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How HairOriginals Generated ₹1 Lakh In Sales With A Test Budget of ₹242 By Retargeting Over WhatsApp

HairOriginals tapped into QuickReply.ai's “product browsing abandonment feature” to reach users who browsed but didn't add products to their cart, securing a 461x ROI from their WhatsApp campaign.


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Decoding Hair Originals’ 461x Product Retargeting WhatsApp Campaign
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HairOriginals, a fast-growing Indian brand, offers premium hair extensions and wigs crafted from natural human hair sourced from South Indian temples. Known for tackling issues like hair loss and thinning hair, their diverse product range includes hair toppers, invisible patches, and clip-in extensions. The brand gained recognition on Shark Tank, underlining its entrepreneurial spirit.

The Challenge

Despite its strong market presence and monthly traffic of approximately 30,000 visitors, HairOriginals encountered a common hurdle. Many visitors engaged with the product pages, exploring various offerings like hair toppers, extensions, and wigs. However, they did not add any items to their shopping cart. This behavior indicated a high initial interest that, unfortunately, did not translate into direct sales actions.

Previously, HairOriginals had effectively implemented retargeting strategies via WhatsApp to reconnect with customers who had abandoned their shopping carts. However, they had no effective mechanism to engage those who just browsed products without adding products to the cart.

Recognizing this gap, HairOriginals sought a solution that could harness the potential of these interactions and convert interest into tangible sales. Their goal was to maximize the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts and increase their overall conversion rate by effectively engaging visitors who showed initial interest but did not immediately commit to a purchase.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge of engaging users who showed interest but did not add products to their cart, HairOriginals collaborated with QuickReply.ai, their trusted WhatsApp marketing partner. Together, they decided to implement a newly developed strategy, the product browsing abandonment flow.

This innovative solution was specifically designed to target users who spent more than 15 seconds on a product page without proceeding to add items to their cart. The trigger for this flow is the duration of the visit, ensuring that only genuinely interested users are targeted.

Upon activation, the system sends a WhatsApp message to the user. This message includes a personalized prompt reflecting the user's interaction with the site and a 10% discount offer. It aims to nudge the user toward making a purchase, leveraging both personalization and a financial incentive to increase the likelihood of conversion.


The deployment of the product browsing abandonment flow proved highly effective for HairOriginals. The initiative led to significant outcomes, generating 19 orders from a marketing campaign costing only ₹242. This investment yielded an impressive revenue of ₹1,11,651, translating to a return on investment (ROI) of 461 times the initial expenditure.

The success of this strategy is further underscored by the conversion rate achieved—11.59%. This figure highlights the effectiveness of integrating targeted messaging with a financial incentive. By personalizing the approach and offering a discount, HairOriginals captured potential buyers' attention. They successfully converted their interest into actual sales, demonstrating the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies in boosting e-commerce performance.

How It Works

The QuickReply Shopify app plays a pivotal role in this solution by integrating a crucial component known as the Shopify Pixel. This element contains JavaScript code essential for tracking user behaviors on the site, specifically focusing on product browsing and add-to-cart activities. This sophisticated setup enables HairOriginals to monitor two main user actions: browsing through products or collections and adding items to the shopping cart.

Intelligent Event Trigger Mechanism

1. Event Streams in Action

The system actively monitors two key user activities: browsing product or collection pages, and adding items to the cart. This monitoring helps understand user engagement levels and patterns on the website.

2. Rules for Engagement

The system uses a defined engagement rule to ensure that marketing efforts are as efficient as possible. A minimum of 15 seconds on a product page is required to qualify as a meaningful interaction. This duration helps filter out users who accidentally land on the page or only briefly visit. Importantly, this threshold is customizable, allowing the brand to tailor the system better to suit different marketing strategies and customer engagement levels.


This case study shows how well QuickReply.ai's abandonment flows work by turning missed sales opportunities into real revenue. The ability to tell the difference between visitors who are just browsing and those who are seriously interested helps ensure that marketing efforts hit the right mark.

For brands looking to get more from their online efforts, QuickReply.ai offers practical solutions that work. They help you connect with potential customers right where they are—on WhatsApp. If your goal is to make your e-commerce store more successful, it might be worth giving QuickReply.ai a shot.

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