How to Use WhatsApp Marketing and Telesales to Close Sales Faster

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Using WhatsApp for sales is like waving the magic wand for your e-commerce business. It can drastically change the lead conversion rate for your business, almost overnight.

WhatsApp is where your customers are! With more than 2 billion users globally, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps with 700 million more users monthly than Facebook Messenger and WeChat combined.  Your customers are highly active on WhatsApp and that is the easiest and fastest channel to reach them.

Your customers are using WhatsApp for daily communications with friends and family (and even with their workplace colleagues). If you’re not harnessing the power of WhatsApp marketing, you are paying a significant opportunity loss cost to other marketing channels that may not be that effective.

Knowing how to effectively use WhatsApp for closing sales will make or break your ecommerce business. It’s a great way to build customer engagement, increase retention and customer loyalty, and therefore drive sales in a cost-effective manner.

But can you make WhatsApp marketing even more effective? Yes! Combine it with telesales.

With Whatsapp marketing becoming the new norm in the e-commerce industry, marketers are running broadcast campaigns to promote their ongoing deals and discounts. But while everyone was focused on running broadcast campaigns to promote their ongoing deals and discounts, we discovered a new use case that can help businesses close sales faster—especially if they have a product that requires customization or is of high value.

The hack? Use telesales and WhatsApp marketing together to double the likelihood of sales conversion.

With this hack, your business can use whatsapp marketing to reach out to your prospects, who are seeing your broadcast message. The message will inform them about the product you're promoting, along with all the relevant details like price and availability.

The prospect will then reply to your message, and a member of your team will respond to the prospect over whatsapp. This way, your business can leverage personalized attention for closing sales faster.

How to Use Telesales And WhatsApp Marketing To Close Sales Faster

Depending on the products you specialize in or prioritize to sell, this strategy might differ on a case-to-case basis. However, the basic idea is applicable to all e-commerce businesses alike, no matter what and to whom you want to sell through WhatsApp marketing.

Here is a simple 6-step process for harnessing the collective power of telesales and WhatsApp marketing:

Step-1: Send a WhatsApp Broadcast

Send out a message to all the subscribers and customers about the product, deal, or offer you want to promote. This first step is simply meant to grab their attention! If you’re new to running WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, read this.

Step-2:  Make your broadcast as interactive as possible

Let’s face it, your customers aren’t going to fall for a random product pitch or a message just greeting them. Try to make your WhatsApp broadcast interactive by adding buttons.

WhatsApp Business API lets you add buttons, for example, three buttons can be placed against a simple hook “would you like to place an order now?”
YES button  (redirect to the website upon clicking)
No button
Later (remind them again in 24h)

Basically, keep a leeway for the recipient to interact or take some action directly from the broadcast message.

If you don’t know what interactive messages on WhatsApp are, read this.

Step-3: If They Press YES, Call Right Away To Convert!

If the recipient of your WhatsApp broadcast presses yes, call them instantly to confirm the order. It shortens the buying cycle and makes it easy for the recipient to ask for customizations. You can also take this opportunity to answer their questions and address concerns so they can complete the transaction quickly without any second thoughts.

For example, if your Shopify store is all about selling fashion goods, ask your customer for extra alterations or sleeve customizations.

A good WhatsApp marketing solution like can be integrated with your telesales solution seamlessly for timely hand-offs. Book a demo with us here.

Step-4: If They Press The NO or LATER Button, Follow Up Smartly!

If they do not press the yes interested button, follow up your broadcast with an engagement campaign on WhatsApp sharing reviews or content that helps showcase the value of the product you were promoting.

WhatsApp Business lets you send videos, images, and even pdfs in a broadcast! Utilize the power of interactive media to maximize engagement and improve the chances of conversion in the next touchpoint.

At this point, we encourage looking into WhatsApp marketing automation to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Step-5: Send Out Transactional Alerts On WhatsApp

A key part of WhatsApp sales is to ensure there is communication throughout the purchase cycle. So once, you have converted a recipient into a customer, make sure you send out transactional alerts on WhatsApp too. Make sure to send out timely order status alerts to keep your customers engaged and excited about their purchases.

Remember that you can deliver a great post-purchase experience with proactive communication over WhatsApp.

Step-6: Request Feedback on WhatsApp

Once the order is delivered, use WhatsApp again to request feedback on the experience of purchase. This helps you improve your telesales services and also your product.

Again, doing this over WhatsApp has a much higher likelihood of your customers engaging since they use it more than any other app!

Should you use Telesales and WhatsApp Business Together?

Ideally, you want your sales cycle to be as short as possible. The more time it takes for a customer to get from learning about your product to actually buying it, the more likely it is that they'll get distracted along the way and forget about you.

But how do you shorten your sales cycle and get customers from "interested" to "buy now" quicker? Telesales and WhatsApp marketing can help!

Telesales adds an element of human touch in the experience and gives you an opportunity to answer customer queries on the go, helping them reach a purchase decision faster. But you need to ensure that if you are taking this route, telesales is the last stop and you are able to take an order on the call—if you are going to call them and then send them a link to your website to go and make a purchase, the cycle becomes too long and you may lose the customer.

Also, we recommend telesales and WhatsApp business marketing if you are into selling:

- high-value items, or,

- items that require specific inputs/ customizations from the customer’s end

Explore Telesales and WhatsApp Business with

There is no debate about the sheer power and beauty of using WhatsApp business for driving WhatsApp sales. However, to ease the use of WhatsApp for better sales, has all the right tools for you. QuickReply can automate Whatsapp marketing and provide complete analytics around it to help you better your campaign strategy. can automate marketing over WhatsApp using various features. Some of our most celebrated features are:

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- Repeat purchase: QuickReply can win back customers with timely and automated WhatsApp reminders.

- Cross-selling: You can send automated recommendations for the next purchase based on the user's last purchase.

- Order Updates: Keep your customers assured and thrilled to receive their product by sending an order confirmation. With QuickReply, you can automate WhatsApp order status alerts.

- Review and feedback: QuickReply can automatically collect feedback from users after their purchase, and publish it to your store. We integrate with all major review apps for the same.

What’s more? You can even set up customized WhatsApp marketing campaigns on Take your WhatsApp sales to the next level by setting the cadence right with

We are an AI-enabled platform with an endeavor to simply end all your searches on how to use WhatsApp for sales. We’ve got you covered! You can grow your Shopify store by ensuring customer delight.

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There’s so much you can do right from winning back customers to converting COD orders to pre-paid. Request a free demo to see how QuickReply can leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing automation to get your business to the next level. To get started, check out the free templates for the e-commerce calendar for 2022.


Q1. What time of day is ideal for WhatsApp marketing?

Ans: No matter what day of the week it is, the most popular time to send a text campaign is at noon. We also discovered that the majority of clicks occurred at 12 in messages with links. This revealed that consumers acted almost immediately after receiving a message.

Q2. How can I get people to buy my product on WhatsApp?

Ans: The proven ways to reach people for buying the product on WhatsApp are:

Utilize a mobile device for work.

Employ WhatsApp Web.

Request phone numbers.

Activate your WhatsApp account.

Add the numbers of your clients.

Make a list of broadcasts.

Send engaging content.

Q3. How WhatsApp marketing helps in closing sales?

Ans: Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, WhatsApp can help you reach out to your customers and clients and increase your sales. Here are some ways how WhatsApp marketing helps in closing sales:

1. It creates an emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

2. Makes it easier for brands to interact with their customers on a personal level.

3. It gives customers the opportunity to ask questions about the product/service directly from the brand.

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