Year-End WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign Ideas To Close With More Sales And Revenue

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How to use WhatsApp broadcast to increase sales and revenue before the year ends.

As the year comes to an end, retailers get busy doing two things—promoting products to boost end-of-year revenue, and preparing for the new year.

And that’s where WhatsApp broadcast marketing comes in. But to do it right, you need the best WhatsApp campaign ideas. 

Get a headstart with these WhatsApp broadcast ideas and examples to 10X your end-of-year sales and revenue.

12 WhatsApp broadcast campaign ideas and 24 WhatsApp broadcast examples

1. Promote deals and discounts

Year-end is a time when consumers tend to shop a lot. With festivals and the holiday season around, everyone’s on a shopping spree. And eCommerce brands make the most by offering discounts and deals to boost sales. Here are some templates for WhatsApp campaign ideas around discounts and deals.

Hi (customer name)

Save more 💲 before this year ends. Don’t miss out on the best ever deals 🔥 and discounts on (website link).

Explore deals for yourself, ✨ your loved ones, gifting, 🎁 and more. 

CTA: Shop now

Hey (customer name)

It’s your last chance this year to buy your favorite items at up to 25% off.

The sale is live now. 🎊 Grab the best offers and celebrate with us! 🎉

CTA: Shop now

2. Run limited-period deals

While customers are in a shopping frenzy, you can create more excitement by running limited-period deals, flash sales, etc. Create urgency and FOMO to boost sales. Here are some WhatsApp broadcast ideas you can use.

It’s now or never, (customer name)!

Catch the flash sale on our site NOW! Grab your favorites 🛍️ while they’re still available.

Everything’s up to 25% off! Shop 🛒 and save big 💰

CTA: Shop sale

Just for today, we’re running 20% off on select items.

Head to (site link) and get the best deals ever from our year-end sale. Use code 👉


CTA: Shop now

3. Promote your bestsellers

Another way to boost sales during the year-end season is to sell more of the best-selling products on your website. As these products are already popular, it’s a sure way to increase sales. Moreover, you could offer deals on these bestsellers to boost sales. And here are some WhatsApp broadcast examples you can use:

You don’t want to miss our bestsellers at a 15% discount, do you?

Shop all the best and most loved items from our sale and celebrate ✨ new year with us. 🎉

Use code: BEST15

CTA: Shop sale

Hi (customer name),

Do you know what you missed this year? Our (product name). It’s one of the most-bought items on our site. And you can buy 🛍️ it at a 10% discount. Only today!

CTA: Shop now

4. Promote the low-selling items

Another of your year-end WhatsApp broadcast campaigns could be promotions on low-selling items. Year-end is also a time to get rid of all the cold stock in your inventory. There might be items that didn’t do well in terms of sales or were stocked in excess. An excellent way to reduce this deadstock before you start the new year is to run flash sales or discounts on such items. Here are some templates:

Make the most 💰by buying from the best year-end deals on our website.

Select your favorite accessories, footwear, and clothes from our flash sale 🛍️🛍️🛍️ for up to 25 % discounts.

CTA: Shop flash sale

Hi (customer name),

For this festive and holiday season, we’ve curated a special edit we think you will love 😍 

CTA: Shop now

CTA: Browse our year-end season lookbook

5. Send out a thank you discount

Another WhatsApp broadcast marketing strategy for year-end campaigns you can run is appreciation messages. It’s the end of the year, and you may want to thank your most loyal customers for buying from you throughout the year. So you can send them a thank you message and a discount code as a token of appreciation. Here’s how: 

We’ve had a great year with you, (customer name)!

And we want to say thank you. Here’s your 20% discount code: 20NEW

Explore our special year-end collection and save 💰

CTA: Shop now

As we say goodbye to this year and bring in the new year ✨✨, we want to thank you for always being with us.

Use the discount code NY20 at checkout.

CTA: 👉 Take me to the sale

6. Promote upcoming products

The new year is a time for new beginnings, and you might launch some new products. Year-end is a good time to start promoting those products. You can run WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, such as pre-orders, discounts, etc., to assess the demand for your new product. Moreover, it will help you secure your new year sales, too. Try these templates:

Hi (name),

To make the end of the year special ✨✨ for you, we have an exclusive offer for you.

Checkout our newly launched (product name) and avail 10% off if you order it within the next 2 days

Hurry. Offer valid till (date)

Apply code at checkout: WISh20

Hi (name),

We’re introducing our new (product name) tonight! (add product link and image)

Be the first to order and win shopping 🛒 vouchers during the festive season.

CTA: Shop now 

7. Promote bundles

Another way to boost year-end sales is to promote bundles. Create bundles of products. For example, bundle a bestseller with a low-selling product. Or two products that are usually bought together. Offer a discount on the bundles so customers are easily motivated to purchase the bundles.

Two is better than one! Shop 🛒 any of the bundles. Pay 20% less.

Our bundle sale starts now! 🎉

CTA: Shop now

We’ve paired up 👠 stilettos + 🧣scarf only for $99

Avail this red hot deal before the year ends, or it’s gone forever. 

CTA: Buy now

8. Send a WhatsApp broadcast to request feedback

Year-end is a time to look back at the year gone by. Brands usually assess what worked well and what didn’t in the year. And one of the best ways to understand that is to ask customers. That’s where WhatsApp broadcasts come in—send messages to request feedback. Here are some templates you can use.

Hi (customer name),

End this year with more discounts, shop more 🛍. But before that, take a few moments to share your feedback with us.

Let us know what you like 👍 about us and how we can improve your experience.

CTA: Share feedback and unlock the discount

We’d love it if you could share your feedback with us.

And take a 10% discount on your next purchase.

CTA: Share feedback

9. Send cross-sell WhatsApp broadcast 

An exciting strategy that only a few retailers try is cross-selling before year-end. Customers would have bought many things for which you can cross-sell corresponding items. For example, you could cross-sell belts or shirts for customers who've bought pants. However, remember to segment your customers and cross-sell only relevant products. Here are some templates you can use:

Celebrate 🎊 new year 🎉 by availing 20% discount. Pair your recently purchased (product name) with (product name) to unlock the discount.

Grab this offer soon!

CTA: Buy now

Hi (customer name),

Hope you’re loving your (product name). Now buy the (product name) to go with it.

It’s available at 20% OFF until New Year’s eve.

Hurry! Shop now

10. Interactive campaigns

Another WhatsApp broadcast marketing idea that works brilliantly is interactive campaigns. 88% of marketers say interactive content effectively differentiates their brand from competitors. Think quizzes, contests, giveaways, lucky draws, spin-the-wheel campaigns, and QR codes, among others. Here are some ideas. 

Hi (name)

To kickstart the new year , we’re ending this year with a lucky draw contest.

10 lucky people stand a chance to win shopping vouchers worth $200 each.

CTA: Click to participate

Hi (name)

5 lucky people can win goodie bags with surprise gifts. 

To participate, all you have to do is 

- Refer 2 friends 

- If your friends purchase from our year-end sale, you enter the lucky draw

CTA: Click to refer friends 

11. Send reminders and sneak peeks

Send reminders via WhatsApp broadcast to ensure your customers remember your year-end offers. For example, send reminders when your discounts and offers go live, for upcoming product launches, when you add new items to the sales, etc. Here are some templates you can use:

Hey (customer name),

Our pre-New Year sale is just 3 days away.

All Products up to 50% OFF. Make your selection before the sale begins.

CTA: Check out the sale

Waiting for our year-end specials, (customer name)?

Take a sneak peek at what we have lined up for you from all your favorite brands so you can buy them before they get sold out.

CTA: Show me the sale

12. Abandoned cart campaigns 

Most online stores offer deals and discounts during the year end season. And so customers are going to get distracted by other deals while they shop on your website. As a result, there could be high cart abandonment rates. But you can revive these lost sales via WhatsApp campaigns.  

We see you’ve forgotten some items in your cart.

They’re running out fast. Grab them before they’re gone!

CTA: Buy now

Hi (customer name),

You left an item in your cart, but we’ve saved it for you.

Enjoy 5% off if you buy it today.

CTA: Buy now

Read more: If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our blog here.

How to get started with your year-end WhatsApp broadcast marketing?

If you’re looking to get started with your WhatsApp campaign ideas for the year-end, all you have to do is pick your campaign ideas from above, copy, paste, and tweak the templates.

There’s one more important thing you have to do – Install to automate your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns. 

Install on your Shopify store.

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