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What is Halloween?

Celebrated every year on 31 October, Halloween is a popular American holiday. Childrens as well as adults enjoy this holiday. Halloween’s origin dates back to Celtic festival of Samhain. 

The holiday is celebrated by childrens dressing up in scary costumes when it gets dark and knocking door to door saying ‘Trick or Treat’ to receive treats like candies and sugary food. It’s the fourth most popular holiday after Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People go crazy over shopping on this particular day. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for  Halloween?

According to academics, most people use WhatsApp because it consists of various easy-to-use features. For example, a user can send photos, gifs, voice messages, videos as well as do a video call or make a normal call. With over 146 million ratings, WhatsApp is gaining more popularity day by day. For Businesses, WhatsApp is like a golden platform to engage with their customers and keep them updated. 

Get a scary and exciting WhatsApp Ad Campaign started by sending your customers Halloween themed creative Chat Templates. Match Halloween vibes with your subscribers and customers by alerting them about your latest Sale, Discounts and much more. 

Based on research, buyers complete their shopping before Halloween arrives. As an e-commerce store, you can attract more customers by putting ‘Early Bird’ offers and discounts. Send customised and automated messages to your customers with the help of QuickReply.ai. 

Stores can showcase Halloween themed products, mostly in colour orange and black. Brands can try giving candies as a freebie with every order made. Apart from this, a store can offer a mouth-dropping surprise for their customers by giving them Free Shipping or bringing a trending product Back In Stock. 

Halloween Selected Item Sale

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Halloween Abandoned Cart

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Halloween Limited Time Offer

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Halloween Clearance Sale

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Halloween Flat Discount

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Halloween Sale Announcements

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Halloween Percentage Discount

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Halloween Free Shipping

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