Sell on Whatsapp: Shorten the Sales Cycle With Checkout Links on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is becoming a popular channel for businesses to not just keep their customers engaged, but also get them to actively buy from them. So far, businesses have been using the approach of sending personalized messages and linking out to their website to drive people from the messaging channel to the store, in the hope of making a purchase.

But think about the number of times we click on a link from promotional messages and then go on to complete the purchase - not too many.

That’s exactly why we found a way to turn WhatsApp into WhatsApp commerce. Here’s how you can sell on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API features.

Sell on WhatsApp using checkout links

At, we are always finding new ways to make use of the features offered by WhatsApp Business API, chatbots and automations. Here’s a workflow we now recommend to shorten the sales cycle on the messaging platform to get more conversions:

1. Set Up Your Whatsapp Business Catalog

A catalog typically displays all the products you sell on your WhatsApp Business profile. Here, you can add product names, product pictures, a description and even prices of items that you want to sell or actively promote on the messaging app.

cakes store

2. Run Whatsapp Broadcasts

Once you have the catalog set up, the next step is to bring your customer’s attention to it. To do this, you need to run WhatsApp broadcast campaigns that are focused on the products you have added to the catalog, along with any deals and discounts you may be running on it. Make sure you keep the actionable from your message very clear - in this case, adding items from the WhatsApp catalog to the cart.

3. Nudge Consumers To Add Products To Cart

Running WhatsApp broadcasts to promote your WhatsApp catalog products is one thing. But as we all know, getting a consumer to act on a promotion is easier said than done. That’s why you need to automate follow-up campaigns to your WhatsApp broadcasts to nudge buyers to take action. This can be in the form of offering shopping assistance or deals and discounts to make the purchase more lucrative.

4. Send Our Checkout Links

Once the product from a WhatsApp catalog is added to cart, with a WhatsApp Business API solution like, you can generate a checkout link. This checkout link basically lets the consumer who added a product to the cart on WhatsApp, be taken to the checkout page directly - this cuts out all the step in between that require a consumer to click through WhatsApp, reach the store, search for the product, add it to cart and then move to checkout.

your cart

5. Set Up Recovery Automation

Statistics have found that almost 65% of consumers abandon products at checkout. This can happen because of a number of reasons - from the cart total to distractions, shipping rates and more, cart abandonment is a common problem for online retailers. That’s why you also need to set up cart recovery automation on WhatsApp.

With, we help you set up abandoned cart recovery automation workflows. This includes sending out a cart reminder, followed up with social proof to nudge the buyer to make a purchase, offering shopping assistance, giving out a deal or discount on the cart total or simply creating FOMO around the product availability.

This has helped businesses recover upto 45% of abandoned carts. The timely follow-ups and conversations lead to faster checkouts. See how Attic Salt does it.

Learn more about abandoned cart recovery on WhatsApp here.

Start Selling On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is fast evolving with the WhatsApp Business API adding more features to the messaging app every few weeks. The messaging app is focused on enabling businesses to grow faster by helping them keep their customers proactively engaged where they are the most active otherwise too.

With, we want to make it easier for businesses to capture and leverage the features of WhatsApp Business API.

We’ve built out a checkout flow that makes use of the conversational approach to selling using the WhatsApp Business feature of catalogs, combining it with ecommerce features like checkout links to make selling easier.


Q1. How do you pay on WhatsApp?
By hitting the share file icon and choosing "payment," users can send money immediately through chat. The shortcut menu contains a section called "payment." In that part, users can view their account information and transaction history.

Q2. Can I sell via WhatsApp?
Yes. You can make a WhatsApp group and invite people by sending them a joining link. This will assist you in building a community and selling your products.

Q3. How do I integrate a shopping cart into WhatsApp?
Select More options > Business tools > Catalog from the drop-down menu. More options > Settings are available. To make carts visible to your customers, enable Add to cart.

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