7 Ways to Use WhatsApp List Messages to Drive Better Engagement and Conversions

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WhatsApp is a medium that offers a wide array of tools and features modeled for ecommerce businesses. And for this reason, it has quickly become one of the most preferred channels for eCommerce businesses to run promotions on. One such key feature unlocked and offered by the WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp list messages. 

WhatsApp list messages are a type of WhatsApp interactive message that can have a great impact on positively driving engagement in WhatsApp campaigns. 

With the WhatsApp Business API, you can set up these list messages where you can include a list of up to ten options, making it easier for your customers to interact with your business. This feature offers great marketing potential for businesses but it is not being leveraged well by eCommerce brands.

So, we decided to list out some ideas on how to use WhatsApp list messages for better customer engagement.

Different Ways to Use Interactive WhatsApp List Messages

Properly leveraging WhatsApp interactive messages can do wonders for your customer engagement rate and other conversion metrics. But this is often an overlooked feature which has a lot of potential when used rightly. 

Here are a few ways to effectively use WhatsApp list messages to improve engagement and conversions: 

1. To Collect Customer Feedback

WhatsApp marketing is more than just plain promotions. One of the obvious ways in which you can leverage WhatsApp list messages is by using them to collect customer feedback.

A good customer feedback collection system is crucial in improving and enhancing any business effort. And for this reason, a dynamic and engaging method for feedback data collection is necessary. 

And WhatsApp is a great platform for doing exactly that.

You can ask customers questions about your products/services but instead of a normal message, you can employ a WhatsApp interactive message to collect responses.  You can send out WhatsApp list messages that offer dynamic options as answers to make it simpler for customers to drop their feedback.

Using WhatsApp list messages, you may ask for feedback in a number of situations, such as after a purchase has been delivered and when it has been completed. You can also ask for comments related to a product or a collection. With an easy, simple and engaging feedback collection system, businesses can get more meaningful insight from their customers. If you are looking for more info on effective feedback collection using WhatsApp interactive messages, our article on the same can give you some valuable pointers.

2. To Share Purchase Policies

Brand policies on various aspects of business often confuse a lot of customers. And customers need to know the brand policies on return, refund, exchange, try and buy, reward programs etc - it is also important that these policies are communicated with audiences so as to decrease any such confusions that are bound to arise. 

Using WhatsApp interactive messages, create a comprehensive and understandable list of brand policies on these matters. 

Customers prefer brand transparency on such matters and by doing this, you communicate that you promote brand trust and add legitimacy to your business. One of the main causes of a customer's buying anxiety is their uncertainty over brand policies.

To see better conversion brands should convey their policies in a manner that the customers can access and understand easily. You may efficiently achieve this with the use of WhatsApp's list message function. 

3. To Display Your Menu/ Collections 

Another major and maybe most popular and common use of WhatsApp list messages in marketing is to display the menu or the product collections of a brand. 

A product menu is crucial for any business so as to provide customers with an easy look into the options the brand has to offer. This is also where the brand can showcase its best sellers and popular products. 

With WhatsApp list messages, you can display categories of all the products that you sell in a more dynamic and engaging manner.

Even though it won’t have the complete effect of a brick-and-mortar store, using WhatsApp list message templates, businesses can provide a clear overview of the products that the brand houses with their menu. 

A strong WhatsApp list of products and categories significantly simplifies the shopping experience for buyers. It can help them choose and decide on the products that they want to further explore rather than having difficulty navigating everything. And a company will inevitably be able to witness better engagement and conversion as a result of streamlining the customer's buying experience. 

4. To List Out FAQs

Whatever the sector or industry might be, businesses will have a few numbers of support questions that pop up too often. This is even more common when it comes to eCommerce businesses. And responding to them can consume a significant amount of time that your support staff could use to address more crucial inquiries. For this reason, FAQs are of critical importance to any eCommerce business. When it comes to increasing engagement and conversions, FAQs are sometimes overlooked.

Using WhatsApp list messages, you can easily compile a list of the most frequently asked questions about your company’s products/services. No matter what the business is, the questions that pop up around each product can remain common; like size guides, product coloring, the material used, fit, compatibility etc. 

You can compile a helpful FAQ or customer service menu in the form of WhatsApp list messages by identifying these frequently asked queries.

Your support chatbot can easily send out the FAQs list and filter more important queries to be attended to by your live agents. This can easily solve many doubts the customer might have without them having to reach out to you directly for support.

5. To Qualify Leads

When running an eCommerce venture resources and time matter greatly. Determining which leads are worthwhile to pursue and invest resources in, as well as weeding out those that are unlikely to yield anything, is therefore crucial. You can considerably improve your lead qualification with interactive WhatsApp list messages.

Let’s say you are a brand that sells custom-fit apparel online. Your marketing efforts will be set to reach audiences and attract potential buyers. 

When you run an ad promoting your product and generate a new lead, you can use a WhatsApp list message to qualify that lead and see if it’s worth pursuing. You can list out options for customizations in the clothing or accessories that you can offer.

This way a customer can check the WhatsApp list message and see if the specifics and customization options of your products align with their requirements. If none of the options matches the customer’s needs, it means that the lead is not likely to be converted and hence can be moved into your cold list. 

By weeding out these leads, your team is free to focus on converting other promising leads.

6. To Nurture Leads

Just as you filter out cold leads, it is equally essential that you pursue and nurture leads that have sales potential. Most of the leads, a.k.a your potential customers, will approach your brand and might browse through your products and consider their choices. But even if they have zeroed down on something, many buyers need a nudge to ultimately make their purchase decisions. And sometimes a well-timed and well-crafted WhatsApp list message can be that all-important nudge.

Coming back to the above example, if a customer does want one of the customizations that your brand has to offer, you can send out a list message that contains the step-by-step process a customer needs to take for customizing. 

The message can even ask customers to send their size, preferred color etc. You can both nurture your leads as well as engage buyers while collecting relevant info simultaneously.

7. To Offer Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are highly effective in boosting conversions and can help open up doors for more potential sales. It is one of the best ways to follow up with buyers when they complete a purchase or browse to show interest in any of your products.

Based on the browsing behavior and history of a customer, you can display different product recommendations on a WhatsApp list message. Instead of just sending them a link to your products, you can list out the options they have and make a more engaging recommended products list. 

Customers can easily navigate product recommendations this way. By increasing the efficiency of your product recommendations, you create a higher probability of conversion and repeat sales.

Leverage WhatsApp List Messages for Better Engagement!

WhatsApp list messages are a great feature when it comes to dynamically engaging and connecting with your brand’s audiences. There are a number of ways to use WhatsApp’s interactive list messages for maximum positive output. You can combine them with automation for the best results to get people to convert and stay engaged.

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