How to Improve Your WhatsApp Click-Through Rate for Campaigns

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Learn how to improve your WhatsApp click-through rate for campaigns. 

WhatsApp, being a popular and reliable messaging app, gets a lot of messages sent through it every day. These statistics are nothing but staggering. 

As per statistics, around 100 billion messages are sent across WhatsApp each day, globally - and the number is only increasing as businesses start to use the messaging app for marketing, broadcasts, support and sales functions. 

The popularity of WhatsApp definitely makes room for more potential with businesses being able to access a large user base, but there is a bit of struggle that goes into it. 

With so many messages being received by typical users, businesses are finding it more difficult to get to their buyers and make them open and act on the messages that they send. This needs to be addressed by any business, in order for them to improve their results and conduct better marketing.

In the previous post, we talked about improving WhatsApp open rates.

Here we will be sharing some tips to improve your WhatsApp click-through rate!

What is Average WhatsApp Click Through Rate?

Owing to its natural conversational tone and accessibility, WhatsApp is the most popular among all chat apps, globally. Due to this WhatsApp tends to see a very active user base. With more than 2 billion active users, we already know the vast potential of businesses for WhatsApp marketing success.

And with such a large active user base, we tend to see people being more responsive to the messages that they receive, and more people are seen acting on these. This makes WhatsApp an even more intriguing channel for marketers.

The average open rate of WhatsApp messages can be around 45-60% while the average CTR for WhatsApp lies somewhere around 98%. This is significantly higher than most of the traditional mediums- almost five times more than channels like SMS and email. This puts WhatsApp ahead of a lot of other channels when it comes to effective marketing.

But achieving and maintaining a high WhatsApp click-through rate won’t happen on its own. This is where you need to follow a few best practices to improve your WhatsApp click-through rate. Let’s get to it!

How to Improve WhatsApp Click-Through Rate?

Improving your WhatsApp click-through rate is equally important as your efforts at improving open rates, as the end goal of your messages is to get through to your buyers and sell efficiently. 

You need to be simultaneously getting your WhatsApp Click-through rates to the most desirable percentages to edge towards success faster. The following tips can help you get higher CTR on WhatsApp.

1. Use Branded URLs

Your URLs have the ability to catch attention and convey a lot more than one would think. One of the first things that a customer notices in your WhatsApp messages is the URL that you attach. The kind of URL that you use can greatly change the way the customer sees your brand, and this further affects the CTR of WhatsApp.

No one wants to click spammy-looking links that they cannot identify with. Customers would have the impression that the URL might be just another clickbait or a mere irritating spam. So it is important that you use branded URLs that are more classy and appealing, and a lot less spammy and cluttered.

2. Promote One Link per Campaign

More than one link getting attached to your WhatsApp campaign messages isn’t always an ideal strategy. Like the branded quality of the URL, the number of links in your campaign can also impact your WhatsApp click-through rate.

Too many links make for too many options which causes choice paralysis and therefore will result in no clicks. It will also negatively impact the overall quality of the message as it clutters and makes the messages seem more unprofessional and bothersome. Hence it is better to promote only one link per campaign to make things simpler and more professional.

3. Have a Clear CTA

The CTA or Call to Action, in your message copy should be as clear as daylight in conveying its message and urging action. Ensuring that your message copy acts as a clear CTA is one of the easiest and simplest ways to improve your WhatsApp click-through rate.

Don’t hesitate from stating the obvious because the goal is to communicate the promotional message’s expected action in maximum clarity and urge the buyers to carry forth this action. So something like “Click the link below to see all the products at discount!” ought to work.

4. Personalize Your Messages

Ensure that your messages are relevant and contextual to each buyer. This should hold true when compared to their past interactions. No one wants to see promotions that are far from their interests and this would most likely result in the customer getting irritated.

Therefore, your messages should be more relevant and of interest to the buyer. The higher the relevance, the better the clicks. If a buyer has purchased a pair of men’s boots, sending a promotional message about socks, will most likely get you a click.

But if you send out a promotion of something totally unrelated and irrelevant, like a woman’s dress, they will only view it as another insignificant promotion and they will not act on it.

5. Use Interactive WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has a lot of features in itself that let you enhance your messages, most of which can greatly enhance your various business promotions. 

Interactive WhatsApp messages are one such feature that lets you send dynamic messages that can augment the way customers react to your promotions. These features let you have buttons or list messages that can be sent across to buyers for easy replies and actions. An interactive WhatsApp message looks like this-


Instead of depending on the usual URL link, you can make it a button. This is more likely to catch the eye of the customer and will make the message more intuitively clickable.

6. Segment Customers

When strategizing for your WhatsApp marketing success, one thing that should never be overlooked is segmentation. Actively segment and clean your WhatsApp broadcast list. You need to ensure that only the people who are interested in your promotions get these promotions. The others for whom these promotions are less relevant will only reduce your CTR of WhatsApp.

We allow businesses to remove non-engaging audiences based on their past engagement. If someone has not read the past four messages from you, they will not be sent a fifth message. This way you are ensuring that only the right customers that offer you a higher potential for sales, get the relevant promotion.

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7. Employ Psychological Triggers

Customer psychology and the knowledge about it play a huge part in good marketing. Employing strategies based on the psychology of the buyers can really decide how likely the buyer is in clicking through a link or performing an action.

For example; don’t reveal the entire offer. Instead, ask them to click the button to reveal the offer. You can use messages like “Shop now; Offer available for 24 hours!” to create FOMO and nudge buyers to click.

8. Survey Customers for Important Info

Every once in a while, it's important for any eCommerce brand to conduct surveys and understand what the customers want. In the case of promotional messages and broadcast campaigns, listening to the customer's opinions of what they want from you, is a  good way to improve CTR.

Apart from the promotions, run campaigns to get to know your customers better. You can ask them questions about various things. Survey them on what news they want to hear from you. Such questions can not only provide information on customer interests but also lets you segment your buyers and send better-planned campaigns, which will subsequently lead to higher WhatsApp CTR.

9. Experiment with Different CTAs

Your CTAs don’t have to always take buyers to your website. You can also have CTAs that nudge customers to respond to your messages on WhatsApp or participate in a contest on social media or take them to your social media pages etc. Such CTAs can occasionally break the monotony that traditional promotions bring into the customer's inbox and creates opportunities for increased WhatsApp Click through rate.

10. Add Visuals

Visuals can enhance everything and speak your brand's personality even before your texts do. Making your WhatsApp promotions visually more appealing is another thing that will contribute greatly to improving your WhatsApp click-through rate.

Visuals like videos, GIFs, images etc. help you communicate what your message has to say even before the customer reads it, making them more likely to click on your CTA. Customers can easily understand and comprehend the message and the graphics further enhance the quality of your promotions.

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11. Add Emojis

Like other visuals, emojis too can enhance the effects of your promotional messages. They add personality and energy to your WhatsApp promotions. By making the messages more clear and more engaging, emojis can also help your brand’s messages acquire a higher WhatsApp click-through rate.

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12. Format Your Message

Formatting is obviously a key factor in improving your CTR of WhatsApp. Your messages won’t perform as you expect if you fail to format them in a way that fetches positive results most of the time. Your message should be easy to browse through, as more cluttered and complex formatting can put off readers. 

The main message should be highlighted so that it can easily grab the customer's attention. With formatting that is simple and easy to understand, customers are less likely to be confused and thus have a higher probability of clicking through.

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Improve the Effectiveness of Your WhatsApp Campaigns

There are a lot of ingredients that go into an effective WhatsApp marketing strategy and ultimately WhatsApp marketing success. Hence, focusing on one thing will not get you anywhere. 

So by fixing your WhatsApp open rates alone, you can’t expect a miracle to take place that can take your business to the next level. Having good open rates alone, without getting people to act on these messages, will have minimal impact on your business.

This is why you should be working on improving your WhatsApp click-through rate. And only this way, can your brand completely focus on growth and utilize all the potentials that WhatsApp as a medium allows you to access. can help you strategize your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, letting you improve your WhatsApp click-through rate while helping you conduct impactful and effective marketing.

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