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Lohri Festival

Lohri Festival Price Drop- WhatsApp Template Examples

Zara, the 💄Lipbalm you liked has dropped it's price 🤑 from ₹500 to ₹250.🛍️

Add it to your cart 🛒 and apply coupon 👉 LOHRI22 to get extra 10% OFF.

Make this 🔥 Lohri a special one.

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Lohri Festival Price Drop

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Lohri Festival Sale Announcement- WhatsApp Template Examples

Make your day special 🥰 with Lohri SALE 🛍️ starting today, Sophia

👉 Huge Discounts
🛒 Express Delivery
🎁 Unlock new offers

Happy Lohri! 🔥

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Lohri Festival Sale Announcement

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Lohri Festival Selected Item Sale- WhatsApp Template Examples

Here are some blessings 🥰 from us this Lohri - SALE 🤑 live now!!!

🛍️ Only on Selected Items
🛒 Free Shipping
💸 Crazy Offers

Celebrate the day, 🎊 shop now!

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Lohri Festival Selected Item Sale

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Lohri Festival Percentage Discount- WhatsApp Template Examples

We are waiting🔥 for you this Lohri, Jake. 🎊

💸 Get UPTO 60% OFF on all the orders made today with express delivery. 💸

Use coupon 👉 LOHRI22

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Lohri Festival Percentage Discount

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Lohri Festival New Launch- WhatsApp Template Examples

NEW ARRIVALS 🛍️ right here!

Bringing you a brand new & amazing collection this Lohri.🔥

Here's to the 🥰 beautiful start of year!

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Lohri Festival New Launch

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Lohri Festival Giftcard- WhatsApp Template Examples

Lohri is all about 🥰 smiles & good times, Ryan. ✨

🎀 Let us add extra happiness, here's a GIFTCARD worth ₹500 to make your day extra special! 🎀

👉 Valid on orders above ₹1200
🛒 Included Free Shipping

Claim Giftcard

Lohri Festival Giftcard

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Lohri Festival Free Shipping- WhatsApp Template Examples

Lohri is the perfect way ✨ to start a zealous year & 🛍️ maybe some shopping!

🎊 Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders made today. 🎊

Shop to your 🥰 fullest with love.

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Lohri Festival Free Shipping

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Lohri Festival Flat Discount- WhatsApp Template Examples

Bringing you 🥰 peace & happiness and maybe a HUGE DISCOUNT 🤑 this Lohri, Ana. 🎊

🔥 FLAT 55% OFF 🔥

Celebrate the day with your loved ones, shop now! 🛍️

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Lohri Festival Flat Discount

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Lohri Festival Clearance Sale- WhatsApp Template Examples

This Lohri, 🌿 get a perfect mix of discounts, offers & 🔥exciting deals!


Celebrate the day ✨ with joy and add some 🥰 flavour to your life!

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Lohri Festival Clearance Sale

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What is Lohri?

Lohri is a popular Punjabi festival celebrated mostly in Northern India during the winter season. The festival is considered the end of winter and is celebrated to welcome longer days and the sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere. 

Lohri is celebrated mostly by Hindus and SIkhs living in Northern India. It’s an official holiday in Punjab. People celebrate the day by festivities such as bonfires, singing and dancing. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Lohri?

WhatsApp is a social messaging app used widely throughout the world by billions of people. Impressive results can be achieved if it’s used as a marketing tool. WhatsApp gives growing businesses an opportunity to create superior brand connections and engage with audiences globally. The app allows a business to have one-to-one communication and keep it private & secured. 

Start your ad campaign with a hint of enthusiasm by using Lohri WhatsApp Chat Templates. Send timely alerts and updates to your customers to improve engagement and enhance their experience. By sending recurring bulk messages, turn them into loyal customers and offer special discounts.

Food stores can offer a cross sell on Lohri special beverages like pairing a punjabi dish with a lassi and giving 20% OFF. Businesses can try running a sale on selected lohri themed items. 

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