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eCommerce WhatsApp marketing for health and wellness online stores

Run WhatsApp broadcast, recover abandoned carts, offer customer support, send order status alerts on WhatsApp using QuickReply.ai.
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Why do online health and wellness stores need Shopify WhatsApp marketing?

Increasing competition
Online personal care, health and wellness product sales are projected to increase by $39.56 billion by 2024, indicating shift of purchase behaviour to ecommerce.
Rising customer acquisition costs
The cost of winning consumer trust and acquiring customers through social media and search ads, and other channels has increased by 60%.
Faster and proactive communication
WhatsApp enables instantaneous conversations to address queries, offering a 98% open rate and 45% click through rate on messages.

How online health and wellness stores use Shopify WhatsApp marketing?

QuickReply.ai enables personal care, health and wellness online stores to set up powerful WhatsApp marketing campaigns using the official WhatsApp Business API, eCommerce chatbots and custom automations..

Promote deals and availability of health and wellness products with WhatsApp broadcast messages

Use WhatsApp broadcast messages to promote the availability of personal care, health and wellness products on your store. 
With a 98% open rate on WhatsApp, use it to educate your buyers or promote ongoing deals and discounts on products with QuickReply.ai.
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Recover upto 47% of abandoned carts with WhatsApp marketing

Health and wellness online retailers see an average of 71% cart abandonment rate due to pre-purchase anxiety.
With QuickReply.ai you can set up automated abandoned cart reminders on WhatsApp, follow up to offer support or discounts to recover the lost sales.
Send social proof, exclusive discounts or offer support to convert abandoned carts into sales.

Send transactional messages and order alerts on WhatsApp

Personal care, health and wellness purchases can be time-critical. Don’t keep your customers in the dark!
Use WhatsApp marketing automations to send proactive updates like order confirmation and order status alerts to keep customers informed and engaged.
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Reduce NDRs with order confirmation on WhatsApp

Stop incurring reverse logistics and the risk of health and wellness products reaching the wrong hands or getting lost in transition.
Use WhatsApp marketing automation with QuickReply.ai to confirm orders and fulfilment addresses before shipping them out.

Convert COD to prepaid to reduce RTO

Cash on delivery orders see more than 40% returns and are also at the highest risk of being declined on delivery. 
QuickReply.ai enables you to convert COD orders to prepaid with smart WhatsApp marketing automation that entices the buyer to prepay by offering exclusive discounts, express shipping or stating the value of contactless deliveries.

Upsell and cross-sell with Shopify WhatsApp marketing

Use a consumer’s health and wellness needs to recommend more products for their own benefit.
QuickReply.ai helps you set up WhatsApp chatbots to upsell and cross-sell items based on a consumer’s purchase to get them to buy more from your store.
Leverage WhatsApp chatbots to send product recommendations, similar deals and more to upsell and cross-sell items from the store.

Request product reviews, ratings and testimonials through WhatsApp

Personal care, health and wellness products are case-sensitive and more than 70% consumers prefer researching reviews and ratings online before making a purchase.
With QuickReply.ai, we help you request customers for feedback on your products using WhatsApp, simplifying the process of submitting their reviews and ratings.
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Offer customer support to drive more conversions and sales

Health and wellness product needs vary from consumer to consumer, and are often confusing to understand through online descriptions.
Use WhatsApp for customer support to answer frequently asked questions, make recommendations based on individual needs and more to enable informed purchases.
Help your consumers make informed electronic purchases!
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Why choose QuickReply.ai for Shopify WhatsApp marketing?

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Built for eCommerce health and wellness stores
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Comes with 40+ pre-trained WhatsApp marketing chatbots
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Official WhatsApp Business API
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One Inbox For All Campaigns And Conversations
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Powerful personalization of WhatsApp marketing messages
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Powerful Analytics On WhatsApp Marketing
People on WhatsApp
Open Rate On campaigns
Boost In customer Engagement
Increase In abandoned cart recovery

Hundreds of Happy Customers All Around the World

“One of the finest product with a highly experienced team. They have a good team who understand needs very quickly and they are very fast in implementing. I would suggest if you have few employees and still want to make more numbers of customers interact with your brand, QuickReply.ai is the answer.”
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“To every problem, they have a solution. We came with different use cases and problem statements. At every junction, they guided us either with their suite of features or customised them for our needs. They take customer service seriously ensuring great response time. I always receive response within few mins and account management is right up to my expectations”
Deepak - Auric
Deepak Agarwal
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“Just getting started. It's pretty good at creating decent responses. I've got it working on both a web site and Facebook. I'm also impressed by the tech support on-line. I asked a few newbie questions, they gave me the responses I needed to go forward. Well done, guys!.”
Richard Berry
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