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WhatsApp Templates For
Lunar Year

What is the Lunar Year?

Lunar year, also called Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. It’s a festival that celebrates the beginning of new year which is mostly observed by Chinese and Sinophone communities. 

The day is celebrated by lighting firecrackers, decorating homes and streets, wearing red, observing fireworks, playing music and giving out red envelopes to young people. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Lunar Year?

As one of the most popular messenger apps, WhatsApp continues to grow its user base day by day. Millions of people open WhatsApp on a daily basis because it's easy to use and has various features. WhatsApp as a marketing tool is beneficial for growing businesses because it offers instant customer support and engagement. With WhatsApp, marketing is time saving, cost efficient and secure. 

As the start of Lunar Year/ Chinese New Year, share festive-themed content and WhatsApp Chat Templates to celebrate the day. Brands can display new year themed products on their e-commerce website and give special discounts. A Business can take advantage of Lunar Year and hold a Sale on selected items to attract more audience. 

Send customers timely alerts of their order status, from order confirmation to order delivered. Even after their order is delivered, ask them for honest feedback to improve their experience with your brand. 

Lunar Year Limited Time Offer

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Lunar Year Recommended Products

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Lunar Year Clearance Sale

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Lunar Year Flat Discount

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Lunar Year Selected Item Saale

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Lunar Year Free Shipping

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Lunar Year Sale Announcement

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