How to Use WhatsApp Marketing to Increase Repeat Sales

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Acquiring new customers is getting costlier by the day, but driving existing customers to make repeat purchases isn’t easier either. 

While an existing customer is definitely more likely to engage with your brand again, businesses can’t risk waiting at the sidelines for them to come back. The longer you wait, the more likely they are to explore the other options available to them. 

Considering the amount of options available to us today, your brand is going to be long forgotten and you’re going to have to start from scratch to acquire customers. 

This is why we recommend brands to create a WhatsApp marketing strategy focused on increasing repeat sales. 

But what type of WhatsApp marketing campaigns can you run to increase repeat sales? 

We have some ideas. 

WhatsApp marketing campaigns to increase repeat purchases 

As you get started with using WhatsApp for marketing, you can experiment with your campaigns. But here are some we recommend setting up. 

1. Set up an upsell WhatsApp campaign 

Based on what the consumer has purchased from your store before, reach out with a bigger or better alternative that may enhance their experience. The idea here is to build on top of their existing purchase with a very similar product in tow. 

For example, if they bought a pack of 30 tea bags, you can reach out to them with a bag of 60 tea bags so they can get more flavors to experiment with on a day to day basis! 

2. Set up a cross-sell WhatsApp campaign 

Similarly, use a consumer’s previous purchase to send product recommendations that are relevant to their interest and intent. The idea is to introduce them to products that will complement their current purchase. 

For example, if they bought a charger port, you can reach out to them with a WhatsApp broadcast that encourages them to buy a longer charging cable so they can use their device with ease. 

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3. Send similar deals and discounts 

Use purchase behavior and preferences to reach out to your customers. This includes sending over similar deals and discounts to the consumer, tapping into the same purchase motivations as displayed before. 

For example, if someone bought from your flash deals before, reach out to them with a WhatsApp broadcast campaign that promotes the latest items availables on discount for a limited time. 

4. Send out gift cards 

Gift cards are a great way to encourage a buyer to make another purchase from your store. The idea is to tap into the let me ‘avail the gift’ psychology - their need to avail the gift is often what will get them towards making another purchase from your store, even if they have to pay slightly more than the amount available to them. 

For example, reach out to the customer who has made two purchases from your store with a gift card value slightly lesser than their average order value. Add a hint of urgency on top of it with your message to get them to use it right away. 

5. Share a personalized discount 

Deals and discounts are often not enough to bring back a shopper to make another purchase from you. But when you personalize it for them, it becomes something exclusive to them and that makes them want to use it. 

For example, use their first name to create custom discount codes and reach out to them with a WhatsApp broadcast campaign that also sets a time sensitivity to availing it. 

6. Promote best-sellers or trending products 

Another WhatsApp marketing strategy to increase repeat sales is to use social proof to lead your campaigns. The best way to incorporate social proof into the mix is to promote your best-sellers or trending products using WhatsApp broadcasts. The idea is to tap into the consumer psychology of trusting what others are doing and being led by their actions. 

For example, reach out to your customers to tell them what’s trending on your store this week, or share the products that got a media or influencer mention. 

7. Offer a shopping experience 

The good thing about WhatsApp is that it is a two-way conversational platform. So instead of using it to make a one-way push of promotions, you can strike a conversation that can be very similar to the exchange in a brick and mortar store, between a consumer and a salesperson. 

For example, reach out to your customers with a WhatsApp broadcast that offers a chatty shopping experience. You can offer them a video walkthrough of a store or a product they are interested in, or use message exchanges to learn more about them and recommend items from your WhatsApp catalog. 

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8. Incentivise customer feedback 

Seeking customer feedback is important to ensure that your products and services are meeting consumer needs, preferences and expectations. But just seeking insights may not always result in them also making a purchase from you right after - this is where you should incentivise the feedback. 

For example, send a WhatsApp broadcast to all the customers who have made 2 or more purchases from your brand. Request their feedback on the shopping experience and offer a discount in lieu of the same with a time-sensitive coupon code. This will make them want to avail the offer and result in another purchase! 

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9. Incentivise product reviews and ratings 

Similar to feedback request WhatsApp campaigns, you can also incentivise product review and rating requests. This does two things - ensures they do submit a review and gives them a purchase motivation for the next order. 

For example, when you send a WhatsApp broadcast to request a product rating or review, offer a discount alongside it. But ensure you put a time limit to the same so that there is a sense of urgency around using the coupon code. 

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10. Offer product subscriptions 

Now this strategy depends on the type of products you sell, but can be very effective at driving repeat sales. The idea is to secure a set number of sales from the same customer by offering a subscription deal on the products of their interest. 

For example, if you’re running a coffee brand online, you can reach out to your customers to subscribe to the purchases for 6 months to get their stock in a timely manner. 

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Ready to use WhatsApp to increase repeat sales? 

Getting a customer to buy again from your brand is easier said than done. 

While it does require a more proactive approach at keeping them engaged with your business in a meaningful manner, you also need to ensure you’re not being too pushy at any stage. 

This is where we recommend leveraging customer segmentation and automations. combines the power of the WhatsApp Business API and marketing automation to help you create WhatsApp campaigns that keep buyers engaged. With the ability to create personalized campaigns and ensure strategic follow-ups, we help you improve the customer lifetime value and increase repeat sales through the messaging platform. 

Want to learn more about using WhatsApp to increase repeat sales? 

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