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June 9, 2022

Did you know that a customer goes through 7 reviews on average before availing of any service?

A big chunk of modern-day consumers are online shoppers. According to the statistics, 94% of these online shoppers use reviews as a metric of service quality before buying anything.

Well, it is evident that reviews are a very effective part of influencing consumer behavior. But a significant amount of reviews also acts as a catalyst for building your credibility as a business. Reviews give customers the chance to know about the quality of services from first-hand experience. More reviews lead to more interaction between customers and e-commerce businesses, and more customer engagement generates improved revenues.

For all the above reasons, it is safe to say that customer reviews can make or, as a matter of fact, even break your business. But if you are a small scale business with limited resources, paving your way to better customer engagement can be a little tricky.

With QuickReply.ai, you can not only use the fastest growing channel, WhatsApp, to get more product reviews, but also understand the intent behind them.

5 Steps On How To Use WhatsApp Business API Automation To Get More Positive Reviews

When it comes to requesting feedback from customers, we are often used to seeing automated emails post-purchase. But with WhatsApp for Business entering the arena, we’re now seeing businesses leverage the API features to send order updates too - so why not take it a step further, and get reviews as well?

Let’s see how:

1. Automate Feedback Request

WhatsApp has become our go-to conversation tool. So there are better chances of a customer leaving genuine and honest feedback on this platform. Once the product is delivered to the customer, the first thing you should do is ask for feedback.

Asking for their experience before any public review also lets you have a head start. You can use automated feedback requests with features like interactive messages, a creative survey or feedback forms to gauge how happy a consumer is.

With QuickReply.ai, you can set up an entire flow of conversational feedback collection using WhatsApp Business API. It comes with pre-built workflows and templates that you can customize further to collect feedback on specific aspects of the product or the brand experience you delivered.

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2. Follow Up On The Request

There is a chance that some customers will not be so keen or enthusiastic to leave a review on your products and services. In such cases, following up on the unanswered feedback request is very important. If your customer does not respond, do follow up. But construct the requests in newer ways so that they do not feel spammy to the customer. Spamming a customer would do more harm than good.

By setting up a streamlined flow, you can ensure a higher volume of testimonials. These could include:

- First impression of shopping with you
- Post-purchase follow up
- Specific questions that are related to service, products, etc
- Feedback after delivery of the products

3. Send Them The Product Page Link To Write Reviews

If a customer leaves positive feedback, there should be another automated message and we are here to help you with it. Whenever you get positive feedback, do not simply bask in the glory and call it a day. Instead, make it a point to reach out to these customers and ask them to share a public review.

You can set up an automated message with a direct link to your product page, making it easier for them to leave a review. It is even better if they submit pictures and videos with their reviews. Again, QuickReply.ai easily integrates with Shopify product review apps like Loox and Judge.me to help you cover this part through WhatsApp.

Product Page Link To Write Reviews

4. Resolve Negative Feedback, If Any

Perfection is a myth and while running a business, there will be unsatisfied customers. However sour, negative reviews need to be taken just as seriously as positive reviews. If a customer leaves negative feedback for your business, we help you to set up an automation process to ask them what they are dissatisfied with and what could have been better.

Dealing with negative feedback sensitively not only gives you the opportunity to get a better understanding of consumers’ expectations but it also helps you resolve the customer’s issue and better the experience they had with your business.

Fashion Store

5. Once Resolved, Nudge Them For Public Reviews

If you have resolved an issue after getting negative feedback, do let the customer know. This increases your credibility as a business. And then you should ask the customer to leave a review on their experience with your customer service.

A WhatsApp automation with a direct link to your page will give the customer easy access and encourage them to leave positive reviews. Asking for reviews after resolving an issue can result in an excellent boost to your brand’s trustworthiness.

9 Simple Tips To Get More Product Reviews On WhatsApp

1. Always ask for feedback before reviews. This gives you the chance to resolve customer complaints, if any. Such measures build customer confidence, increasing the chances of them giving you more business in the future.

2. Setting up a different automated response for positive and negative feedback is important. First, segment the positive and negative feedback and then you can craft appropriate automated review requests for each. You can use Loox and Judge.me for effective automated review requests.

3. It is important to ask customers questions about their experience to improve your services. But that does not mean you need to overwhelm them with queries. Keep your questions streamlined at all times. Asking too many questions at once could lead to the customer losing interest. Do not try to ask for feedback and review several things. Instead, focus on one aspect at a time.

4. Timely automation is key to leveraging WhatsApp API to the best of its extent. Automated messages asking for reviews should be delivered as soon as the product gets delivered. Negative feedback should also get a prompt response. This portrays your business in a positive light to the customer. Hence, an on-time automated response is important to capture honest customer reviews. You can simplify this process with QuickReply.ai.

5. The best thing you can do to get more positive reviews is to be accessible to your customers on WhatsApp. Explore setting up automations like FAQs for resolving customer queries faster.  

6. Feedback forms and surveys tend to get good engagement from customers, but are often cumbersome to complete. You can use interactive messages on the WhatsApp Business API to make the entire process a lot more natural and conversational.  

7. Give your customers reasons to give you a positive review. For small eCommerce businesses, nice little gestures go a long way. Freebees with crafty packaging and a thank you note would incentivise the customer to leave a positive review.

8. You can also add a 'thank you' note with the automated WhatsApp response so that the customer feels appreciated. This will act as a plus, leading them to leave positive feedback.

9. Rewarding those who review is a good idea to boost more positive reviews on your platform. You can give out coupons like a 10% discount to those who leave a review on your website.

Summing up

Over the years, statistics have shown that consumers are more willing than ever to interact with brands. The increase in messaging apps, chatbots, etc. are great examples of this.

WhatsApp is impactful and that is why it is so popular with the younger crowd. Apart from being the best app for something just for communicating with friends and family, WhatsApp can now be used for your business as well.

WhatsApp is the ideal tool to reach your audience, build a connection, promote your brand and/or product and service, and communicate with your audience in real-time. On top of that, it is cost-effective, and you can get started quickly, so what are you waiting for?

QuickReply.ai now integrates with Judge.me and Loox to enable easy product review collection on WhatsApp for Business. We help you set up automated review requests, follow-ups and workflows that are designed to understand your customers better.


Q1. How do positive product reviews benefit your company?

Ans: Customers value the assurance they receive from unbiased evaluations, which is why they are 63% more inclined to trust and purchase from a business with positive reviews. It also boosts client perception. Customers will respect your brand and its products more if you have reviews of high quality.

Q2. Which are the best tips to deal with negative reviews on WhatsApp?

Ans: Negative reviews are actually a great opportunity for you to learn about ways that you can improve your business and make it better for everyone involved! The best tips to deal with negative reviews on WhatsApp are:

Respond immediately, thoughtfully, Frankly, and quickly.

Keep It Appropriate and Be Kind.

Give Each Response a Special Response.

Avoid getting personal.

Being grateful and appreciative.

Apologize for any inconvenience caused by your service or product.

Send them a coupon code or discount code for their next purchase.

Q3. What are the advantages of Shopify product review apps?

Ans: Customers might be rewarded with discounts for photo reviews to boost loyalty and repeat business. To make sure that customers receive your honest request, schedule email review reminders. Show customized evaluations based on client information and site usage.

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