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WhatsApp Templates For
National Doctor Day

What is National Doctor’s Day?

Dates varying from nation to nation, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated to recognize the contributions of physicians. This day is marked as a holiday in some nations.

Usually it’s celebrated by health care organisations, by gifting or arranging lunch and services for doctors with a token of recognition. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for National Doctor’s Day?

In today’s world, WhatsApp is a leading messaging app with over 1.5 million active monthly users. WhatsApp is a free of cost platform where it doesn’t charge you for SMS, calling or video calling. It enables users to send videos, photos and voice messages. Thus, WhatsApp for marketing is gaining popularity day by day. It’s a popular alternative to SMS for around 60% of the world. 

Start your ad campaign using our pre-made National Doctor’s Day themed chat templates and promote your brand via WhatsApp by sending bulk messages to your subscribers and having a balanced yet coordinated communication. With WhatsApp messages automation, drive your subscribers to visit your store and make more future purchases. 

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Doctor's Day Price Change

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Doctor's Day Cross Sell

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Doctor's Day Free Shipping

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Doctor's Day Clearance Sale

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Doctor's Day Flat Discount

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Doctor's Day Selected Item Sale

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Doctor's Day Percentage Discount

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Doctor's Day Limited Time Offer

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