How To Use WhatsApp Interactive Messages For Feedback Collection?

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Learn how to best use WhatsApp Interactive Messages to ask customers for feedback.

If you haven't already heard, WhatsApp is now being used by a lot of businesses to broadcast deals, sales, or giveaways to customers. This allows eCommerce businesses to communicate with existing and new customers in ways that were not possible before. However, there is more to WhatsApp than just broadcasting messages.

It is a great platform that you can tap into to collect customer feedback. You can use WhatsApp interactive messages to ask questions about your products or services and take action based on the responses you receive.

Using Whatsapp as a central hub for customer service makes perfect sense in today's interconnected world. People are always on the move, have no time to sit down at their desks and send support requests, etc. This makes what was once a social media channel into an all-consuming platform.

As an eCommerce business owner or marketer, you want to know what customers think about the products they purchase from you, the services they receive and their overall experience on your website.

WhatsApp Interactive Messages can be used to not just provide customer support but also help with gathering valuable feedback in a manner that is faster and easier.

How To Use Interactive Messages and WhatsApp Chatbots for Feedback Collection?

It is essential for a business owner to get feedback from your customers. It is painful to see businesses not listening to their customers and it is even more painful to hear them say "because we think X is the right thing!"

Instead, try involving your customers in your business processes by asking them what they like and don't like about your product or service. You will be amazed at the insights that you can gain with respect to how you should build, market and price your product or service because of their response.

To get people to know and trust your brand, it is vital to know how to strike a balance between being engaging and being intrusive. Start with something that is natural and work your way into deeper conversations later. This will help foster connections and offer opportunities for deeper interactions.

Regardless of where the customer is in the purchase funnel, there are messages you can send to provide them with a better experience. Let us look at how you can use WhatsApp automations and interactive messages for feedback collection in the post-purchase stage:

1. Post-purchase Completion

When a customer makes a successful transaction on your website, it is your opportunity to ask them if they can offer any feedback. Reply to them with a message asking where they feel there is room for improvements, as well as what areas of the service were done well.

If they have any negative comments about the process, ask for clarification and offer to amend the error in their future purchases. This helps you get to the heart of what went wrong and learn how to improve your site design and/ or product offerings.

You can request even more specific insights by using ‘list messages’ that list down the different parameters where issues are most likely to occur. For example, you can probe into the checkout process, pricing of the product or even about finding the right product on your site.

2. On Order Delivery

It is important as an e-merchant to constantly interact with your customers. This is especially true when it comes down to confirming receipt of a package or merchandise. You can best accomplish this by sending them an automated message about the order status using WhatsApp for Business.

In the event of an order being delivered, the customer can reply with a message confirming that the order has reached them. This can be followed up with a question about whether the customer found the delivery experience satisfactory or not.

If they mention any details or aspects they found negative in their interaction with your delivery staff, delivery coordination or even the packaging of the delivery, it is important to be patient and understanding while they provide more information. Letting them know that their comments are highly valued will steer the conversation in a positive direction.

Following up about product delivery creates the sense that your business cares about its consumers' satisfaction, ultimately propelling you forward on the path to customer success.

3. After Delivery

In order to find out how people feel about your product and if they have any suggestions or concerns, you should survey them by sending them a reply message on WhatsApp that contains specific questions about their buying experience.

You can also ask if they are still having trouble using your product by using list messages and proactively directing them to other useful channels where they can get answers quickly.

For the sake of an example, let us take a furniture business. If your customer mentions that they need help assembling furniture or if they have any other kind of technical concern, you can direct them to your website where they can view a step by step guide that shows them how to assemble the furniture. You could also lead them to an insightful blog that eases the process for them or directly share a video on WhatsApp itself that they can watch and follow to assemble the furniture.

4. Product-specific Feedback

Interactive messages are another way to get instant feedback from consumers who have just bought your product. It is better than a survey because consumers will talk about the product in their messages, offering insights you can use to improve your products.

For example, if a customer has bought a dress from your business, you can opt for a ‘list message’ to ask them what they liked the most about the dress. The list could include some of the key features of the item like colour, texture, cloth, fitting, pricing, etc.

By continually receiving feedback about your products directly from your customers, you can not only gain insights on what you are doing right, what needs fixing, or where growth opportunities lie but you can also incorporate the positive feedback you receive into your marketing plan.

With such benefits at your disposal, feedback collection should be a no-brainer for all eCommerce brands.

5. Collection-specific Feedback

Waiting to hear back from consumers who have just bought your product can be painful. Most companies opt for a survey, but this method doesn’t actually allow customers to interact and offer insight into their opinions about your products, whereas interactive messages can.
Interactive messages are the newest and one of the most effective ways to get real-time feedback from your customers who have just bought your product. It is a more personable and informal method than a survey but consumers might be less likely to have the thorough responses that you would want out of a survey.

Since these are customers who have recently purchased your product, they will be in a better position to offer feedback about your collection.

While looking for feedback about a range of products or your most recent product collection, you can get helpful data about the kind of products you can put out for your next launch.

For this section of feedback collection, you can opt for a rating system that allows customers to rate your collection on a scale of 1 to 10. Another approach you can use is a free-flowing subjective response. This can prove to be even more valuable to your team of marketers and product creators like your design teams.

This process can help you better your future collections and even turn a one-time customer into a repeating, loyal one. The best feature of collecting feedback over WhatsApp is that it is absolutely free.

The caveat, however, is that you will have to be very efficient while tracking this data and will also need to implement them in line with your brand values.

Set up WhatsApp automations to collect feedback on WhatsApp today!

The lesson here is that one of the best ways to get feedback from your customers is to make it easy for them to do so. WhatsApp interactive messages are a great example of a super simple way of achieving that goal.

They take just seconds to set up, they are easy to customize and deploy, and they can be used with a variety of automated flows. They are also quite versatile and can be customized in nearly any way imaginable.

Furthermore, automating the process with an app like means that you can easily scale your feedback collection efforts.

Take your WhatsApp marketing to the next level by signing up for our free demo today, and don't be afraid to automate some of the tougher parts of running a business.

FAQ on how to ask customers for feedback on WhatsApp

Q1. What is defined as a WhatsApp interactive message?

Ans: An interactive message is a way to collect feedback from your audience by asking them questions and getting them to respond. You can use this method for things like surveys, polls, or even just getting people's opinions on something.

Q2. Are advertisements included in WhatsApp interactive messages?

Ans: You may add a Send Message button to your Facebook or Instagram advertising with ads that click on WhatsApp, which will start a conversation thread in the WhatsApp Business app. Customers can now connect with your company on WhatsApp by clicking the icon on your advertisement.

Q3. What is product-specific feedback for customers?

Ans: Any information provided by your customers regarding their use of and satisfaction with the product is referred to as product feedback. A range of research techniques, including user interviews, consumer surveys, reviewing customer support tickets, and more, can be used to get product feedback.

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