How to Increase WhatsApp Messaging Limit to 100k and Above?

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If you’re making use of WhatsApp for marketing, sales and support purposes, you probably have come across roadblocks while running campaigns. Yes, we’re talking about the WhatsApp Limits that may have stopped your campaign mid-way or not let you reach out to more than 1000 people in one go. In this blog, we’re going to talk about WhatsApp limits and how you can actually increase whatsapp messaging limit to 100k and above for your fasting scaling online business.

What Are Whatsapp Messaging Limits?

As defined by WhatsApp, messaging limits refer to the maximum number of business account initiated conversations that can occur in a rolling 24-hour period. As per the guidelines set up, a business-initiated conversation starts when you send the first message to a customer and ends 24 hours later after message delivery.

Now typically if you hit the messaging limit while running a marketing or WhatsApp broadcast campaign, you can start more conversations as soon as one or more active conversations ends as per the above timeline.

There are four levels of WhatsApp messaging limits that apply to business accounts using the messaging platform:

- Level 1: Allows you to have 1000 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24 hour period  
- Level 2: Allows you to have 10,000 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24 hour period  
- Level 3: Allows you to have 100,000 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24-hour period  
- Level 4: Allows you to have unlimited business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24-hour period

When you get started with WhatsApp Business, you are at Level 1 after completing Business Verification. Here's how WhatsApp messaging limits work:

message limit

Note: WhatsApp messaging limits are not applicable on user-initiated conversations. These are conversations wherein the user is the one to send the first message to your business.

Now if you’re a fast-growing business that is getting an increasing number of WhatsApp opt-ins, you may want to leverage the channel more for marketing purposes. That’s where you will require increasing your WhatsApp messaging limits.

How To Increase Whatsapp Messaging Limits?

Now your messaging limits are automatically updated by WhatsApp based on the volume and quality of the messages your business has been sending. Based on the two parameters, your WhatsApp Business account may see an increase if the user engagement is good, or a decrease if users report or block your account.

Here are the three things that need to hold true for the messaging limits to increase on your phone number:

- Phone number quality rating should not be low
- Phone number should start business-initiatives conversations with twice the amount of unique customers supported in the current limits within a 7-day period
- Phone number has been at the current limit for at least 48-hours

Let’s look into how you can make the above happen:

1. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Whatsapp Opt-ins

First things first, you need to get consumers to opt-in to your WhatsApp list. The number of people who subscribe to your list are the unique customers that the messaging limits refer to. This is also a part of the WhatsApp Business Policy; consent of consumers is important before you start messaging them.

If you’re struggling to increase your WhatsApp list, read this article for tips, tricks and strategies to get more WhatsApp opt-ins.  

2. Create A Good WhatsApp Business Profile

Another parameter for success on WhatsApp is how frequently consumers reach out to your business on the messaging platform and your brand recall. To improve both, you need to create a WhatsApp business profile that shares all the important details about your brand, the products you sell, contact information and more.

Not sure if your WhatsApp Business profile is good enough? Here are some best practices to follow.

3. Maintain High Quality

The next thing you need to look into is that you continue to maintain a high quality status on the phone number in use - even as you scale the number of campaigns being run on the messaging platform.

- Make sure all your messages and campaigns follow the WhatsApp Business Policy and Commerce Policy
- Only send messages to consumers who have opted in to your list; don’t fall prey to buying phone number lists for promotions
- Ensure your messages are highly personalized and valuable; avoid sending open-ended welcome or introductory messages
- Be absolutely mindful of your WhatsApp message frequency; don’t send too many messages a day
- Optimize your WhatsApp messages with media, call-to-actions, formatting and content length; here are some best practices to follow

You can keep track of your phone number quality in your WhatsApp Manager:

whatsapp maager

Here’s how you should be reading the statuses shown above:

- Green - high quality
- Yellow - medium quality
- Red - low quality

4. Stay Consistent With Your WhatsApp Marketing Messages

To increase your WhatsApp messaging limits, you will need to demonstrate that you can send high or medium quality messages at higher volumes. That’s why you can’t ensure quality by sending just one broadcast campaign per month.

A few ways to remain consistent with WhatsApp marketing, is to plan out campaigns across the buyer’s journey. From acquisition to engagement, conversion and re-engagement, use the WhatsApp growth flywheel to plan out campaigns that are consumer-first.

If you’re not sure about the type of campaigns you can run on WhatsApp, read this article.

5. Keep Track Of Your Campaign Performance

Apart from the quality of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, you also need to keep track of how consumers are responding to your messages. This includes keeping watch on the number of responses/ replies you generate, the click through rate and the eventual conversions you drive.

When you make use of a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like, you get access to in-depth analytics to measure campaign performance. This makes it easier for you to understand your consumer behavior and plan campaigns that drive better engagement, thereby also helping maintain your phone number quality.

How Does The Number Of WhatsApp Opt-ins And Consistency Impact Messaging Limits?

Let’s explain this with an example shared by WhatsApp:


In the above example, a business with a messaging limit of 1000 conversations increases its limit to 10,000 by messaging a total of 2000 unique users within a 7-day period. These unique users are the number of opt-ins you get during the period.

The first table shows how the business reaches 10,000 messaging limits in 2 days. The second table shows how the business has reached 10,000 messaging limits in 4 days.

How To Reach Unlimited Message Limits On WhatsApp?

From experience, we have seen businesses with a messaging limit of 1000 business-initiated messages take up to at least 7 days to reach the unlimited messaging limit on WhatsApp. But they require moving across all the levels/ tiers following the best practices and approach above, keeping quality > quantity at the heart of their WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Here’s a visual depiction of reaching 100k and above messaging limit on WhatsApp:

Struggling To Increase Your WhatsApp Messaging Limits?

Increasing WhatsApp messaging limits required following a consistent, strategic and data-driven approach, leveraging different features that the WhatsApp Business API has to offer to businesses.

While some businesses are able to reach their unlimited message limits owing to the nature of their campaigns, and products sold, others struggle to even hit 10k message limits.

That’s where we come in.

At, we help businesses explore the potential of the WhatsApp Business API to run their broadcast campaigns and automated messages such as order status alerts, customer support and more, leveraging every feature that the API offers. It has helped us crack the code to reaching unlimited message limits for most of our customers, including the following brands:

And we’d like to extend the strategy to you, and help you sell more on WhatsApp.


Q1. How can I use WhatsApp to send group WhatsApp messages?

Ans: Go to the Broadcast module and select Add Broadcast to send a WhatsApp message in bulk. After that, give the group message a name and select WhatsApp as the channel. Tags offer a simple method for quickly sending targeted WhatsApp bulk messages.

Q2. Does WhatsApp Chats have a daily limit?

Ans: You can add up to 512 participants to a WhatsApp group conversation, which could open up a variety of new usage and communication possibilities.

Q3. How can I find out how many WhatsApp messages limit in the app?

Ans: Your Messaging Limit can be viewed in Business Manager → Business Settings → WhatsApp Accounts → Settings → WhatsApp Manager → Phone Numbers → Messaging Limit.

Ready to explore how? Reach out to us for a demo today.

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