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What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the U.S, Canada and few other countries. The day celebrates harvest and  to be thankful and recognise the sacrifices made through the past year. 

It’s an American holiday having many rituals and legends. The day is celebrated by families and friends coming together and having a hearty meal. It’s another great holiday for businesses to increase their sales. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Thanksgiving?

WhatsApp is a free to download popular messaging app worldwide. According to a source, 69% of people around the world using the internet also use WhatsApp daily. It is observed that WhatsApp’s audience is growing rapidly. For Businesses, whether small or growing, it’s the best suitable platform to promote their brand and turn WhatsApp into a marketing tool. Using WhatsApp lets you connect with your customers and enables you to share multimedia content  like photos, videos, voice messages and easy in-built features. 

Make your customers feel the festive Thanksgiving vibe by sending them holiday themed WhatsApp Chat Templates. Reward the early holiday shoppers with huge discounts and freebies. With QuickReply.ai, improve one-to-one communication with your customers and subscribers by efficient customer support. Send them automated and informative responses via pre-trained chat bots. 

A store can hold a festive contest offering discounts on selected items. A business can showcase holiday themed gifts and send a specially curated products list to their subscribers and customers, to make their gift shopping easy.

Thanksgiving Curated Products

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Thanksgiving Clearance Sale

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Thanksgiving Free Shipping

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Thanksgiving Flat Discount

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Thanksgiving Percentage Discount

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Thanksgiving Cross Sell

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Thanksgiving New Launch

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Thanksgiving Sales Announcement

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