsApp marketing app that leverages the official WhatsApp Business API, allows you to send thousands of personalized messages and track them all in one place.

4. Can Broadcast Recipients See Others?

Members in the Broadcast list can't see or read messages delivered to each other. The recipients are unaware that the message was sent via broadcast. Responses appear in the contact's regular WhatsApp chat. With WhatsApp marketing apps like, you can actually run personalized broadcast marketing campaigns at scale too, making the recipients feel like the message is exclusively for them.

5. How To Create A Broadcast List?

You must have your customers' contact information to use Broadcast for WhatsApp marketing. Let's take a look at a few ways in which you can do this:

- Offer a free trial or demo against sign-up with their phone numbers
- Collect contact details during online or offline store purchases
- Organize events and invite customers; ask them to share contact details for registration
- Ask for customer information during feedback
- Ask customers for their contact details to get discount vouchers
- Hold contests for your customers that can be entered with phone numbers
- Offer store credits against their contact details
- During checkout (this one’s obvious and you already have it in place!)

Save your customers’ contact details once you have their information. Later add these customers’ to a WhatsApp Broadcast list.

6. How to use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages?

Using WhatsApp Broadcast messages is simple. Add all of your customers'  to a Broadcast list once you've saved their contact details. It is challenging to manage customer database when you have a huge number of them plus you cannot send broadcast messages to more than 256 people. This is where you need an official WhatsApp Business API marketing app in place. Install, an official WhatsApp Business API app solution provider, and you'll be able to send thousands of personalized broadcast messages without any hassle.

7. What are the Limitations of WhatsApp Broadcast?

It's simple to create a WhatsApp Broadcast list and deliver the messages you want to your audience. However, every great thing comes with a price; there are some limitations when using standard WhatsApp Broadcast.

Here are few limitations of WhatsApp Broadcast:

- Only those users who have saved your phone number as a contact receive a broadcast message via WhatsApp Business; as a result, you won't be able to send any promotional messages via broadcast
- To build a WhatsApp Broadcast list, you can choose up to 256 contacts. If you're a business owner, you probably have a lot more than 256 contacts
- Because there are no APIs or integrations, organizations can't use their APIs and CRM to automate their campaigns or measure the performance of their WhatsApp broadcast campaigns

However these limitations can be overcome by making use of WhatsApp marketing apps like, which leverages the official WhatsApp Business API and on top of that, also adds in powerful features like chatbots for automations.

8. What is WhatsApp Broadcast for Business?

Businesses may use WhatsApp's Broadcast feature to send bulk messages to a group of users at once. But, to send broadcasts on WhatsApp, you'll need to choose between the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API.

While WhatsApp Business can be used by small businesses that have contact details of about 256 customers, using WhatsApp Business API you can send bulk messages at once without any such restriction. You can also automate and schedule messages with WhatsApp Business API using apps like

9. How can I use WhatsApp for Business For Ecommerce?

Because WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform, many eCommerce businesses use it to communicate with potential customers.

The most popular feature among eCommerce businesses is WhatsApp Broadcast, which allows them to send messages to many customers at once. However, because sending bulk messages via WhatsApp broadcast may be considered spam, most businesses rely on an official WhatsApp Business API app such as QuickReply to deliver messages.

Bulk or Broadcast WhatsApp messages are beneficial when sent for the following reasons:

- To share on-store and offline discounts and offers
- To send policy updates and other relevant information
- To send cart recovery messages to customers
- To send the delivery status to customers of their recent order
- To collect feedback on their recent purchase or customer support
- To send payment receipts or refund status to customers
- To provide instant customer support to customers using WhatsApp Chatbots  

10. Who Provides The Best WhatsApp Chatbot?

It's a match made in heaven when it comes to chatbots and WhatsApp. Because of WhatsApp's global reach, you can reach a global audience already familiar with the chat app's features and capabilities, and chatbots can help you scale engagement. is a go-to platform when it comes to setting up WhatsApp Chatbots. You can simply develop a chatbot to automate your campaigns using this no-code chatbot builder. With your chatbot's WhatsApp messages, you can also attach rich media and documents.

With 40+ pre-trained ecommerce bots, offers a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create a conversational bot that branches out into different conversations to handle pre, during, and post-purchase communication. also includes an advanced analytics dashboard to ensure that your conversational marketing efforts are on track. Look no further and reach out to us at to get started with the WhatsApp chatbot.


It's never been more critical for businesses to make themselves open and accessible to customers in a friendly and familiar manner. WhatsApp Business messaging meets all of the requirements. It offers seamless messaging that is quick, efficient, and reliable on a widely used platform.

We hope that we answered all of your questions about WhatsApp marketing. Don't worry if you didn't find an answer to your query; we'll keep updating the FAQ page.

You can also leave your questions in the comments section below or reach out to us on chat, and we'll be happy to respond. If you're interested in learning more about WhatsApp marketing:

- Book a demo with us
- Install the app on your Shopify store

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