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WhatsApp Templates For
Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a casual slang for the day after Thanksgiving, considered as the first day of Christmas shopping. Many stores offer high discounts, huge offers and sales as early as Thanksgiving or at midnight. 

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year seen in the United States. occurs on the fourth Friday of November or on 1 November if the day is Friday. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Black Friday?

WhatsApp is a messenger platform who has high reach and high engagement with around 450 million monthly active users. The app is used globally and is a great solution for growing businesses to promote their brand and content. WhatsApp as a marketing tool helps businesses notify their subscribers about on-going deals and keeps them updated about the brand. 

As Black Friday is the busiest day of shopping, get your Ad campaign started through WhatsApp. Not only will it boost your sales, it’ll also benefit your business by improving communication with your customers and offering them instant support. 

Nudge your customers to go on a shopping spree by sending them Black Friday WhatsApp Chat Templates and alerting them about the deals they can’t afford to miss. Get your subscriber’s attention by announcing New Arrivals, Upsell and Cross Sell deals. 

Black Friday Free Shipping

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Black Friday Cross Sell

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Black Friday Clearance Sale

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Black Friday Flat Discount

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Black Friday Selected Item Sale

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Black Friday Sales Announcement

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Black Friday Percentage Discount

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Black Friday Limited Time Offer

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