How to Get More Product Reviews using WhatsApp Marketing?

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Before purchasing a new product, customers look at the reviews first. Consumers will spend 31% more on businesses that have received "great" reviews. Including testimonials on sales pages can boost conversions by 34%. Social proof increases conversion since it validates the buyer's decision. However, it is easier said than done to ask customers to leave product reviews. It is even more challenging to get them to leave positive reviews. That's where WhatsApp can be used as a platform to receive more positive feedback on your product.

Let's learn more about how you can generate more positive reviews about your product over WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp to Get More Positive Customer Reviews (And What to do With the Negative Ones)

Have you ever wondered why the majority of customers don't post reviews?

One, they haven't had any unique experiences with your brand, and two, you don't have anywhere obvious for customers to leave feedback. WhatsApp as a tool provides you with the opportunity to easily interact with customers one-on-one, provide them with a personalized experience and ask for feedback.

Here are a few suggestions for getting positive feedback from your customers using WhatsApp marketing:

1. Send Out Proactive Order Alerts

What do you do when a customer places an order? Send them an email including the order confirmation and other important information. Right?

However,  the majority of customers do not read their emails regularly. Instead, you can provide these details on a more active platform—WhatsApp. Customers may disregard emails, but they check WhatsApp at least twice a day. Moreover, the open rate on WhatsApp is 98% which means your customer is most likely to read your message on WhatsApp.

You can use WhatsApp to share order confirmation, packaging, shipping, and delivery status. Customers can stay on top of the information and keep their anxiousness at bay by receiving these details immediately on WhatsApp. Customers gain trust in a brand when they see them go out of their way to keep them updated. This leads to a nice post-purchase experience, increasing the chance of positive feedback.

Template message:

<Header> You’re one step closer to receiving your order!

<Body> Hey {Name},

Your order {Order no.} has been packed with love and dispatched for shipping from our warehouse! 🙌

We'll let you know when it's reached your city and ready to be delivered 😊

2. Send Out A Feedback Request

Do you know? 42% of companies don't survey their customers or collect feedback. When you ask customers for their feedback, you communicate that you value their opinions. Before asking your customers to review your products, ask them to leave feedback. Simply text them on WhatsApp enquiring about their shopping experience with your Shopify store. is an official WhatsApp API that allows you to automate customer feedback requests on WhatsApp after an order has been delivered. This way, you can immediately contact customers and avoid missing out on opportunities to collect feedback.

Template message:

<Body> Hey {Name},

Do you have a moment? We'd love to know how everything worked out with you. Please take a moment to let us know your feedback about your recent purchase with us. 😁

Once again, thank you for shopping with us!

3. Send Out A Follow Up For Feedback

63.3 percent of customers never receive a response to their review from a company. If you're a company that ignores negative feedback from customers, you're doing something wrong.

Because failing to respond to negative reviews shows a lack of concern for your customers.

In fact, 53.3% of customers expect businesses to respond to their negative reviews within a week. Responding to negative reviews is one important aspect of providing good customer service and may also placate any angry customers, improving the chance of retaining them.

45% of consumers are more likely to support businesses if they see that they’ve responded to negative reviews.

You can use WhatsApp to communicate with the customer after they post negative feedback and ask how you can improve and do something better for them. Not only for negative reviews, but you can also use it to reach out to people who have left positive reviews and ask them to leave a product rating/review on your store.

With, you can set up smartbots to help you automatically follow up with customers on WhatsApp for reviews.

Template message:

Hi (customer’s name),

Thank you for your time to write a review . We want you to know that we have solved this problem. We’d love a chance to make this right, so we hope you’ll consider (visiting / shopping with) us again.

We hope to see you soon!

4. Make It Easier To Review Your Products

Your most loyal consumers will also skip giving reviews if you don't have a seamless or direct way of collecting them. To get more product reviews, make the process clear and straightforward. Because the simpler it is, the less upset customers will be, increasing the chance of a positive review. There are a few things you can do to make the process of leaving a review go more smoothly.

- Instead of asking customers to write reviews, provide them the opportunity to respond in stars, such as 4-star or 5-star ratings.

- When you reach out to customers on WhatsApp for reviews, add a CTA button at the end, which can directly navigate them to your review page on the online store.

The purpose is to make the review procedure as simple and direct as possible so that customers don't waste time looking for the platform.

Template message:

Hi, (customer name).

This is regarding your recent order at (store name)

Please select a rating based on the experience with us
5 (Excellent)    
4 (Good)    
3 (Fair)    
2 (Poor)    
1 (Awful)

5. Follow up with a thank you message 5. Follow Up With A Thank You Message

When you thank customers for taking the time to write reviews, they realize how important their feedback is to you. Customers feel appreciated when you respond to positive reviews, which increases the chance of repeat business. As a result, send an automated thank you note to appreciate the favorable review left by customers to develop trust and brand loyalty. It only adds to the great experience you've provided.

Template message:

Hi, (customer’s name)!

Thanks for taking the time to review us! We really appreciate it. We also love (feature or product customer mentioned). We also highly recommend (another, related feature or product). We look forward to seeing you again soon!

(Your name)

How To Use Positive Product Reviews To Get More Reviews?

Now that you’ve collected a lot of positive product reviews from customers. What next?

Why not put these positive reviews to good use and generate more business and reviews? You can do this in many ways, including:

1. Share Reviews On Social Media

Your consumers are monitoring you on social media all the time, and there's no better place to post your reviews than there. You can promote customer reviews on social media and give them a shoutout. Other consumers will be encouraged to leave feedback as well. Social media reviews serve as proof that your company is reliable and successful. You can earn more leads and consumers in addition to getting more reviews.

2. Share Reviews On Home Page

Share your reviews on the company home page to encourage existing customers to leave reviews with the hope of getting featured. Not only that but 81% of shoppers research products online before going to the store. As a result, including reviews on your company's website can help you attract more visitors, generate more leads, and boost your search engine ranking.

3. Show Reviews On Your Product Page

It's great to have a solid product description, visuals, and copy. However, you should include good product reviews to encourage customers to act once they've made their decision. 95% of buyers are impacted by online reviews, which is shocking yet real. Feedback on product pages will help you convert customers, but they will also motivate existing customers to provide reviews.

4. Use Them Across Other Campaigns

You might run different campaigns as an eCommerce business, such as a WhatsApp marketing campaign or an email marketing campaign. Why not leverage your existing reviews to strengthen your message and establish credibility? So make sure to include reviews whenever you post your campaigning messages on channels like WhatsApp and Email. This will encourage new customers to provide reviews, and it will also help you increase your campaign's conversion rate.


Most companies fail to collect product reviews because the review procedure is too complicated or the process for collecting reviews is incorrect. Most businesses prefer email for reviews, but keep in mind that customers receive so many emails every day that your message can get lost. As a result, use WhatsApp to reach out to customers directly after purchase and collect feedback. - an official WhatsApp Business API solution provider - enables you to provide a unique customer experience by providing 40+ smart bots for various use cases such as order placement, payment confirmation, delivery status, and so on. Not only that, but it also streamlines the feedback process by allowing you to automate feedback requests and responses to reviews.


Q1. What are the Benefits of Product Reviews?

Ans: Product reviews are an important part of buying online. They can help you decide whether or not a product is worth the investment, and they can also give you insight into what other people think about the product. Here are some of the benefits of product reviews:

- You can read about real people's experiences with an item, so you know how well it works for others.

- Reviews may include helpful tips on how to use or care for the item, which can save you time and money.

- Product reviews are a great way to compare similar products side-by-side and find out which one is best for you.

Q2. What do you say when you use WhatsApp to advertise a product?

Ans: Thank devoted clients with the following sample of a WhatsApp marketing message: "Hello [customer name], we wanted to give you first access to our new product drop tomorrow at [hour]". Please let us know whether you'd want us to reserve one for you since the [product] is only available in a limited quantity.

Q3. How to get positive product reviews using WhatsApp marketing?

Ans: WhatsApp has built-in features that will allow you to easily collect feedback from your customers and share it with other recipients on the network. This means that instead of having to manually send out messages asking for reviews, you can simply set up a bot that will automatically send out a message when someone makes a purchase through your store or visits one of your locations.

Download the app now and increase your chances of collecting positive feedback.

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