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End Of Season Sale has swiftly become a trend among retailers. You can find various e-commerce stores holding an End Of Season Sale with bumper discounts & huge offers. End Of Season Sale ( EOSS), usually held at the start of a new season, showcasing trendy clothes at lower prices. End Of Season Sale is a kind of stock clearance sale, to clean the inventory and make space for new products. 

The sale is anticipated by many shoppers globally. Many shoppers postpone making their purchases to shop specially on End Of Season Sale. The shoppers are attracted to the offers as if they are honey bees while the End Of Season Sale is a honey pot.

Who should plan EOSS?

Any business, regardless of their products, can add End Of Season Sale to their marketing strategy. However, this sale is more beneficial for Apparel Brands. Many businesses, especially Apparel Brands can display seasonal trending clothes & items during End Of Season Sale to attract more audience and encourage them to shop. 

Why Should End Of Season Sale be added in your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

Holding a sale at the end of season will not only clear the old stock but will also make space for the new one. Offering discounts & offers during this sale might attract shoppers, moving their attention towards your business rather than your competitors. 

Apart from this, End Of Season Sale is a great way to encourage more sales and increase your success rate. It’s a win-win technique for both businesses as well as consumers. End Of Season Sale might not attract your loyal customers, but it will surely attract new or one-time customers. EOSS offers various seasonal products for large discounts, creating a perfect opportunity for consumers to dive in and explore products which are affordable for them.

Moreover, using WhatsApp for sending alerts will be an ideal way to grab attention of your subscribers and customers as well as to promote your brand. You can send clear End Of Season Sale promotion images and easy & understandable chat messages notifying your audience. 

Preparing for End Of Season Sale

Offering low prices is a great strategy to attract customers, especially if products are premium & seasonal. Allow us to guide you on how to plan a successful End Of Season Sale.

  • Assembling before the season starts

You might want to get your marketing strategy ready before the season and sale starts. Planning it beforehand will save your time and you can proceed with your sale efficiently. You must plan your budget, price listings of products during sale, consumer choices, etc. at least a month or two prior to the sale. 

Assembling before the season starts

Planning the amount of discounts, whether it be flat or percentage, also holds an important place in sales.  A business should also focus on what brands they’ll display, how much profit can be gained as well as ensuring a good customer experience. 

  • Types of products to showcase

You can display products which are trending in your planned season and are in demand. Showcasing seasonal products will boost your sales very efficiently. Example, you can display winter products, like gloves, sweaters, mufflers, etc. and offer great discounts on them. 

List the products which are essential for consumers as well as products which might help you to clear out inventory and attract customers. Lastly, ensure the products you are displaying are of good quality and are available in different sizes and colours. 

products to showcase
  • Additional Incentives

Having an extra old stock can be hectic, it’ll take up space for the new arrivals. Therefore, you can try pairing incentives such as freebies, extra discount, BUY 1 GET1 FREE, Free Shipping, Express Delivery, etc. within your Sale to increase sales and nudge more customers to make purchases.

Free Shipping

  • Targeting Specific Audience

Targeting a specific audience will help boost your sales and increase your success rate. Now, when we say specific audience it means users who are new to your business, one-time purchasers, loyal customers, etc.

 For new customers, you can offer a little extra discount, give loyalty points as coupons/gift cards to your loyal customers and for users who have purchased twice or thrice, win them back by sending enticing repeat purchase offers.

20% OFF Free Shipping
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  • Avoid listing New Arrivals

Sure, it might be appealing to add New Arrivals to your EOSS and give some discounts to promote the new launch and attract early buyers, but do not make this mistake. By showcasing New Arrivals at discounted rates will make them lose their value and will make them appear ordinary, lacking the New Vibe. Your sales might as well be affected by listing New Launched Products to your sale.

  • Create Urgency

We always make purchases if there are chances that the price of our favourite product might increase. That is why you should send your subscribers Limited Time Offer WhatsApp Chat Messages to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and nudge them to make purchases.  

You might as well list how much quantities you’ve left of a certain product and if you plan to restock it or not. This type of information creates urgency amongst the customers. 

WA Msg

Get started on your WhatsApp Ad Campaign for End Of Season Sale

WhatsApp has over billions of monthly active users globally, making it an ideal marketing tool to engage with your customers and increase sales. 

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Q1. What are the four most common ways to increase sales?
The four most common ways to increase sales and revenue are:Increase the number of customers.Increase the average transaction size.Increase the number of transactions per customer.Raise your prices.

Q2. What is the significance of seasonal marketing?
: Seasonal marketing can help increase product sales and revenue by enticing new and existing customers with special offers. Customers value the opportunity to save money while receiving valuable products or services, which can increase demand and referrals.

Q3. When is the ideal season to shop for clothing?
: One of the best seasons to purchase clothing is at the end of the season. That indicates either late August to early September or late January to early February.

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