Why, When and How to Delete a WhatsApp Business Account

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Have you noticed how businesses are starting to shift towards using WhatsApp as a primary means of communicating with their customers? 

It's a trend that's been gaining momentum lately and it's not hard to see why. It’s a quick, easy, and personalized means of communication. However, not all businesses are using it the right way and that can lead to negative points being given by WhatsApp. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you're thinking of deleting your WhatsApp Business account, it's important to pause and consider your options before taking any drastic steps. Instead of jumping straight to deleting your account, take a moment to read this guide which will help you understand why, when, and how to delete your account. 

What is deleting a WhatsApp business account? 

When it comes to deleting your WhatsApp Business account, it’s crucial to understand what you are getting into before you take the leap. 

In a broad sense, if you delete your WhatsApp Business account, all the data associated with the platform is permanently erased. It’s like starting fresh without any previous history or conversations. Make sure you don’t accidentally delete important information you might need in the future. 

Therefore, weighing the pros and cons is important before you hit the delete button. 

When and why should you delete a WhatsApp Business account? 

Out of all possible reasons to remove a WhatsApp Business account, here are three scenarios where it’s right to make this call: 

1. When your account score drops 

Did you know that WhatsApp actually assigns a score to business accounts based on their activities? If you are not adhering to rules and regulations or going forward with too many promotional campaigns, your score will likely drop. And if it drops too low, you could actually be at risk of getting blocked by the platform altogether. 

Let's say a WhatsApp Business account has been sending a high volume of messages to its customers, but many of those messages have been marked as spam or reported as abusive by recipients. This kind of behavior can lead to a drop in the account's score, as it indicates that the account is not following WhatsApp's guidelines and best practices for messaging.

If you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to consider deleting your WhatsApp Business account. You can start from scratch with a new account that follows the best practices. Once you get hold of the right strategies, your business will run smoothly on the platform. 

2. When engagement level declines 

Sometimes you will come across a declined engagement level on your WhatsApp campaigns. Your audience might be shifting on different platforms. This might be a sign to delete the WhatsApp Business account instead of continuing investment in promotional campaigns. 

Let’s say you are a business owner who uses WhatsApp to promote your handmade jewelry. For a while, you notice excellent engagement on your WhatsApp campaigns, with customers placing orders and leaving positive feedback. 

However, over time, you start to notice a decline in engagement levels. Your customers are not responding to your messages as often, and you're not getting as many orders as before. You try different tactics to improve engagement, but nothing seems to work.

After doing some research, you realize that your customers are starting to shift to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where they can discover and buy products more easily. In this scenario, continuing to invest in WhatsApp promotional campaigns may not be the best use of your resources.

3. When your account is blocked 

As a business owner, there's nothing more frustrating than having your WhatsApp Business account blocked, especially when you're eager to jump-start your marketing efforts and reach your potential customers. You've put in so much effort and resources into building your brand's presence on WhatsApp, only to have it all come crashing down due to a simple mistake or misunderstanding.

In such a scenario, the best solution is to delete your WhatsApp Business account and start afresh. You can reconnect with your customers and approach them with a refined marketing strategy in no time! 

What will happen if you delete your WhatsApp business account? 

Your entire WhatsApp presence will cease to exist once you delete your WhatsApp Business account. This means that all your chat history with customers will be deleted, and you’ll be removed from any groups that you may have been a part of. Your profile, settings, and any associated data will also be removed from WhatsApp's servers.

However, deleting your WhatsApp Business account doesn’t mean it's completely gone. You must stay off and deactivate your WhatsApp Business account for 90 days to ensure that it's completely removed from WhatsApp's servers. This waiting period can feel like an eternity when you're eager to get back to marketing your business on WhatsApp.

If you change your mind within these 90 days, you can regain access to your WhatsApp business account. All you need to do is log in to your WhatsApp Business account and you will stop the deletion process. 

So, before you decide to delete your WhatsApp Business account, weigh the pros and cons carefully. But remember, if you decide to delete, the option to take back control is still available.

How to delete your WhatsApp business account? 

Let’s now look at some simple steps to remove WhatsApp Business account: 

  • Step-1 - Open your WhatsApp Business account and click on settings. 
  • Step-2 - Click on delete my account. 
  • Step-3 - Select your country and enter the number associated with your WhatsApp Business account for verification. 
  • Step-4 - After successful verification, enter the reason for removing the WhatsApp Business account. You can also give suggestions for an enhanced experience in the future. 
  • Step-5 - Give WhatsApp a final confirmation and click on Delete My Account to remove your WhatsApp Business account. 

Other alternatives to deleting a WhatsApp Business account 

If you are having second thoughts about deleting your WhatsApp Business account, here are some other options you can consider: 

Convert your WhatsApp Business account into a normal account. 

Start by backing up your WhatsApp Business data either to Google Drive or iCloud then follow these steps: 

  • Step-1: Download and install the WhatsApp app from the play store or iOS app store.
  • Step-2: Open the application and verify the same number you used for your business account.
  • Step-3: Since you haven’t deleted your WhatsApp account, you will come across a notification asking for confirmation. All the information associated with the profile will be deleted post-confirmation. 
  • Step-4: Enter the 6-digit code you receive on your mobile for verification. 
  • Step-5: Restore a backup of your chats from Google Drive or iCloud to your personal account (if needed). 

That’s it! You are all set to set up your WhatsApp personal account at your convenience. 

2. Keep your account and change your phone number 

You don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new account simply because you changed your phone number. Simply reach out to WhatsApp with a reason for changing your phone number. With this option, you can continue to provide uninterrupted service to your clients and keep all your data intact in one place. 

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3. Simplify your WhatsApp Business communication with QuickReply.ai 

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing volume of messages on your WhatsApp Business account? If yes, it must be difficult to timely respond to inquiries and complaints while keeping up with multiple campaigns. 

With QuickReply.ai, you can automate your messaging process and easily manage all your conversations on one platform.

For example, let’s say you run an online clothing store and receive multiple inquiries daily about your products. Using QuickReply.ai, you can set up automated responses for frequently asked questions like shipping information or sizing availability. This not only leads to excellent customer service but gives you time to focus on other crucial business aspects. 

In addition to the same, the app also helps you automate WhatsApp broadcast campaigns based on customer engagement; which essentially helps you also prevent spamming consumers, getting you a healthier score. 


Deleting your WhatsApp Business account may seem like an easy option, but it also means losing all your data and starting over with a new profile. It’s important to explore other alternatives before coming across this decision. Whether you want to update your business information or simplify your messaging process, there are ways to achieve that!

If you are still not sure about the right choice, don’t hesitate to speak to our experts at QuickReply.ai. Our team can provide you with personalized solutions to ensure you make the most of your WhatsApp marketing. 

Book a demo today and take your business to the next level! 

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