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Attic Salt doubles conversions on cart recovery and promotional WhatsApp marketing campaigns

How QuickReply.ai helped attic salt to run WhatsApp campaigns to achieve 57% recovery for abandoned carts, optimize conversion and boost sales.


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Attic Salt doubles conversions on cart recovery and promotional WhatsApp marketing campaigns - Case Study via QuickReply.ai
Fashion & Apparel
Abandon Cart Recovery

“QuickReply.ai has enabled us to use WhatsApp marketing at scale for our promotions, cart recovery campaigns and customer engagement. The WhatsApp chatbots and automations have been very helpful in handling high volume queries and have reduced the manual intervention required to a major extent.”

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Anvita Rao
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See how this fashion and apparel brand uses WhatsApp marketing.


About Attic Salt

Attic Salt is an online fashion and apparel brand that aims to bring the work of local artisans to the forefront. The brand is known for its beautifully done handcrafted embellishment techniques on western silhouettes, creating affordable luxury for customers that seek exclusivity.


As an online business in a fast-moving and competitive market, Attic Salt’s biggest challenge was proactive communication with its customers. This included running promotions for customer engagement, abandoned cart recovery and offering customer support at different stages of the buying cycle.

Following a series of campaigns with low open and engagement rates, the brand started to explore channels commonly used by their audience. Upon research, they uncovered that more than 90% of their target customers actively used WhatsApp for their day-to-day communication.

Attic Salt started to research solutions that would help them put the WhatsApp Business API to use, and found QuickReply.ai.


After a few discovery calls with Attic Salt, the team at QuickReply.ai was able to understand the challenges faced by the brand and came up with a concrete plan to put conversational marketing on WhatsApp to address them all.

Using the WhatsApp Business API, QuickReply.ai helped the Attic Salt set up the following campaigns:

1. WhatsApp broadcast promotions

The very first campaign that Attic Salt set up on WhatsApp was a broadcast campaign. This helped them get their new launches, active discounts and deals noticed instantly by their customers.

Attic Salt set up a WhatsApp broadcast campaign using QuickReply.ai. With the first use case of the WhatsApp Business API, the brand was able to get their active deals, discounts, offers and new launches noticed almost instantly by their customers.

Here’s an example from one of the WhatsApp broadcast campaigns they automated with QuickReply.ai:

Promotional message sent to Attic Salt customers

2. Chatbots for customer engagement

To actively engage their customers on WhatsApp, Attic Salt also set up chatbot workflows with the help of QuickReply.ai. The chatbots are set up to automate about 70% of the conversation on the messaging app, helping the brand address common queries like product sizing, information on discounts, shipping and delivery information, and similar.

They are actively using chatbots to offer a guided buying journey to their customers and offer timely support to address their pre-purchase anxiety, nudging more conversions.

3. Abandoned cart recovery campaigns

Attic Salt was experiencing a high cart abandonment rate despite offering the best deals and discounts to their customers. With the help of QuickReply.ai, they set up abandoned cart reminders on WhatsApp to recover their lost sales.

But to make their abandoned cart recovery more fool-proof, they created a series of campaigns focused on tapping into consumer psychology to bring them back to the site. This included the following approach:

  1. Sending out a subtle reminder 
  2. Following up with the product USP and value proposition 
  3. Creating FOMO around the abandoned product 
  4. Requesting feedback on the item
REMINDER 1 - after 15 mins
A casual nudge


REMINDER 2 - after 4 hours
Telling them why this is unique


REMINDER 3 - after 2 days
FOMO for stock going out
REMINDER 4 - after 5 days
Nudge with a request for feedback

The Results

The fashion and apparel brand runs one monthly promotional campaign with WhatsApp broadcasts using QuickReply.ai. With the ability to personalize their promotional campaigns, the brand has been able to get the following results:

  • 18,000 messages sent
  • 1183 link clicks
  • 6.6% click-through rate
  • 3.72% conversion rate

With their abandoned cart recovery campaign set up on WhatsApp, the brand could send out timely reminders alongside visual nudges to bring back shoppers to the website - they used no discounts throughout the journey to re-engage these shoppers. As a result of the campaign approach, the brand was able to see:

  • 10% decrease in cart abandonment rate
  • 57% increase in abandoned cart recovery
  • 24.7% conversion rate

Using chatbots and WhatsApp marketing automation with the help of QuickReply.ai, Attic Salt has doubled its customer engagement and increased the average customer lifetime value through conversations.

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