How to Choose the Best Whatsapp Marketing App for Your eCommerce Shopify Store?

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Every day, around 175 million people send WhatsApp messages to business accounts. Today, WhatsApp is the most popular marketing channel because of its growing user base and exciting features. Businesses from all around the world now use this platform to market their products and services and engage with customers to offer them a great customer experience that helps them improve conversion and maximize sales.

However, most businesses use third party bulk message service providers for their WhatsApp marketing. These third party apps limit their potential to make the most of the channel and its ability to engage with people in a way that conversations turn into sales. That’s where using a WhatsApp marketing app, that is a WhatsApp Business API partner, becomes important. Because it not only provides varied features but also increases the scope of marketing.

But you'll need the perfect WhatsApp marketing app for that. When choosing a WhatsApp marketing app, there are many factors to consider.

We’ll talk about those factors in brief and make it easier for you to find the best WhatsApp marketing app for your Shopify store.

Why Should You Use A WhatsApp Marketing App?

Why Should You Use A WhatsApp Marketing App?

Before we deep dive into features that make a great WhatsApp marketing app, it’s important to understand why you need one in the first place.

1. Private And Secure Platform

WhatsApp emerges as a secure platform when data security is a big concern.
A WhatsApp marketing app encrypts your messages, making it a safe and private place to communicate daily. The platform, unlike other apps, is ad-free, resulting in a seamless experience.

2. Multimedia Support

The WhatsApp marketing app provides you with a platform that goes beyond texting. Whether promoting your products or providing customer support, you can use the app to support text messages with graphics, videos, and audios.

3. Build Trust And Brand Recognition  

WhatsApp marketing app helps get your business verified. Anyone interacting with you will see a green tick next to your name, along with other relevant information such as your business name and address. Customers will be more likely to trust and recognize you due to this.

4. Quick Response Time

Using a WhatsApp marketing app can help you reduce customer turnaround time by setting up chatbots. Because WhatsApp is the most popular communication channel among customers, you may create personalized templates to engage with them and provide immediate support with the help of apps like

5. One Inbox For All Conversations

Instead of using multiple communication channels, you can use a WhatsApp marketing app to keep all your communications in one inbox. This will make it easier for you to keep track of interactions in the future and provide proactive communication. Learn more about one inbox here.

6. Cost Efficient

WhatsApp remains a low-cost marketing channel with higher ROI, which makes it appealing to small businesses. To add to this, WhatsApp has a 99% open rate, implying that your messages are more likely to be read here than on other platforms.

How To Choose The Right WhatsApp Marketing App For Your Shopify Store?

Now, imagine this - you know WHY you need a WhatsApp marketing app so you go in the market to find one for your business. But you see plenty of options available. So you’re confused on how to pick the right one because you can't just pick any of them blindly, can you?

It's important to consider the app's features and benefits. Which is why we have listed all the  features you must consider while selecting the best WhatsApp marketing app for your online store.

1. Official WhatsApp Business API Solution

It's critical to evaluate the API features of any WhatsApp marketing app before making a decision. Not every app you choose will have the same set of features.

For example, if you have to send a templatised message to customers across different locations, you'll want to choose an app that supports template message localization capability. Why? Because it will help you send the message in different languages for each template.

Another important feature to consider when choosing a WhatsApp marketing software is the messaging functionality. Messages sent to customers for different use cases can help  improve the overall experience. Rich messaging with graphics and videos, viewing sent/read messages, quick replies to customer queries, and template messages contribute to a better overall customer experience.

2. Offers A Smooth Onboarding Process

The main benefit of a WhatsApp marketing app is to expedite the onboarding process. The app enables you to quickly get your business approved for WhatsApp business and start using it. It ensures that all issues are resolved and that your onboarding process runs smoothly.

We, at, not only provide a seamless onboarding process but also provide a resource center with blogs and eBooks to help you with all your WhatsApp marketing needs and update you with all our new features and a guide on how to use them.

3. Provides Or Can Enable Third Party Integration

As a business, you might use many third party platforms like a CRM tool, Shopify, Zapier etc. At some point you will have to integrate WhatsApp with these platforms. So when it comes to selecting a WhatsApp marketing app check what integration services they offer.

Does the app have any pre-built integrations that can be quickly implemented or does it integrate platforms that you use regularly or not? Third-party integrations in WhatsApp marketing apps can automate workflow on the go.

With, you can use your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to work seamlessly with your Shopify store to keep track of orders.

4. Supports Your Primary Contact Number

Having a separate number for WhatsApp support and phone call support is not only difficult to manage, but it also makes it difficult for customers to connect. Businesses want to use a single phone number to streamline their support operations for this reason. However, not all WhatsApp marketing tools allow you to use your existing phone number on WhatsApp. As a result, double-check that the app you're considering will be able to connect your existing phone number with WhatsApp Business API., a WhatsApp marketing app, allows you to use your existing number for your WhatsApp marketing as well. If you already have an account linked with that phone number, can help you migrate it.

5. Pricing Model

Pricing is an important factor to consider while selecting a WhatsApp marketing app. You might find apps that are available at a considerable cost. But it’s important to inquire further and check if there are any hidden costs. Most apps have a pricing strategy that looks appealing, but you’ll discover different costs associated with it once you onboard. Therefore, before selecting the app, enquire about their pricing strategy, compare it against the benefits offered and make an ideal choice. has a transparent per-month pricing strategy based on your business needs. It has different pricing plans; once you select the needed plan, you can enjoy access to features available in that plan.

6. Enables Automated WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Thousands or even lakhs of your customers might have subscribed for WhatsApp updates. Now imagine sending manual WhatsApp messages for all your Whatsapp campaigns to all the thousands or lakhs of them? It is tedious, time consuming and a waste of your resources.
We’re sure you’re in search of an app that can automate this for your business.

Therefore, it's important to select a WhatsApp marketing app that automates campaigns across different use cases and buyer journeys. These different use cases can be:

- Welcoming customers and informing them about your business.
- Sending personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages to thousands of customers at once.
- Setting up an automated message as a reminder to recover your abandoned cart sales.
- Providing instant 24x7 support to your customers with an automated message.
- Turning cash on delivery orders into prepaid to secure sales.
- Keeping customers informed about recent offers and discounts.
- Asking for feedback from customers about their recent purchases.

All of these automations along with personalization of these messages are provided exclusively by We believe in making all your WhatsApp marketing efforts hassle-free. Book a demo with us to know how!

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7. Comes with eCommerce Chatbots

Handling multiple customer queries can be challenging. How about having pre-trained WhatsApp chatbots for different use cases? Hence, you must look for a WhatsApp marketing app that eliminates the bulk of generic customer queries with pre-trained bots.

You can use these eCommerce bots to handle the toughest questions with timely responses to drive more sales. Your customer support team can focus on other complex issues when you have fully functioning, pre-trained chatbots installed on your WhatsApp. offers you 40+ pre-trained and editable bots that you can add for different use cases. You can use drag and drop interface for building your own custom WhatsApp chatbots.

8. Offers Expert Guidance And Customer Support

It can be difficult to start with WhatsApp marketing for your ecommerce store since it's a fairly new channel of marketing. When looking for a WhatsApp marketing app, see whether they have eCommerce professionals who can assist you with setting up WhatsApp for your business.

Because an Ecommerce expert would truly be able to understand your concerns and your business goals while also understanding how WhatsApp marketing can help you achieve it. This would assist you to get the most out of the WhatsApp marketing app. provides a free demo from our experts to allow you to explore the features of WhatsApp and make the best use of the platform to grow your ecommerce business.


We hope that the features listed above will make it easier for you to choose the best WhatsApp marketing app. is a WhatsApp Business API partner that provides not only all of the above features but also analytics for your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.


Q1. Can I integrate WhatsApp into my Shopify store?

Ans: Yes! You can integrate WhatsApp into your Shopify store with the help of a third-party app. There are a number of different apps you can use to integrate WhatsApp into your Shopify store, but we recommend QuickReply. This app makes it easy for you to set up and customize the integration, and it's especially good at handling large numbers of messages at once.‍

Q2. What are the benefits of Shopify WhatsApp Marketing?

Ans: Shopify WhatsApp marketing is a great way to boost your sales with a targeted audience. Whether you're selling products or services, Shopify will help you find new customers and convert them into repeat buyers. It's a great way to reach people who are already interested in your brand or products.

‍Q3. How do I boost sales with the Shopify mobile app?

Ans: Send only notifications that add real value to customers, such as discount codes, flash sales, and delivery notifications, to increase Shopify sales via a mobile application. Sending a greeting or a weekly newsletter can be inconvenient. Customers may mute your app notifications as a result.

If you're seeking a WhatsApp marketing app to send personalized messages and optimize for more conversions, install today.

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