How Can eCommerce Subscription Brands Use WhatsApp for Marketing

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In recent years, WhatsApp Business has gained immense popularity among businesses for various purposes, such as addressing frequently asked questions, offering product information, showcasing catalogs, and facilitating seamless payments. However, its advantages go beyond these features. 

With an astonishing 98% open rate and the potential for up to 60% conversions, WhatsApp Business has emerged as an ideal communication channel for all kinds of businesses, particularly those in the subscription industry with extensive offerings and communication needs. 

In this blog, we will delve into the various methods of implementing WhatsApp marketing for subscription businesses, providing a comprehensive discussion. So let's begin exploring the details!

What are eCommerce subscription businesses? 

eCommerce subscription businesses are online businesses that offer products or services on a recurring basis to customers who have subscribed to a membership or subscription plan. Customers pay a recurring fee, typically monthly or quarterly, to receive a curated selection of products or access to specific services. 

The products or services provided can vary widely, ranging from physical goods like cosmetics, clothing, or food to digital offerings like software subscriptions, streaming services, or online courses. For example, Sugarbox provides an element of suspense with its subscription boxes as it delivers 7-8 surprise goodies across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food. Not knowing what to expect creates excitement and motivates customers to place orders. 

Another great example is Stylecracker which helps you create your own style after profoundly understanding your personality, likes, dislikes, budget, etc. After you fill out an online form with all the details, a celebrity stylist curates a box considering your unique taste. 

While suspense creates excitement, the competition in subscription-based businesses is fierce. But this is where WhatsApp marketing can help you engage and retain customers longer. So, let’s see how you can use WhatsApp marketing to grow your eCommerce subscription businesses. 

How subscription businesses can use WhatsApp for marketing?

So far, WhatsApp is being used by DTC brands to send broadcasts around their ongoing deals and discounts. But here’s how we think WhatsApp marketing can be uniquely used for the eCommerce subscription business: 

1. Whatsapp broadcasts to promote subscriptions

Brands can use WhatsApp broadcasts to send promotional messages and show customers how much money they can save with a monthly box. Highlighting the cost-saving benefit indeed acts as a motivating factor for customers to take action. 

For example, let’s say you are a clothing brand curating a personalized selection of trendy items and delivering it to customers’ doorsteps. But you still have a long list of existing customers who have not yet subscribed to the monthly box. 

Here’s a broadcast message you can send out to lure in these customers:

🎁 FashionBox: Unleash Your Style with a Whopping 25% Discount! 💰🛍️

Hey there! Did you know that subscribing to our FashionBox can save you big on your trendy purchases? 🤩 By signing up for our monthly box, you'll receive handpicked clothing and accessories worth $200, but you'll only pay $150! That's a 25% discount! 💃

Tap the link below to subscribe and start enjoying your monthly surprises: [Subscription link]

Remember that customers can hardly resist a great discount offer from brands they love. So, get started and send in an offer that initiates action! 

2. Send timely order reminders 

eCommerce subscription boxes thrive on suspense and excitement. Sending order reminders to inform customers about the upcoming delivery maintains that sense of excitement. 

For example, let's consider a subscription model where customers have signed up for a three-month plan to receive three boxes of products. After the first box is delivered, keeping customers engaged and looking forward to the subsequent deliveries is essential. Sending a reminder before the second box is due can help maintain their excitement and anticipation.

Remember that timely notifications also give customers peace of mind and avoid any confusion. It’s essential, especially with new customers, as building trust in a brand takes time. So keeping them updated will gradually take you there. 

3. Offer easy rescheduling options 

Customers keep returning to brands that provide them with a high degree of convenience. And a stress-free option of rescheduling on WhatsApp, the app they use the most, is the way to go.

For example, your customer is out of station when the second box is due for delivery. Provide them with a hassle-free option of rescheduling at their convenience. All they need to do is send a message on WhatsApp with a delivery date that works for them when they receive an automated WhatsApp shipping notification.  

4. Offer an easy way to pause 

Offering an easy way to pause a subscription is a valuable feature that can help retain customers who may be temporarily unable to receive their subscription boxes. Instead of canceling their subscription altogether, providing customers with the option to pause allows them to suspend their deliveries temporarily. 

Informing customers about this option will ensure they don’t directly run towards canceling subscriptions. Instead, it shows that you understand their situation and are willing to accommodate their temporary absence. Moreover, it eliminates the need for customers to re-subscribe and potentially lose any benefits or discounts they had previously.

5. Give them a way to build their box on WhatsApp

Imagine a world where building your dream monthly box subscription is as easy as sending a message on WhatsApp. No more tedious website browsing or back-and-forth emails requesting changes – just a seamless, hassle-free experience delivered right to your doorstep.

This is precisely what your target customers need. First, engage with them through questions to understand their preferences, recommend products that align with their tastes, and curate a personalized monthly subscription box based on their interests. Then, to add an extra touch, you can surprise them by offering a discount on their eagerly anticipated next box.

For instance, imagine you offer subscription boxes for baby products at three price points: 1000 INR, 2000 INR, and 3000 INR. To simplify the decision-making process for customers, you can categorize the products into various sections, such as diapers, baby food, toys, clothing, and other essentials. 

Here’s an example of how lovevery created different types of subscription boxes based on the growing stages of a baby. They have a subscription box for all growth stages, from one month to forty-eight months. 

As the baby grows, customers may want to adjust their orders. So it's important to stay vigilant and assist them in updating their requirements via WhatsApp. Showcasing them their options will help cultivate a loyal customer base that trusts and values your brand.

6. Use it for payment confirmation

Picture this: you're a consumer eagerly awaiting your monthly subscription box. You've set up automatic payments, expecting a hassle-free experience. But your payment fails, and you fear your subscription will be canceled. 

Instead, you receive an alert on WhatsApp and the option to pay for your next box right there! Thanks to the RBI guidelines, this is more common now than ever. Therefore, assisting customers with seamless transactions will show you never leave them clueless at any point. 

7. Keep your customers engaged  

Your monthly subscribers are already content with the products you offer. With a single message, you can instantly alert them to the arrival of new and trending products, giving them the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to own them. They will feel valued and appreciated, knowing that you prioritize their satisfaction and go the extra mile to keep them informed.

Also, through WhatsApp updates, you can offer them exclusive discounts and special offers that are unavailable to the general public. Whether it's a limited-time promotion, a flash sale, or a personalized discount tailored to their preferences, WhatsApp becomes a direct channel for delivering these enticing incentives.

Now imagine an eCommerce subscription business sending subscribers monthly curated beauty and skincare products. With WhatsApp updates, they can inform customers about the latest beauty trends, new product launches, and exclusive offers. 

For example, they can announce a limited edition collaboration with a luxury skincare brand through WhatsApp, allowing subscribers to pre-order before it's available to the public. Such exclusive offers keep customers engaged with a brand and waiting for more. 

8 Send product recommendations  

Subscription businesses can leverage WhatsApp to enhance customer experience by sending personalized product recommendations. For instance, let's consider a coffee subscription service. After analyzing the customer's preferences and purchase history, the business can use WhatsApp to send tailored suggestions for complementary products, such as mugs. 

Similarly, you can inform customers about your latest subscription boxes and their uniqueness. Here’s an example of a subscription box curated by Drinktrade, especially for coffee enthusiasts. 

The idea here is to reach customers with the best of your offerings straight into their inboxes. 

9. Give renewal reminders to customers  

Subscription businesses can effectively send renewal reminders to customers on WhatsApp. To begin with, businesses can integrate their subscription management systems with WhatsApp's Business API. This integration allows them to set up automated messages triggered by specific events, such as upcoming subscription expirations. 

For example, a subscription box service that delivers gourmet snacks can send a renewal reminder to customers via WhatsApp, stating, "Hi, we hope you've been enjoying our delicious snacks! Your subscription is about to expire in two days. So don't miss out on next month's amazing selection. Simply reply 'Renew' to continue your subscription."

Businesses can also personalize the renewal reminders with images or even interactive buttons to facilitate the renewal process. A Renew Now button will allow customers to process the renewal instantly without the need to navigate to a separate website or application. 

Therefore, incorporating WhatsApp into the renewal process will enable subscription businesses to establish a direct communication channel, resulting in higher engagement and renewal rates. 


Despite eCommerce businesses' immense growth and potential, many have yet to tap into the power of subscription boxes. Unfortunately, this untapped opportunity is a missed chance to establish recurring revenue streams, build customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value. 

With QuickReply.Ai, you can seamlessly implement and manage subscription services using WhatsApp. Features like real-time notifications, automated responses, and customized messaging help businesses engage customers, offer them tailored promotions, and gather valuable feedback. So, stop being confused and frustrated with how subscription eCommerce businesses work. 

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